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The EPF (Employees' Provident Fund) is a savings scheme designed for employees in the organized sector. It requires both employees and employers to make monthly contributions, usually based on a percentage of the “employee's basic salary” and “dearness allowance”. The primary objective is to create financial safety for employees after retirement, and it also provides benefits in case of emergency.

The EPF calculator helps users estimate their contributions based on their salary and tenure. It shows how the EPF savings grow, including interest and potential withdrawals. This tool is primarily useful for planning finances, giving a clear picture of retirement savings. It helps people make smart choices about how much to contribute and when to withdraw from their EPF.

Principal Amount :  ₹1,00,000
Total Interest :  ₹60,000
Total Amount :  ₹1,60,000

EPF Calculation Formula

EPF calculation is the key to financial planning when you are working in an organized sector. The calculation uses your basic salary and dearness allowance to determine monthly contributions from you and your employer.

The Employees' Provident Fund (EPF) is calculated using the following formula:

EPF Contribution (Employee) = (Basic Salary+Dearness Allowance)×EPF Employee Rate

EPF Contribution (Employer) = (Basic Salary+Dearness Allowance)×EPF Employer Rate

Total EPF Contribution = EPF Contribution (Employee)+EPF Contribution (Employer)


Let's consider an employee in India with a basic salary of ₹25,000 and a dearness allowance of ₹5,000. Assuming both the EPF employee and employer rates are 12%:

EPF Contribution (Employee)=(₹25,000+₹5,000)×0.12=₹3,600

EPF Contribution (Employer)=(₹25,000+₹5,000)×0.12=₹3,600

Total EPF Contribution=₹3,600+₹3,600=₹7,200

In this example, considering both basic salary and dearness allowance, the employee contributes ₹3,600, and the employer contributes an additional ₹3,600, resulting in a total EPF contribution of ₹7,200 per month. Actual rates and components may vary based on specific organizational policies and government regulations.

How To Use Buddy Loan EPF Calculator?

Discovering your EPF benefits is easy with Buddy Loan's EPF Calculator. Calculate your contributions and potential savings effortlessly for informed financial planning.

Here are the steps to Use Buddy Loan EPF Calculator:

  1. Visit Buddy Loan's website.
  2. Locate the EPF Calculator.
  3. Enter your basic salary and dearness allowance.
  4. Input the EPF rates.
  5. Get instant insights into your EPF contributions and potential savings.

Advantage of using Buddy Loan EPF Calculator

The Buddy Loan’s PF Calculator gives you foresight on your financial savings. With a user-friendly interface, it provides instant, accurate calculations of your Employees' Provident Fund contributions. Gain clarity on potential savings, empowering informed decision-making for a secure financial future.

Here’s why Buddy Loan EPF Calculator is a go-to option:

  • Instant Clarity: get real-time calculations of your EPF contributions.
  • User-Friendly Interface: navigate the calculator with ease for quick results.
  • Accurate Projections: plan effectively with precise estimations of your potential savings.
  • Informed Decision-Making: make sound financial decisions based on a clear understanding of your EPF benefits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the EPF calculator is typically free to use. Online calculators provided by financial institutions or government agencies are often accessible without any charges.

You can use the online EPF calculator as many times as needed. It's a tool designed to help individuals plan and understand their EPF contributions, and there are generally no usage restrictions.

Yes, you can use the same PF calculator even if you change your job. The calculator usually requires basic input details like salary and tenure, which can be updated to reflect your new employment terms.

If the EPF depositor rates change, the calculator results will be affected. It's essential to update the calculator with the latest rates to get accurate estimations of your EPF contributions and potential savings.

You can generally withdraw the money from your EPF account under certain conditions, such as retirement, resignation, or for specific purposes like buying a house. However, the exact withdrawal rules may vary, and it's advisable to check the latest regulations with the EPF authorities.

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