Competitive Rates for Buddy Loan Wedding Loans!

Competitive Rates for Buddy Loan Wedding Loans

Competitive Rates for Buddy Loan Wedding Loans

The big fat Indian wedding is all going small scale because of the new normal after the pandemic. There is a new number set to limit the number of guests at your wedding. This calls for a lot of precautionary measures and financial support to support a lifetime event, a wedding! 

Buddy Loan is a reputed loan aggregator in the industry. It sanctions loans to the borrowers from the right lenders. Buddy Loan app is just a minute away from you to apply for a personal loan for all the wedding costs today. 

You can not only get quick personal loans at lower interest rates starting at 11.99% p. a, but also repay them back in flexible loan tenure. Nobody likes to compromise on the assets they store for old age investment. To liquidate, an asset is losing all the hard-earned money for a temporary cause.  

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Personal Loan For Wedding

Marriage loans online are an easy option to fund your wedding expenses. It is digital at Buddy Loan, as you have to submit very minimal documents for loan approval. Buddy Loan offers personal loans for marriages at lower interest rates starting at 11,99% p.a.

You can download the Buddy Loan app now and fix a better EMI pay-out with the lender of your choice, plus a flexible loan tenure too. The marriage loan disbursement is up to Rs. 15 lakhs. There are competitive interest rates depending on your credit history.

The paperless application process has very few formalities so that the borrower can have a clean and easy loan journey. Now that there are varying payback options, it is all the easier.  Buddy Loan is a reputed loan aggregator for its approval rate and holds a record for an 80% approval rate on personal loans.

Current Interest Rate on Wedding Loans in India

Sanction of a Marriage Loan

Your loan application is acknowledged in 15 minutes since the time you submit your application. This is an instant solution platform that lets you know the loan application status. 

The dashboard in the Buddy Loan app helps you track your loan status in the profile unit. In case your lender denies your loan application, you are auto-redirected to another lender through the app. 

It takes 48hours for loan disbursement that includes loan processing and direct transaction into your account. The disbursement time is less than the expected time! 

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Compare your Interest Rates

Finding a personal loan at the lowest interest rates is quite a task. But, not anymore, with Buddy Loan the process of conveying your loan request to the lenders is different. 

If you are availing a wedding loan, your loan application requires information, yet your loan sanctioning is questionable. Comparing the interest rates can resolve and keep you from overwhelming yourself with loan application of higher interest rate. 

Unsecured personal loans are approved through Buddy Loan by the lenders. Lenders come from different banks, firms and NBFCs. Gain is in the competitive interest rates. Look out for double deals like wedding loans with lower interest rates, they are available. 

In case, of lower CIBIL scores, there are competitive interest rates too. It depends on the short term or long-term loan, you can avail.  

Calculating The Current Interest Rate

Online EMI calculators are available 24*7.  Your EMIs should be self-sufficient and flexible to repay by managing other expenses in hand. Measuring your income and CIBIL score helps you analyse your EMI amount. 

The number of EMIs depends on the interest rate of the loan. Since interest rates are calculated annually, the EMIs are divided by 12. 

  • You then multiply the result with the remaining loan amount. 
  • The first payment comprises the complete principal amount.
  • Part by the whole, the result is the monthly payment called as the amount of interest.  
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Apply for Personal Loan with Quick Approval

Marriage Loan Interest Rate

Risk is fearsome, but not a calculated risk. When you weigh the pros and cons of a wedding loan, you mostly have a practical answer before you. A personal loan devoted to marriage and wedding celebrations is a marriage loan. 

In the Fintech market, there are ample loan dispensers, compare and validate the information with your lifestyle. If you have a good credit score and financial behavior, you may qualify for a loan and get offers. Yet, not all marriage loans are equal in interest rates, fees, and terms, 

The three factors to look forward to calculating before availing the loan amount is the interest rate, terms and your income. There are many financial firms that provide less loan amount and high-interest rates with excluding the taxes.  

Buddy Loan co-authors your loan application and you can choose from the list of lenders. Then, you can state your shortcomings, submit your documents to the lender. There are different competitive rates starting at 11.99% p.a. 

From nationalised, public sector and privatized banks all quote particular interest rates on the basis of the balance. Yet, there are commendable financial institutions and aggregators that have different interest rates based open to all. 

Term And Conditions:

The competitive interest rates work best if you have a good credit history and CIBIL score.  


Availing a personal loan for fleeting expenses is always a wiser choice. Apply for a personal loan through Buddy Loan app and make life easier. 

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