Travel Loan With Highest Benefits!

Travel Loan with Highest Benefits

Travel Loan with Highest BenefitsWith the increased fascination towards exploring exotic locations and the increased per capita income, people are more inclined towards travelling.

Technically, if you are looking for the best loan aggregators for a travel loan, Buddy Loan is the best. Travel loans have higher demands than ever because the current youth believes in living each day to the fullest.

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Options For a Travel Loan

Travel loans can be availed through various alternatives of personal loans or via Buddy Loan. Buddy Loan is easiest and quick as it helps in instant travel loans providing flexible tenures with minimum documentation. It also ensures against no hidden charges and has low-interest rates. Your credit history is not the concern; rather, the ability to repay having a suitable guarantor is enough.

Personal Loan from Banks:

A personal loan for a vacation can be claimed up to Rs.5 lakh with tenure ranging from 3 to 24 months, depending on the bank. The interest rates also vary in a range between 11 to 20%.

Credit Card Based EMI loans:

The eligibility of the loan amount is limited to the credit limit and also on the destination. The interest rate ranges from 24 to 36%, with a tenure of 3 to 12 months.

A travel loan is rewarding in many ways

How to Apply for an Instant Travel Loan?

The online way of availing the loan via Buddy Loan is the best option as per the current trend.

  • Filling in of personal, financial, and employment details.
  • Selection of loan amount and tenure.
  • Uploading of the required documents and getting approval in a short time, within minutes.
  • Once documents have been verified, depending on the company, money is received within 24-48 hours.
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Documents Required Online

  • Proof of residence: Leave and license agreement/ Utility bill (not more than three months old)/ Passport (anyone).
  • Proof of Identity and Age: Passport/ Driving license/ Voter ID/ Pan Card (anyone).
  • Proof of income: Latest 3 month’s bank statement (where salary/income is credited).
  • Proof of Office ownership and address (in case of a self-employed individual): Property documents/ Utility bills/ Maintenance bills (anyone).
  • Proof of Business existence (in case of a self-employed individual): Shop Establishment / Salary Statement for the last three years.
  • Proof of income (in case of a self-employed individual): Income tax returns for the last two years, including computation.

Online Bank Loans For Travel

The documents required for bank loans, both on online or offline platforms, are the same as any other instant loan offers online. And depending on the relationship with the bank and eligibility, the person can get loans in fewer than 10 seconds. Or it might take a few hours.

Travelling now is thus easy, quick, affordable, and safe. And the dream location is just a few clicks away.

Aadhaar Card and Travel Loan!

Buddy Loan App is one of the biggest loan aggregator apps that helps you avail the best travel loan in the market with lower interest rates and best repayment options. A lot of times, we wonder whether documents required for travel loans are different from those for personal loans. The right answer is: No, they are the same, and the Aadhar card is not a mandatory document to apply for a loan as per the new ruling by the supreme court.

However, it makes the disbursal process smoother and faster than any other documents as it is linked with our bank account, Pan card, driving license, or passport.

Reasons Aadhar card is not mandatory but necessary:

  • The concept of quick loans is stemmed from the introduction of the Aadhaar card that cut-shorts the process inside 48 hours along with verification.
  • Buddy loan offers instant travel loans using your Aadhaar and other KYC details that are interlinked.
  • Although it does not assure creditworthiness, it is used to verify one’s identity, address, and proof of age through E-KYC authorization.
  • Your travel loan is processed within 48 hours from the time of submission.
  • No physical verification is required as the identity of the applicant is electronically verified through E-Kyc.

We at Buddy Loan do not force our customers to provide their Aadhaar details to apply for a travel loan.

Various documents can be considered as eligible to be considered as eligible or valid KYC documentation. Examples of such documents would include Passport, Voter Identity Card, Driving License, PAN Card, NREGA Card as well as Aadhar Letter/Card.

The KYC documents are required as proof of identity as well as proof of address/residence. Anyone document is allowed, and Aadhar Card is not mandatorily required as a KYC document.

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PAN Card is Mandatory to get a Travel Loan!

