Top 10 Banks in India

Top 10 Banks

Top 10 Banks

India is a big country with 1.3 billion people. Numerous banks operate in India’s market and fulfill the banking needs of many Indians. Indian banks are categorized into three different categories- (a) public sector banks, (b) private sector banks, and (c) foreign banks. With the rapidly growing Indian economy and digitalization, demand for high-quality banking services increases with each passing day. People can open current, savings, salary, fixed deposit, recurring deposit, and NRI accounts with the chosen Indian banks and meet day-to-day banking requirements. In today’s article, we will talk about the top 10 banks in India.

List of Top 10 Banks in India

Ranking Bank’s Name
  1. Housing Development Finance Corporation Ltd. (HDFC Bank Ltd)
   2. State Bank Of India (SBI)
   3. ICICI Bank
   4. Axis Bank
   5. Kotak Mahindra Bank
   6. IndusInd Bank
   7. Yes Bank
   8. Punjab National Bank
   9. Bank Of Baroda
  10. Bank Of India
  • HDFC Bank


Important Details At A Glance

Established In 1994
Headquarter Mumbai
Total Assets ₹2.74 lakh crores (US$38 billion)
Total Number of ATM centers 16,291 ATM’s in 2,917 cities and towns
Total numbers of branches 5,653

HDFC is India’s most prominent and prestigious commercial bank in India. It has approximately 4.90 crores customers, who continue to grow each year. India’s leading companies, firms, professionals, self-employed people, and ordinary individuals are the customers of this bank. The bank offers a wide range of loan products to almost all eligible candidates. If you hold an active bank account, age between 21-60 years, have stable employment, and earn at least ₹25000 per month, apply for HDFC Personal Loan Online. The bank will process your application fast and respond to you after 8-10 days of applying. The Interest rate applied on HDFC personal loans ranges between 10.50% to 21.00%. So you can get the desired money as a loan and quickly get rid of all financial troubles.

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  • State Bank of India (SBI)

State Bank of India

Important Details At A Glance

Established 1806
Headquarter Mumbai
Total Assets 48.46 lakh crores (US$680 billion)
Total Number of ATM centers 62,617
Total number of branches 22,219

State Bank of India is the oldest bank in our country. The government of India owns and operates it. Many times, it is called a people’s bank. It is famous for the ease of account opening and lower maintenance charges. People from all walks of life love to maintain a bank account with the State Bank of India. It offers a wide range of financial products to its customers. It includes the facility to open different accounts, credit cards, fixed deposits, insurance cover-ups, and loan products. SBI offers different personal loans to needy individuals- SBI KAVACH Personal Loan, SBI pension loan, SBI Xpress Credit, SBI QUICK Personal Loan, Pre Approved Personal Loans. To apply for SBI Personal Loans you need to age between 21-58 years, have stable employment, earn a handsome monthly income, maintain an active bank account with SBI or any other bank account and have a good credit score (750 or more). Applicants can use the borrowed money to take care of multiple financial needs. The interest rate on SBI personal loans starts from 9.60% p.a.

  • ICICI Bank

ICICI Bank Image

Important Details At A Glance

Established In 1994
Headquarter Mumbai
Total Assets ₹15.74 lakh crores (US$220 billion)
Total Number of ATM centers 15,589
Total number of branches 5,275 branches

If you love hassle-free banking services with kinetic speed and quality, ICICI Bank is an ideal option for you. Ordinary Indians, working professionals, business people, and self-employed individuals are satisfied with the wide range of banking services ICICI Bank offers. Whether you have to open a savings bank account or a fixed deposit, give a call to the ICICI Bank. You will get an immediate response from the bank and high-quality banking services in just a few clicks. It’s always easier to get a personal loan from ICICI Bank. Stable employment with a recognized business entity, good credit score, minimum ₹30000 monthly salaries, and an active bank account makes you eligible for ICICI bank online personal loans. You can apply loan online and get the requested amount quickly by proving your eligibility as a borrower. The bank offers personal loans to both salaried and self-employed individuals. The interest rate applied on loans may range between 10.5% to 19% per annum.

