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Instant Personal Loan With Aadhar Card

Plan your finances with a regular income, investment & mutual funds. But their financial shortcomings are never planned, yet there is easy & rewarding solution. Online personal loans are rewarding and benefitting at the same time. How so?

Medical emergencies, hospitalization bills, pharmacy counts & surgical bills are not a one session expense. They build over the severity in ill-health. The diagnostics alone costs lump sum while you can either false estimate the expenses or be prepared with the right finances.

Buddy Loan, one of the best-reputed aggregators in the industry, aggregates different lenders across India and borrowers to help meet the financial short-comings with instant solutions. Buddy Loan’s personal loan is relatively easy than any other financial solution.

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At Buddy Loan, documentation is 100% paperless & easy. Aadhaar & PAN card can help you get a loan within a couple of hours after submission. With Aadhaar card you can avail of a Quick personal loan at any time for any purpose.

Treatments & diagnostics cost a bunch & can go chaotic if your finances aren’t well organised. Here’s why easy personal loans serve you best during such emergencies. Interest rates at Buddy Loan start from 11.99% p.a. Competitive interest rates are open if your eligibility meets excellent credit history.

Aadhaar card loan approvals are more credible due to quick online verification process. Download the Buddy Loan app for availing loan between 10,000 to 15 lacs.

Instant Personal Loan by Aadhar Card

Personal loan starting at Rs:10,000/- : 

Personal & professional challenges can be overcome by financial solutions to a certain degree. Here is how financial solutions like personal loan mitigate your shortcomings and boost your confidence.

Collateral-free loans: At Buddy Loan, the personal loans need 0 assets to sanction. Thereof terminating all the prerequisites of collaterals and making the personal loan journey seamless. The lenders across the country have a vivid loan disposing of condition. Documents like Aadhaar and PAN are mandatory among them.

You may find this helpful: Loan disbursal without paperwork – Aadhaar card!

Transparent: You can track your loan journey with minimal effort. Download the app, apply for a personal loan online & track your approval and sanction process.

Nominal Repayment: Repayment terms is detailed on the personal loan agreement based on the contracted interest rate. However, credit history can help your lender aim friendly. It benefits EMI – payouts, loan tenures between 3 months to 5 years.

Personal loan eligibility & documentation:  

If meet the below criteria you’re eligible to avail a personal loan now:

  1. Must be a citizen of India
  2. Should be between the age group of 23–57 years.
  3. Is either salaried or self-employed for repayment ability.
  4. Stability with the income.

Present proof of identity, residence & income with just Aadhaar & salary slips in case of salaried and income proof in case you’re self-employed.

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Aadhaar card for quick loan disbursal:

The paperless application process has very few formalities so that the borrower can have a clean and easy loan journey. Now that there are varying payback options, it is all the easier. Buddy Loan is a reputed loan aggregator for its approval rate and holds a record for 80% approval rate on personal loans.

Personal loan sanction:

Your loan application is acknowledged with less TAT.  From the time you submit your application, your loan journey is on track until disposal or denial. The Quick personal loan solution platform has various income generation features you might want to explore.

The dashboard in the Buddy Loan app helps you track your loan status in the profile unit. In case your lender denies your loan application, you are auto-redirected to another lender through the app.

You may find this helpful: Loan disbursal without paperwork – Aadhaar card!

It takes 48hours or less for a Quick personal loan to complete the transaction with the cool-down period. It includes loan processing and direct transactional deals, as per the agreement with your lender. The loan disbursal is but a fleeting moment for many whose documents are in place. Because Buddy Loan only tailgates specific & minimal documentation, your loan journey can only get easier & faster with Aadhaar card.


Availing a personal loan for any financial shortcoming is but a temporary yet effective solution. Apply for a loan through Buddy Loan app and make life easier. Check out the website that is best for all-purpose. You may avail a loan of up to Rs. 15 lacs starting @11.99% pa. Maximise benefits & minimise shortcomings.