One of the most beneficial ways to get the required finance for travelling or going on vacation is through personal loans and/ or credit cards. By opting Buddy Loan for travel purposes, people can better enjoy their vacation or tours without having to worry about monetary constraints always.

To get an instant travel loan online, the applicant must fill out a loan application form and attach the necessary documents required by the loan providing service. These documents can vary from place to place. Loan providing services like Buddy Loan, banks, and other NBFCs can have different documents that they ask for proof and verification and final approval for the loan claim.

Is PAN Card Required For Travel Loan?

The main reason why any loaning company would require a PAN card is to use it as proof of identity and the age of the loan applicant when going to apply for travel loans. Depending on where the applicant chooses to get his or her vacation loan online, the provider may or may not require a PAN card for verification.

The consensus for a personal loan and PAN card lies with the applicant being a self-employed individual or a salaried worker.

If the applicant is a salaried individual and workers for an employer, then to get an instant travel loan, he or she will need to provide their PAN as proof of the age as well as their identity.

On the other hand, self-employed people are not required to submit a PAN card for verification if they do not possess it. The applicant can choose to provide their PAN card as a part of the document if they have it. But on the off chance that the applicant does not have a Pan card, then he or she may provide other documents like the Aadhaar card, voters ID card, and others in replacement for verification of identity and age.

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The Benefits of a Travel Loan!

Travelling is a dream for many, and the extravagance of a few destinations could be quite heavy on the pocket. To travel to your favourite place with your loved ones, a Buddy Loan commonly known as a personal loan for travel is applied for which leads to the fulfilment of a beautiful dream.

Instead of using your credit card and consuming the hard-earned savings, to avail, an online personal loan is much encouraged due to its quick application and disbursal.

There are many benefits to go for a Buddy Loan rather than going for another payment option to customize a hassle-free travel experience, which is as follows:

Simple Documentation, Easy application, and a smooth transition:

To get a quick, easy personal loan, all you need to provide is an identity proof, an address proof, a roof of your income statement and your bank statement. A credit score is allocated to each one, and the borrower needs to meet the minimum requirements to meet the credit score. The Buddy Loan covers all aspects of travel like Visa, tickets, stay, miscellaneous expenses, insurance, etc.

Various options available:

The best personal loans can be provided by banks, NBFCs, and even local money lenders. They are cheaper and more accessible as an online procedure to avail of these Buddy Loan is more advantageous.

Low Rate of Interest:

An online personal loan offers a meagre processing fee ranging from 1-3 per cent of the total loan amount, and the rate of interest is not very high. In case the traveller arranges for the fund in between, he is given the option to redeem the entire interest to be paid and just to give the actual amount offered by the Buddy Loan.

Higher duration:

Online personal loan providers keep a consistent and easy duration as per the requirement and payback feasibility of the traveller. The Buddy Loan usually ranges from 12-60 months and also gives the advantage of pre-payment, advance payment, and foreclosure.

Unsecured Personal Loans for travel:

A quick, easy personal loan is normally availed without any security, guarantee, and collateral. The credibility of the borrower is thoroughly checked to look at his payment history, work profile, and his current stature and earning capacity.

Strategize a Repayment Schedule:

Repayment Options are quite flexible, and the duration is as per the traveller’s requirement and convenience. The return of payment of the Buddy Loan can range from 12-60 months.

To add Buddy Loan is the best, most convenient, and the most comfortable option to fulfil your travel dreams and reach faraway destinations that you can only think of.

The Features of Travel Loan!

Are you planning for your dream holiday? Are you running low on budget? A simple but most effective resolution, to make your dream come true, is to get an Instant Personal Loan popularly known as a Buddy Loan. As the name implies, it is a companion loan that comes with a minimal rate of interest which is worth to accomplish your dreams with your loved ones.

The Buddy Loan is easily accessible from banks, NBFCs, and Money Lenders and is quick, easy personal loans. A hassle-free application, simple documentation, and quick approval and disbursal are the key features of the online personal loan.

The Buddy Loan is applied for specifying the reason and details of the travel, which includes destination, visa application, tickets, hotel booking, insurance, and other miscellaneous expenses.

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