Reasons Why Rupay Debit Cards Are Better Than Cash

Rupay Debit Card

Rupay Debit Card

Having a debit card means you can pay for anything instantly and securely. That includes buying things from your usual haunts, as well as cheaper, less common items that most people wouldn’t think to buy with cash. With the growing popularity of debit cards, many more merchants are beginning to accept these payment methods. This has made it easier than ever for users to access their money whenever they want or need it. However, not all debit cards are  equal. Depending on your financial situation and banking habits, you might be better off using your debit card than cashing it in for cash. Here’s why you should ditch your old bills and get yourself an Rupay Debit Card instead:

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Why to Choose a RuPay Card?

  • The transaction costs are lesser especially when you comparing to the other kind of debit card variants in the market like – Visa and MasterCard as the whole transaction process takes place within India.
  • RuPay cards are available to people with limited or no banking accessibility, especially people from rural areas who can easily have access to them .
  • Contactless credit and debit cards are also available under the RuPay label.
  • With IRCTC RuPay prepaid debit cards, customers can also reserve train tickets without any chaos.
  • Huge transactions along with withdrawal limits that come with RuPay debit cards provides immense flexibility to the users.

How to Use RuPay Cards for Online Payments

RuPay Debit Card is the product of National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) that provides you to process online transactions. You can also follow the steps mentioned below especially when you use RuPay Debit card online for the first time:

1: First you have to  register for e-commerce payments to use RuPay card .

2: Once you have registered, a payment screen  appears. There , you have to select the RuPay card as an option for payment.

3: Provide the correct details of your cards that includes your card number, along with  expiry date and CVV pin.

4: Now you get an OTP notification  on your registered mobile number with your registered email ID.

5: Now enter the OTP, carefully and correctly.

6: Now you can select an image from a small collection of images. You have to remember the image for all future transactions.

7: Now can  enter a phrase of up to 40 characters and don’t forget  this phrase to save all future transactions.

8: Now, enter your ATM PIN.

9: For some banks, a RuPay Premium PaySecure Service usually pops-up with a window that might be displaying on the screen when you successfully  register while you make the transaction.

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For Constant  Transactions:

  • You must enter all the card details such as card number, CVD, and expiry date.
  • Selecting the apt image that is the same as the first transaction is necessary.
  • You must provide the correct phrase while registering.
  • Enter the right PIN to finish the transaction.

Benefits of RuPay Card

A brainchild of RBI, and crafting aims in meeting the needs along with requirements of Indian customers. Now there are some of the benefits that RuPay customers stand to get.

  • Safety of Information for Indians

Your data and transaction details pertaining to RuPay card transactions are safe so that it doesn’t go beyond India.

  • Safe Transactions

Along with SMS alerts and notifications , your phone number gets notification after each transaction of  RuPay card holders that ensures of a security .

  • Crafted for India

RuPay cards fulfils the demand  for  the product and service requirements of Indians.

  • Reaches to Rural Areas

When it comes to the RuPay card transactions, the processing happens within the country mostly . RuPay debit card also shows the results of lower cost of settlement and clearing  the transactions is available now with RuPay debit card. Now , banks also profit immensely from this as costs for transaction processing become very affordable.

  • Payment Solutions Platforms

RuPay debit card provides complete interoperability between different payment channels also that  includes  mobile technology, ATMs, cheques etc.

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Key Features of RuPay Debit Cards

There are some of the features of RuPay debit cards that sets it apart from other debit cards in the market.

  • RuPay debit cards are available in over 10,000 e-commerce platforms along with more than 8 lakh POS terminals.
  • RuPay debit cards are usable at more than 1.8 lakh merchant platforms in India.
  • The processing ensures faster transactions that you can compare to other debit cards in the market.
  • Public sector, private banks, co-operative and rural banks provide RuPay cards .
  • While making a transaction with RuPay cards, the merchant charges at 0.01% transaction fee.

Criteria for RuPay Cards

The  basic  process  to apply  for a RuPay card are as follows;

  • The public, private, regional rural banks along with co-operative banks in India issue RuPay debit cards.
  • Bank of India, HDFC Bank,Central Bank of India, State Bank of India, Union Bank of India and Punjab National Bank are Indian banks that  offer RuPay cards.
  • You can give a RuPay debit card with a no-frills savings account. Also, you can open an account under the PMJDY scheme.
  • Obtaining basic KYC documents like ID proof and address proof to borrow a RuPay debit card is one of the major requirements.
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Documents Required to Apply for a RuPay Card

The documents  to apply for a RuPay card are as follows:

  • Proof of address
  • Proof of identification
  • 2 passport size photographs

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Summing up

Now you as a customer with accounts in the banks mentioned above can get a RuPay debit card by just simply filling out a form of your bank branch, requesting for a RuPay debit card. Through this article the understanding of  various benefits of Rupay Debit cards  should help you make it even more easier for you to avail one at the earliest.

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