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  • Axis Bank

axis bank

Important Details At A Glance

Established In 1993
Headquarter Mumbai
Total Assets ₹10.1 lakh crores (US$140 billion)
Total Number of ATM centers 11,333
Total number of branches 4,594

 If you want swift banking services, Axis Bank leads from the front. Big business entities, professionals, different government agencies, and many salaried people in India are its active customers. The bank is famous for offering outstanding banking services to customers and quick solutions to their monetary problems. Just call the bank and get your account opened in a few minutes.

Fewer formalities, doorstep banking services, customer-friendly staff, and transparent business activities help Axis Bank win people’s hearts. Cash-strapped Indians can get personal loans quickly from this bank. For this, they need to fulfill the eligibility norms. It includes permanent employment with the central or state government or any other business organization, a regular monthly income (Rs 15000 or more), an active bank account, a good credit score that makes people eligible for this loan. Then, they can submit their application online for Axis Bank Personal Loan and get the desired funds with a reasonable interest fee which starts from 12% to 21% p.a.

  • Kotak Mahindra Bank


Important Details At A Glance

Established In 1985
Headquarter Mumbai
Total Assets ₹4.79 lakh crores (US$67 billion)
Total Number of ATM centers 2519
Total number of branches 1600

Kotak Mahindra Bank is India’s leading business bank with a customer account base of over 2.7 million. Many Indians are its customers & admire it for its outstanding banking services, loan products, customer-centric insurance policies, etc. You can get Kotak Mahindra Bank’s services by visiting the nearest branch or generating your request online. The bank quickly processes the applications of needy individuals and helps them get the required funds. Taking a personal loan from Kotak Mahindra Bank is not as challenging as many consider it. All employed individuals can apply for Kotak Mahindra Bank Personal Loan if they earn thirty thousand rupees per month and hold an active bank account against their names. They can use the acquired money to meet long-awaited financial dreams and meet all urgent expenses. The interest rates applied on Kotak Mahindra personal loans start from 10.25%. The bank gives significant relaxation in the loan eligibility if you happen to be a corporate professional or hold employment with the bank.

  • IndusInd Bank

IndusInd Bank

Important Details At A Glance

Established In 1994
Headquarter Mumbai
Total Assets ₹3.07 lakh crores (US$43 billion)
Total Number of ATM centers 183
Total number of branches 2,000

IndusInd Bank should be your first choice if you love internet banking. Currently, it is expanding its leg quickly in India and has registered tremendous growth in the country. Company owners, self-employed people, CEOs, white-collar jobholders, working professionals, and many ordinary Indians are its clients. The bank quickly acts on your request to open an account, deposit the sum in your bank account, clear a cheque, and offer other banking services. Quick banking services, 24*7 customer care facilities, minimal formalities and documentation, and close cooperation with customers make this bank stand out from several Indian banks’ crowd. Currently, the bank boasts of having over 2.5 crore customers. You can take IndusInd Bank Personal Loans simply by applying online. Employed individuals who earn Rs twenty-five thousand from stable employment and hold an active bank account can apply for this loan. If you fulfill the loan’s eligibility criteria and meet all terms and conditions set by the bank, the bank approves your application. You may get IndusInd Personal Loans with reasonable Interest fees, which start from 10.49% p.a.

