An Unsecured Personal Loan for Medical Emergencies

Medical Loan During Emergency

Medical Loan During Emergency

India’s medical loan outscores the crowdfunding units because of its’ instant loan approval & disbursal features during an emergency. Quick & pro-active solution is critical for emergencies. Plan your finances well. Yet there is uncertainty in completing the medical procedures with an undue shortage.

Insurance claims are pre-conditional, hence cannot be released during a medical emergency. However, post presenting the hospital bills and medical reports, you will be able to claim your amount. By then, the treatments could either stop or not proceed ahead. This is one of the main reasons why personal loans for medical expenses serve the best.

Buddy Loan is one of the biggest reputed loan aggregators. Here, medical loan online is now the most opted for all treatments. The average interest rates starting 11.99% pa. Here is what makes the loan journey at Buddy Loan exclusive: flexible loan tenure customised EMIs & innumerable benefits.

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Quick Medical Loan:

The biggest benefit of a medical loan is that you can fund your treatments/ medical procedures, faster than health insurance. Emergency medical loans are instant & 100% digital. Yes, medical loan online is a better option over liquidating your assets.

Loan amount disbursals vary from few thousands to lacs. At Buddy Loan, the average loan amount disbursed by the lenders from different financial units is up to Rs.15 lacs. This covers instant hospital bills, surgical fees, medicines and treatments, instantly.

The Buddy Loan app can do a lot more than what it is intended for. At Buddy Loan, Fintech solution extends and creates opportunities for everyone. Explore the app for career opportunities, job openings, fantasy gaming, shopping all exclusive brands, health insurance policies, net banking, credit lines and trading stocks.

Medical Emergency

Be careful while you avail a quick personal loan from the local lenders. Read your policies and procedures carefully & stay updated about the interest rates. Therefore, Buddy Loan is exclusive because of its competitive interest rates.

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An Unsecured Personal Loan:

Unsecured medical loans do not particularly need collateral for loan sanctioning. This will again not impact on your credit report. Yet, they aid your credit journey more than a credit card or health cover policies can do. This makes it seamless and faster to access money with a single transaction.

Buddy Loan app is a PAN India app, widely used by the You can make your repayments more flexible with the lenders. Besides, unsecured personal loans are popular for loan facilities and nominal interest rates.

During recovery or treatment, it can get tedious to repay the whole amount. An unsecured personal loan has several repayment options, thereby helping you clear your loans slowly and credibly.

Utilise the necessary loan amount even if you avail an enormous sum from the loan facility. There is always room for repayment. In such cases, the interest rate is applicable only on the borrowed sum. While applying for a medical loan, keep your choices open. However, at Buddy Loan app, it is more convenient to choose a lender from the list.

Medical Expenses in India:

Major expenses for any medical procedures & treatments are straight down from our pockets. Health expenses are so uncertain and unaffordable. The cost per hospital visit varies with the criticality of emergencies.

In this uncertain time, where the pandemic challenges our healthy living and immunity, we cannot self-sabotage all the money for health. Yet, there is no compulsion to give in to challenges. The Fintech industry has amplified solutions across all sectors.

Health is a major concern for all well-being. The recent study and dip scale analysis show 78% of private expenditures is because of medical expenses. Challenges and opportunities are parallel. Hence, Buddy Loan sections lenders for you to recover from your ill-health and financial short-coming. Many suggestions await in Buddy Loan app. Explore now!

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Personal Loan in Rural India:

Health cover needs major attention. Poverty strikes rural India due to health expenditure. There are fundraising organisation for help, but otherwise, take a long time during emergencies. Personal loan aid medical expenses & hence is one of the best options you can make use of during an emergency.

As per the recent record, 30% of the country’s rural population have not been able to financially afford single treatment. Reiterating, Buddy Loan is a PAN India app, and can be used across for all financial issues. Download the app anywhere from India and access the benefits. Reach better heights.

Personal loan benefits everyone, from a consumer, retailer to even producer. Learn the major functionalities of this app. Educating oneself about Fintech solutions can help raise many livelihoods.

Medical Loan For Medical Care:

Critical illness can buy out a lot of cash reserves from you & your health insurances. Also, treatments and further exceed with long hospitalizations, critical procedures, therapies & pharma bills. There are ample financial units that offer personal loan online under varied charges during emergencies.

Personal loan or medical loan takes care of your medical expenses at the very go. Apply for a personal loan with 0 collateral and low-interest rate. This has fewer stakes and more beneficiaries like customised EMIs and flexible loan tenures. The average loan repayment tenure is between 2- 4 years, at Buddy Loan, the loan tenures extend up to 5 years.


Medical loan cares enough, instant well-being with quick approval/sanctions. It takes less than a normal time for approval. Thus, you can choose your repayment procedure and tenure, at the cost of increasing your credibility. You gain the opportunity to stabilise your income, health covers, various other amenities.

Download the app, enjoy the hassle-free loan process with minimum e-document submission. Write back to us if you like to know more about Buddy Loan updates.

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