Moneyview EMI Calculator

Check the EMI for your Moneyview Personal Loan by providing the Loan Amount, Interest rate (per annum), and loan tenure details.

Monthly EMI 86
Principal Amount 1,000
Total Interest 32
Total Amount 1,032.00

Year Month Principal (A) Interest (B) EMI (A+B) Balance Loan Paid to Date (%)

EMI calculator lets you know the EMI amount you need to pay as per your loan amount and tenure. With a moneyview EMI calculator, you can outline your finances and make complete payments on time.

Pre-planning your repayments using an EMI calculator not only reduces your burden of complex financial calculations but also helps you gain a good credit score, helping you with the future loans.

EMI Calculation Formula

Calculating EMI is fairly simple and easy once you know the formula. There are two ways through which you can calculate your monthly EMI, you can use an moneyview EMI calculator or you can manually calculate with the formula mentioned below-

EMI =[P x R x (1+R)^N]/[(1+R)^N-1]


EMI is the equated monthly instalment.

P is the principal amount.

R is the interest rate.

N is the loan tenure.

This is how you use this formula-

If you’re planning to avail a loan amount of RS 15 Lakhs, with an interest rate of 12%, and a tenure of 5 years, here’s how the calculation would be -

P = Rs 15 Lakh.

R = 12% i.e., 12/12/100 = 0.0001 (approx)

N (in months) = 60

Now using the formula;

EMI= [15,00,000 x 0.0001 x (1+0.0001)^60] / [ (1+0.0001) ^60 - 1]

Your monthly EMI will be around Rs. 33,367

Here’s a breakdown of the EMI distribution over the tenure and the corresponding balance left.

Tenure Interest Paid(Year) Outstanding balance (Rs.)
1 400,404 1,099,596
2 400,404 699,192
3 400,404 298,788
4 400,404 101,616
5 400,404 0

How Does Moneyview Personal Loan Calculator Work?

The Moneyview EMI Calculator operates as a user-friendly tool for anyone looking to get a personal loan. By using an EMI calculator by Moneyview, It swiftly generates the estimates of Equated Monthly Instalments (EMIs) based on the loan parameters inputted by the user.

Here’s the step process of using a personal loan EMI calculator from moneyview to calculate your loans-

Step 1: visit an EMI calculator website to start using the moneyview EMI calculator.

Step 2: input Loan Details i.e, enter your loan amount, interest rate and loan tenure and all required details and click ‘calculate’ or ‘submit’

Step 3: the calculator will instantly generate the Equated Monthly Instalment (EMI) amount you'll need to pay. The loan calculator will display a detailed EMI schedule, breaking down each EMI into its principal and interest components for the entire loan tenure.

As a final step remember to review your EMI amount and plan your finances accordingly. With a Personal Loan EMI calculator, you can experiment with different loan amounts, interest rates, or tenures to find the most suitable EMI for your financial situation.

Advantages of Using Buddy Loan EMI Calculator

Online EMI calculators help you plan your loan repayments. Anyone planning for a loan shouldn’t miss checking your EMI with a calculator. They showcase how much EMI you would have to pay for your loans and for how long.

Both moneyview EMI calculator and Buddy Loan EMI calculator are some of the best tools to check your EMI,

Here are some advantages of using a Buddy Loan EMI calculator-

Helps in detailed financial Planning: EMI calculators like Buddy Loan EMI calculator and moneyview loan EMI calculator provide you with accurate and detailed EMI results based on your inputs. This will help you make loan decisions with ease.

Quick Results and comparison: all EMI calculators are user friendly and easily acceptable, but what makes it even more important is how quick the calculator helps you compare with different loan amounts.

Efficient: EMI calculators offer efficiency and help you save time. EMI calculators are quick to give you results. With automated processes it also saves time and effort.

Detailed: an EMI calculator gives a detailed account of your EMI schedule with all other necessary information i.e, with pie charts and graphs for easy understanding.

Factors Affecting Moneyview Personal Loan EMI Calculation

For your Moneyview personal loan the EMI will be dependent on a variety of factors. These multiple factors play an important role in aligning your financial goals and help you budget efficiently. Some of those factors are-

Interest rate: as your interest rates go high, your EMI also increases.

Loan term: you are more likely to get a lower EMI with a longer loan term. And a shorter loan term might get you a higher EMI rate.

Credit score: a favourable credit score opens doors to lower interest rates, subsequently lowering EMIs.

Income: higher income may help you secure larger loan amounts, yet it may also get you higher EMIs.

Debt-to-income ratio: a lower debt-to-income ratio shows lenders that you can repay your debts, which can help you qualify for a lower interest rate and EMI.

Tips to Plan Your Loan With Moneyview EMI Calculator

The function of an EMI calculator is vast; it not only tells your estimated EMI but also helps you plan your loan more efficiently. Hence, using a moneyview EMI calculator, as a tool to assist in your loan is a significant step.

But, how do you effectively use a moneyview personal loan EMI calculator? Here’s How-

Reviewing EMI and Loan Details: after inputting all your details, ensure that all the details are right. Carefully analyse the EMI amount and the loan details provided by the calculator. Ensure they align with your financial capabilities.

Experimenting and Adjusting Loan Parameters: if the EMI appears too high, experiment with different loan tenures or principal amounts to determine a more manageable EMI that fits your budget.

Evaluate Affordability: consider your monthly income and existing financial commitments to assess if the calculated EMI is comfortably affordable.

Explore Prepayment Options: many EMI calculators also allow you to estimate the impact of making prepayments on your loan. This can help you plan for early loan closure and interest savings.

Compare Loan Offers: If you're considering multiple loan offers, use the EMI calculator to compare different scenarios and choose the one that best suits your financial goals.

Create a Repayment Plan: Based on the EMI amount, loan tenure, and your financial situation, create a detailed repayment plan. This plan should outline when and how you'll make EMI payments and track your progress.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Moneyview loan EMI calculator is an online tool to calculate the estimated monthly EMI for a loan based on the loan amount, interest rate, and loan term.

Yes, the Moneyview EMI Calculator is available for free to users.

To use the Moneyview EMI Calculator effectively, you will need to know the following information; Loan amount, Interest rate and Loan term

Yes, you can use the Moneyview EMI Calculator for different types of loans, such as personal loans, home loans, or car loans or any other type of loan.

The EMI calculated by the Moneyview Calculator is generally accurate, but there are other factors that can affect your actual EMI amount.

You can use the Moneyview EMI calculator as frequently as you want. It is a free online tool that is available 24/7. There are no restrictions on how many times you can use it.

An amortization schedule table shows the breakdown of each loan payment, including the principal and interest components.

Yes, you can change the loan details in the Moneyview EMI calculator to see how different terms affect your EMI.

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