AU Bank FD Calculator

Determine the maturity value of your AU Small Finance Bank Fixed Deposit with our user-friendly FD calculator. Simply input the deposit amount, annual interest rate, and tenure to obtain instant results.

Maturity Date :  
Invested Amount :  ₹10,000
Interest Amount :  ₹666
Maturity Amount :  ₹10666

It is recommended to use the AU Small Finance Bank FD Calculator while thinking about making an investment in a fixed deposit. This useful tool helps calculate the total interest earned and future maturity value while taking different compounding frequencies into account. This makes the result depending on your desired tenure clear.

The AU FD Calculator serves as a reliable guide, allowing you to compare and analyze various options. It ensures that your investment decisions in the complex world of fixed deposits are well-informed and successful, enabling you to make smart financial choices.

AU Small Finance Bank FD Rates

AU Small Finance Bank offers competitive interest rates on fixed deposits for domestic, NRO, and NRE deposits up to Rs 2 crore. To provide transparency and clarity, the table below presents the AU Bank FD rates categorized by deposit tenure:

Fixed Deposit Term Interest Rates (p.a)eneral Citizens Interest Rates (p.a)Senior Citizens
7 days to 30 days 3.75% 4.25%
1 Month 16 Days to 3 Months 4.25% 4.75%
3 Months 1 Day to 6 Months 5.00% 5.50%
6 Months 1 Day to 12 Months 6.75% 7.25%
12 Months 1 Day to 15 Months 7.75% 8.25%

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*Note- It is important to check with the bank for the most recent information regarding the interest rates.

How to Use AU Small Finance Bank FD Calculator

The AU Small Finance Bank FD Calculator streamlines the calculation of maturity amounts, making it a seamless and efficient process. With this tool, you can effortlessly explore a wide range of investment options that align with your financial preferences and goals.

Learn how to use the AU FD Calculator and make well-informed decisions by following these instructions:

  • Step 1: Visit AU Bank’s official FD Calculator page or access the FD calculator provided above.
  • Step 2: Enter the principal amount you intend to invest in the fixed deposit.
  • Step 3: Select your preferred interest rate and tenure for the deposit.
  • Step 4: Review the results and explore different investment scenarios by adjusting the principal amount and tenure.

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Benefits of Using AU Bank FD Calculator

The AU Small Finance Bank FD Calculator offers several benefits that make it a valuable tool for investors:

  • Ease of Use: The FD Calculator is user-friendly and easy to navigate, allowing investors to quickly input their principal amount, interest rate, and tenure to calculate the potential maturity amount.
  • Accurate Results: The calculator provides an accurate and precise result, ensuring that investors have a clear understanding of the potential returns on their fixed deposit investments.
  • Time-Saving: By using the FD Calculator, investors can save time that would otherwise be spent manually calculating the maturity amount. The tool provides instant results, allowing investors to make prompt decisions.
  • Flexibility: The calculator allows investors to experiment with different investment scenarios by adjusting the principal amount and tenure. This flexibility enables them to explore various options and choose the one that best suits their financial goals.
  • Informed Decisions: The FD Calculator empowers investors to make well-informed decisions by providing a comprehensive picture of the potential maturity amount and total interest earned. This information enables them to plan their investments better and optimize their returns.
  • Transparency: The FD Calculator helps in bringing transparency to the investment process by showcasing the interest rates for different tenures. It allows investors to compare rates and choose the option that offers the best returns.

Overall, the AU Small Finance Bank FD Calculator simplifies the process of calculating the maturity amount and assists investors in making informed decisions about their fixed deposit investments.

Formula to Calculate AU Bank FD Maturity Amount

You can grow your savings by investing in AU Small Finance Bank Fixed Deposits. To accurately determine the potential returns and simplify the calculation of the maturity amount, you can rely on the user-friendly AU Small Finance Bank FD Calculator. This tool facilitates effective financial planning, ensuring you make informed decisions.

If you prefer to calculate the maturity amount manually, you can use the following formula:
A = P [(1 + r/n)nt

A = maturity amount,
P = principal amount,
r = annual interest rate,
n = number of times interest is compounded per year,
t = Tenure in years.


Using the following equation, we can calculate the following results by inputting the values of a ₹3,00,000 fixed deposit held for 3 years at AU Small Finance Bank with a quarterly compounding annual interest rate of 8%.

A = 3,00,000 * [1 + 0.08/4]^(4*3) ]

Calculating the value:
A = 3,80,473

After a duration of 3 years, a fixed deposit of ₹3,00,000 in AU Small Finance Bank, with a quarterly compounding annual interest rate of 8%, will generate an estimated maturity amount of around ₹3,80,473.

AU Bank FD Interest Calculation

It is essential to know about the calculation of interest on AU Small Finance Bank Fixed Deposits to make well-informed financial decisions. It is simple to determine the total interest collected once you know the maturity amount value. The equation is:

Total Interest = Maturity Amount - Principal Amount

According to the previous calculation, we can calculate the total interest as follows:

Total Interest = ₹3,80,473 - ₹3,00,000

Total Interest = ₹80,473

Upon completion of a 3-year tenure, a ₹3,00,000 Fixed Deposit with AU Bank, featuring an annual interest rate of 8% compounded quarterly, would accumulate an interest of approximately ₹80,473.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The AU Small Finance Bank FD Calculator is a tool that estimates the potential returns on fixed deposit investments with AU Small Finance Bank.

To get accurate calculations on the FD Calculator, you need to input details such as the deposit amount, interest rate, and tenure.

Yes, the AU Small Finance Bank FD Calculator is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Yes, you can use the FD Calculator for all types of fixed deposit schemes offered by AU Small Finance Bank.

Yes, the FD Calculator can assist you in determining the maturity amount for a specific investment period.

The highest interest rate that senior citizens can earn on investing in FD with AU Bank may vary depending on the deposit term, and it is advisable to check with the bank for the latest rates.

Investing in fixed deposits with AU Bank may provide opportunities for saving tax, but it is recommended to consult with a financial advisor or tax expert for accurate information.

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