Union Bank FD Calculator

The Union Bank FD Calculator is a user-friendly tool that empowers depositors to calculate potential returns on their Fixed Deposits. Just enter the Investment Amount, Tenure, and Interest Rate (p.a) to calculate the maturity amount for your Union Bank Fixed Deposit.

Maturity Date :  
Invested Amount :  ₹10,000
Interest Amount :  ₹666
Maturity Amount :  ₹10666

Union Bank's online Fixed Deposit Calculator is a handy tool for making informed financial decisions. With customizable parameters, real-time updates, and educational insights, it stands out as a user-friendly resource that not only computes potential returns but also enhances financial literacy.

How to Use Union Bank FD Calculator?

Using the Union Bank FD Calculator is a straightforward process. Use it to maximise your Union Bank Fixed Deposit by deciding upon the deposit period and the respective interest earning rate.

Follow the easy steps on how to use user- friendly Union Bank FD calculator with ease:

Step 1: Open the Calculator: Open an online FD calculator.

Step 2: Input Details: Enter the principal amount, chosen tenure, and the applicable interest rate into the designated fields.

Step 3: Review Results: The calculator will instantly generate the maturity amount and interest earned based on your inputs.

Step 4: Adjust Parameters: Explore different combinations of principal and tenure to find the most suitable option for your financial goals.

Step 5: Plan Accordingly: Utilise the calculated results to make informed decisions about your Fixed Deposit Investment and overall financial strategy.

Union Bank Fixed Deposits Interest Rate

The table below provides a list of Union Bank FD rates of different time periods to help you make a better decision.

Period Revised (% p.a), Less than ₹2 crore
7 days to 14 days 2.80
15 days to 29 days 2.80
30 days to 45 days 3.00
46 days to 90 days 3.25
91 days to 120 days 3.50

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Note:These rates are indicative and subject to change. Always check with the bank for the most up-to-date information before making any investment decisions.

How is Fixed Deposit Maturity Amount Calculated?

Understanding Fixed Deposit interest calculation is crucial for investors aiming to maximise returns. This involves key factors like principal, interest rate, and tenure.

In this overview, we'll explore the fundamental principles behind the calculation methods used by financial institutions.

There can be two ways to calculate FD, which are:

Simple Interest FD: Calculating FD Maturity Amount Without Taking Compounding into Account

Maturity Amount = P + (P x r x t/100)


P is the principal amount that you deposit

r is the rate of interest per annum

t is the tenure in years


With a deposit sum of Rs. 2,00,000 for 5 years at 10% interest,
the equation reads –

Maturity Amount = 2,00,000 + (2,00,000 x 10 x 5/100)

Maturity Amount = ₹3,00,000

Note: the example provided is only for reference

Compound Interest FD: Calculating FD Maturity Amount With Taking Compounding into Account

A = P (1+r/n) ^ (n * t)

A is Maturity amount
P is Principal amount
r is rate of interest in decimals
n is number of compounding in a year
t is number of years


With a deposit sum of Rs. 20,000 for 4 years at 10% interest compounded quarterly, the equation reads -

P = 20,000
r = 10% or 10/100= 0.1
n = quarterly or 4
t = 4
A = 20,000 (1+(0.1/4) ^ (4 * 4)
A = ₹29,690.11

Note: the example provided is only for reference

How Can an FD Calculator Help You?

FD calculators like Union Bank FD Calculator or other FD calculators can be very resourceful. When it comes to calculating your FD rates, with a few simple steps you can check your rates and make your financial decisions quickly.

Here’s why an FD calculator can be of great help:

  • Tailored Financial Insights: It offers tailored insights into your Fixed Deposit. It considers factors like compounding frequency and tenure, providing a nuanced view of potential returns.
  • Scenario-Based Planning: Investors can conduct scenario-based planning by adjusting parameters. This unique feature allows users to explore various investment scenarios, empowering them to make decisions aligned with their specific financial goals.
  • Real-Time Results: The calculator delivers real-time results, ensuring that investors can quickly assess the impact of different principal amounts, interest rates, and tenures on their Fixed Deposit returns without delays.

Advantages of Using FD Calculator

Get the best of your financial planning with the advantages of using an FD Calculator. This essential tool ensures precision, time efficiency, and informed decision-making, optimising your Fixed Deposit investments for better returns.

Here are some more advantages of an FD calculator:

  • Precision in Planning: Provides accurate calculations, allowing users to precisely plan their Fixed Deposit investments by forecasting the maturity amount and interest earned.
  • Time Efficiency: Offers quick and automated results, the calculator saves time for investors who seek instant insights into different investment scenarios and potential returns.
  • Informed Decision-Making: Users can make informed decisions about their Fixed Deposit investments based on the calculated projections, ensuring a strategic and well-thought-out approach to financial planning.
  • Customization: Many FD calculators allow users to customise parameters such as principal amount, tenure, and interest rates, enabling personalised exploration of various investment options tailored to individual financial goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Union Bank FD Calculator is an online tool that helps you estimate the maturity value of your fixed deposit investment. It takes into account the principal amount, interest rate, and tenure of the deposit.

To calculate the FD Maturity amount for Union Bank FD, use a FD calculator as provided here in this page. Enter the Deposit Amount, Interest Rate & Period. The calculator will display the maturity value of your fixed deposit investment.

To get accurate results from the Union Bank FD Calculator, you will need to input the following information: principal amount, interest rate and tenure.

Yes, the Union Bank FD Calculator is applicable for all types of fixed deposits offered by the bank. This includes regular fixed deposits, tax-saving fixed deposits, senior citizen fixed deposits, NRI fixed deposits, and others.

Yes, you can use the Union Bank FD Calculator to determine the maturity amount for a specific tenor.

The Union Bank FD Calculator uses the latest interest rates offered by the bank for its calculations. These rates are subject to change periodically, so it is always best to check the bank's website for the most up-to-date information.

Yes, the Union Bank FD Calculator offers several additional features and benefits, check above to know all the features and benefits of Union bank FD calculator.

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