  • Yes Bank


Important Details At A Glance

Established In 2003
Headquarter Mumbai
Total Assets ₹2.74 lakh crores (US$38 billion)
Total Number of ATM centers 1,800
Total number of branches 1000

If you run a company or business organization in India and need a banking partner, get started with Yes Bank without any second thought. Over the years, Yes bank has increased its share in the Indian market and attracted many people for a wide range of banking services. It is particularly famous for offering high-quality corporate banking services to companies and business organizations. Ordinary Indians have also started to open bank accounts with this bank and conduct daily banking activities with great ease. It would help if you resorted to Yes Bank during financial emergencies. The bank processes your application faster than any other Indian bank and offers the requested money if you meet the eligibility criteria and complete all formalities. Both salaried and self-employed individuals can apply for Yes Bank Personal Loans Online Permanent employment with a recognized company, firm, government agency, regular monthly salary (Rs 25000), and an active bank account make you eligible for personal loans offered by the bank. The interest rate of the loan starts from 10.99%.

  • Punjab National Bank


Important Details At A Glance

Established In 1894
Headquarter New Delhi
Total Assets ₹12.8 lakh crores (US$180 billion)
Total Number of ATM centers 13,000+
Total number of branches 12,248

Since its establishment in 1894, Punjab National Bank has been catering to the Banking requirement of many Indians. It is one of India’s most trusted and highly appreciated public sector banks. Currently, the bank has a considerable customer base of over 180 million. The number of Punjab National Bank customers is increasing with each passing year. It offers multiple banking services in a few clicks and keeps people away from the hassles of complicated formalities of the baking industry. You can get Punjab National Bank personal loan if you hold permanent employment with any organization, draw regular monthly income, and have an active bank account against your name. Submit your application online and get the requested money in a few steps with a reasonable interest rate starting from 8.90% p.a. to 14.45% p.a. The bank offers different personal loan products to both salaried and self-employed individuals. Get more knowledge about those loans and choose what is best for your needs.

  • Bank of Baroda


Important Details At A Glance

Established In 1908
Headquarter Alkapuri, Vadodara
Total Assets ₹12.03 lakh crores (US$170 billion)
Total Number of ATM centers 10,033
Total number of branches 8,214

Bank of Baroda is an ideal Bank if you are looking for a financial organization to meet your banking requirements at a low cost. Starting a journey with this bank allows you to enjoy multiple benefits. It may include the easy opening of complementary zero balance accounts for spouses, free alerts for all banking transactions, the accessible introduction of different types of bank accounts, quick availability of Bank of Baroda credit cards, different types of loan products, etc. The bank proclaims to have a customer base of 120 million active users. It is making progress by leaps and bounds in India’s market because it offers high-quality banking services to many Indians. Permanent employment with a recognized company or business organization, holding an active bank account, regular monthly income, and a good credit score make you eligible for Bank of Baroda Personal Loans. Meet the eligibility criteria, apply for the loan online and get the required amount with an adequate interest fee that starts from 10.50%- 12.50%.

  • Bank of India

Bank Of India

Important Details At A Glance

Established In 1906
Headquarter Mumbai
Total Assets ₹7.26 lakh crores (US$100 billion)
Total Number of ATM centers 5,551 ATMs
The total number of branches 5,108 branches

Bank of India should be your first choice if you look for a nationalized bank for meeting your banking requirements. It doesn’t matter whether you have to open a bank account or a fixed deposit; the Bank of India offers one-stop solutions to all your banking needs. The bank proclaims a massive base of 94.89 million customers in 19 countries, including India. It is always easier to open a savings or current bank account with the Bank of India. Low maintenance charges, swift processing of applications, customer-friendly staff, and minimal documentation make Bank of India everyone’s favorite. If you have a regular monthly income from stable employment, a perfect credit score, and an active bank account, submit your application online for Bank of India Personal Loans. The bank will process your application in the coming days and offer you the requested money if everything is OK.


Many nationalized, private sector, and foreign banks are operating in India. They collectively offer a wide range of banking services to customers, clients, CEOs, company owners, and business organizations. These are the top 10 banks in India that meet people’s expectations almost on all banking days. All these banks perform very well when it comes to proactive communication about new products/services, trustworthiness, ATM coverage, banking hours, Internet banking services, phone banking, and satisfaction of customers, etc.