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Personal loan for self-employed

Now travel safe & seam-less with Buddy Loans’ personal loan. Clear outstanding debts & avail a new personal loan for real travel benefits. Finance at the right time can help you travel places. Relaxing in nature’s retreat is one of the ultimate relief from the lockdown blues. Buddy Loan aggregates the best lenders to facilitate a personal loan request for you. Avail a personal loan at low-interest rates starting at 11.99% pa.

Buddy Loan is reputed for low-interest personal loans with high approval rates. A well-planned holiday can elevate you from the monotony of life. Rejuvenate your life with a quick trip to your favourite destination.

Personal Loan For The Best Travel Support 

It is easier to vent out the turmoil of lockdown with a good travel plan in place. Sitting indoors over the lockdown & coping with the new normal is not an easy challenge. Travelling for light-hearted is now easy with quick online personal loans.

Since you can swipe a card and get away with the expenses, reconsider this. The interest rates on credit cards are usually high. Whereas a personal loan helps you save a lot more. It is easy, seam-less & convenient as it is a 100% online process done with minimal documentation.

Here is why a personal loan can help you travel smart & serve with a suitable set of lenders at Buddy Loan.

The right financial guide

Road trips can elevate our boredom & instil a sense of belonging or purpose. With the new normal in force, no travelling on public transport. The rising cases in & around the cities leaves no excuse. The best alternative here is travelling on roads.

It is easier to commute, stick to plan & explore the most vivid cultures & share nature’s ecstasy. Stay & align with the safety measures of the government. Pre-plan your journey timeline & get the required essentials for the road trip.

Despite the plan, the duration can vary depending on the destination, travel, traffic & exploration. With all the pre-requisites in the mind, travelling is now much easier with Buddy Loan personal loan.

It is quick, easy & seamless to build a good credit score now. Make a short loan journey to support a long-awaited journey. Requires minimal documentation for loan approvals. Buddy Loan has the highest loan approval rate.

Travel Safety & Expenses 

Financially, a high value instant personal loan can help you achieve freedom from medical emergencies. A personal loan via Buddy Loan comes with a quick, hassle-free and easy online process. Avail a quick personal loan with low-interest rates starting at 11.99% pa.

Medical procedures are taxing if we delay the finances. Buddy Loan’s quick loan can aid all the hospitalization bills with the online verification process. It only takes minimal documents to approve you with a personal loan.

Avail of a Personal Loan of Up to Rs. 15 Lakhs To Fund All Your Travel Needs.

Avail an Unsecured Loan Up to Rs. 15 Lakhs  

Buddy Loan has many loan lenders across many cities. The loan amount brackets from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15 lakhs. They are 0 collateral loans that are dispensed at the cost of information & minimum documentation.

Apply for a travel loan, with just minimal efforts in the Buddy Loan app. A personalised personal loan can help you with flexible repayment tenures & EMIs. Buddy Loan aggregates the borrowers for best interest rates & financial solutions. The loans disbursed here with the lenders are low and start at 11.99% pa.

Salaried are privileged with income & this makes it easier for loan approval. The unsecured personal loan has easy application & access to funds.

Relax & Travel With Flexible EMIs

With the flexible loan to pay off, you can choose a tenure that is comfortable with your income & spends. The lenders are more iterative with loan customization & will consider your request upon the situation.

Plan on great treks or rejuvenating retreats in GOA, you can settle your repayments with 0 defaults. Lenders at Buddy Loan help you customize your repayment schedule. It is 100% digital & has no exceptions with documentation.

Features of Personal Loan For Travel:

Quick & Hassle-Free

Personal loan at Buddy Loan has high approval rates & a seamless loan journey. They are 100% digital with minimal paperwork + flexible terms. You can avail a personal loan at the comfort of your home.

Need 0 Assets For Loan Sanction.

Buddy Loan aggregates financiers for travel loan requests. Unlike the traditional lenders, Buddy Loan is 100% digital & need no assets to approve you with your loan request. There is no requirement of collateral for loan disbursal.

Highly Secure Online Verification 

Buddy Loan neither stores or uses the customer data for aggregating the loan request to the right lender.  Buddy Loan is an API that has an in-built security firewall to prevent fraudulent practices or any malpractices. We do not intend to share your personal information beyond the purpose of loan application aggregation.

100% Transparency

Apply for a personal loan with the right research on the best rate of interest in the market. In case of queries, you always have the lender’s information & customer support to help you with understanding fines, processing fees and if any hidden charges.

Flexible Repayment & Tenure

We allow our customers to choose from a flexible repayment period of 6 to 60 months. Lenders evaluate your repayment structure, income & spend. Depending upon your repayment capacity, you can choose higher EMIs with repayment less time or choose lower EMIs with an extended repayment period.


Travel is a ground-breaking relief for self-discovery & exploration of places with the multi-destination trip. Lenders are more responsive to low-interest online personal loans. Start your loan journey with the right lender, get an instant financial solution from Buddy Loan. Cover medical emergencies, health insurance, e-learning, travelling, earning points to clear out shopping with Buddy Loan.