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Two-Wheeler Loan

Two-Wheeler Loan

Two-wheelers are famous for their easy commuting. They have high marketing growth because of the price value and affordability. The ongoing demand from 2015 to 2024 shows us that more two-wheeler loans will disburse. The sale pitch was in the year 2019. Ample banks, NBFCs and mini financial firms disburse quick loans.

Fill in a couple & more details with e-document submission and you’re all set for approval. The processing may take a few hours, but it depends on your credit history too. Make use of the Buddy Loan app to apply for a two-wheeler loan. You’re updated via SMS and can track the loan.

Buddy Loan is one of the biggest loan aggregators who takes in the KYC and lists down lenders for you. Avail a two-wheeler loan by contacting the lender thereof. Buddy Loan , to date, has procured 80% approval rate.

There are multiple lenders who can initiate a two-wheeler loan. Yet, if they decline the loan request at the first application, you can still opt from other lenders.

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Features & Advantages of a Two-Wheeler Loan!

The finance and the non-finance bodies disburse two-wheeler loans for on-road price. At Buddy Loan, the two-wheeler loan request doesn’t need collateral for approval.

Since two-wheeler loans do not need a heavy amount, repayment tenure is huge (3 months to 5 years). This is adequate time to schedule and repay the loan on time without defaulting.

Two-wheeler loan EMIs are customizable thereof. If you have a tight income, you can discuss this with your lender to customise the EMI for a longer tenure.

Banks & NBFCs do disburse two-wheeler loans for second-hand bikes and scooters. You will require the market value of the vehicle if you’re opting a second-hand bike. Even an estimated price will do!

Two-wheeler loans have low-interest rates starting at 11.99% p.a. They do not need heavy funding and this can make your calculations easy. You can afford a two-wheeler easily at one tap.

You can come across many dealers and deals for a two-wheeler of your choice. Explore your choices wisely and claim the warranty services. Your repayment will have nothing to do with it.

Simplify Your Purchase With a Two-Wheeler Loan!

Nothing is parallel to the excitement when you purchase a new bike. You can avail 100% funding on your new bike and build your loan journey at Buddy Loan.

It is easy to avail a personal loan for a two-wheeler if you know your expenses and workable interest rates. The demand for a two-wheeler is really high. If you’re residing in a city, it is all the higher and will need your consent to book the bike in advance.

To mention the least, public transport is always available but might not be all safe and comfortable. This would be the best time to avail a bike with a two-wheeler loan. After all, who doesn’t want a stress-free commute to work?

A sense of independence with the transport of your own. Can save your time during emergencies. Buying a bike is an immense relief to working and non-working individuals. It can serve as a better investment and economical.

Help is always available you can avail a loan up to Rs. 15 lakhs in a short time. Purchase a bike of your choice. Be it a super bike, dream bike or a 150cc bike that is preferably great for the everyday commute.

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When to Avail a Two-Wheeler Loan? 

There are many reasons why one can avail a two-wheeler loan. Situations might turn out to be personal, commercial and emergency. In any of the cases, a bike with a bike loan is always the easiest and economical. 

It can come of great personal use – for personal reasons, your bike can save you a great deal of time. Unlike public transport, you can make better use of your time. Gives a great sense of independence. From shopping to outdoor getaways, it serves an economical means of transportation. 

It is sure best for commercial use – this case is apt if your business needs transportation for deliveries. It is wiser to invest in a bike purchase with a bike loan. But, if you depend on a third party, your unnecessary expenses might hit you. 

Bike for safety reasons – during the present times, pandemic is out there everywhere. It is safe to have transport of your own. Rest assured, you can avoid mobs, public groups and everything.


You could buy a two-wheeler with any CC, even a 150cc bike i.e. under 80% production rate in India. Today, two-wheeler loans or any vehicle loan takes less time for approval. Buddy Loan is one of the leading giants in sourcing your request to lenders. Make use of the high loan approval rates and low-interest rate medium at Buddy Loan.

A two-wheeler loan policy meets all the fundamental financial requirements for the vehicle. You can review with your lenders and get back to Buddy Loan.

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