Get Low-Interest Personal Loans With Aadhaar Card

Personal Loan With Aadhar Card

Personal Loan With Aadhar Card

An online personal loan is the fastest financial solution for any shortcoming. Be it emergencies or any passive financial shortcoming such as pending debts. 

The documents required for loan approval are quite minimal and are completely paperless. The online verification process is straightforward if you have these documents in place. 

They help in documenting your complete identity, credibility tracking & transactional records. Buddy Loan has further made the process easy, with just 2 such mandatory documents for a hassle-free loan journey. Aadhaar & PAN are likely the most required documents that serve as Identity & address & income verification. 

The reaps are high with lenders who give you low-interest personal loans with aadhaar card. Buddy Loan holds a high reputation in the industry for higher approval rates. Get an unsecured/collateral-free loan with counting rewards. 

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Apply for Personal Loan with Quick Approval

Aadhaar Simplifies Loan Approval

Documents are rightfully a mandate needed for personal loan documentation.  Submit an e-copy of your Aadhaar card and add in the required details for your personal loan application online. 

Here’s why Buddy Loan makes it a hassle-free loan journey. It just needs an Aadhaar card and few other documents, as per the lender’s requirements. Buddy Loan aggregates borrower’s information for personal loan availability. Download the app to choose a lender among the public, private banks & NBFCs. 

Emergency Personal Loan on Aadhaar Card:

It is not by chance but by choice, personal loans serve as a relief during emergencies. An Aadhaar card helps your loan approval in less than the expected time with the issuing party.  

Quick Personal loans are 100% digital with Buddy Loan. There are multiple lenders on the Buddy Loan platform to share your loan application & credit score for instant loan availability. Emergency loans are collateral-free loans that can help you cover larger expenses. You can encash a loan amount between Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15 lacs

Buddy Loan with Aadhaar!

With the rising problems in personal loan availability, in the industry, Buddy Loan made it easier for the commoners to avail a quick online loan. It has enabled immediate and hassle-free document submission for the online verification process. Buddy Loan has a wide pool of lenders across the country. It is highly rewarding with the app features besides aggregating borrowers & lenders

Explore the plethora of financial solutions that are available in Buddy Loan app. Buddy Loan has made the “apply for a loan” scheme is technically sound and user-friendly with just minimal add-ins. 

Personal Loan and Eligibility:

Aadhaar card not only serves as proof of identity but also as a proof of nationality. Personal loans affirm the financial stability of temporary stakes. It resolves the problem in time. It is with this intention, the eligibility bracket is wide open for quick personal loan availability. 

Here Are The Generic Eligibility Terms for Applying For a Quick Personal Loan:

  • Should be a citizen of India 
  • Individual is either salaried or self-employed
  • Will submit an income proof with over 3 month’s paycheck or salary slips
  • Should be a member of the age group 23 – 57 years.
  • Can be a member of a public or private organisation
  • Should keep the personal loan supporting documents ready with the purpose of the loan application. 
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Aadhaar card – the key for approvals!

Buddy Loan supports e-KYC documentation for faster online loan verification. Since two years, Aadhaar has a mandatory link in a savings account, current, deposits, investments & of course your loan issuing agencies/firms. 

They satiate all the documents required for availing of the financial assistance because of the biometric authentication it has. There are a couple of other factors that help in availing of a personal loan on Aadhaar card.  

  • A good credit score 
  • Self- employed individual is more likely to show incurring income with investments. 
  • Salaried is likely to show the income supporting documents.

If you do not have an Aadhaar card, submit other official government documents such as voter ID card, Passport, driver’s license & etc.

Long Story Short:  Aadhaar Card Loan

Avail Quick Personal loans through Buddy Loan aggregation start at a low-interest rate, 11.99% pa.

Aadhaar is one card access for loan services. It compensates all the other documents for the e-KYC documentation.  

Irrespective of long term & short-term loan, Aadhaar card supports the purpose of loan application. It is a reason to enhance your credibility with the flexible repayment tenures and competitive interest rates. Note that the turnaround time after submitting the loan application is usually less than 15 mins. 

Benefit from earned points through referrals and playing games. Buddy Loan channels your redeemable points to the shopping arena of branded products. Where in, you can redeem them and shop your favourite product at a pocket-friendly cost. 

Get optimal EMIs at competitive interest rates & flexible tenures. Avail a personal loan with just a few steps and minimal documents. get Low interest Personal Loans With Aadhaar Card, Open your credit account and start your hassle-free loan journey for a better financial living. 

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