How To Use Contactless Debit Cards For Your Business?

Contactless Debit Card

Contactless Debit Card

Contactless debit cards are a popular alternative to credit cards. But, so what is a contactless card,  actually? Are contactless cards safe and secure? And why can you use them?. That is what the article is intending to discuss. Contactless cards works mostly like mobile wallets. The payment procedure is carried out by basically holding or tapping the card on a contactless-enabled card reader. Hence, a contactless debit card is believed to be 10 times faster than traditional sweeping and inserting cards as information is also kept safe with the  card reader hands off.

The article will further such benefits of contactless debit cards and how it makes purchasing procedures even more smoother. So, before you go to  register, you should learn more about how to tell whether contactless cards are beneficial for you.

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What Is A Debit Card?

Debit cards work like a credit card, but instead of being used as a way to borrow money, they are used to transfer funds between your bank account and the business’s account. When you swipe a debit card, the business simply takes the funds from your account and subtracts them from the business’s account. As with credit cards, most banks charge a fee for debit card transactions. You may also incur a fee from the business if you use a fee-free ATM or if it’s a cash-only transaction. So, it’s important to keep close track of your transaction fees to ensure you aren’t overpaying at either end of the transaction.

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How Do Contactless Debit Cards Work?

Contactless debit cards  work with the principle of NFC or Near Field communications. This kind of technology uses radio transmission to get the contact with the cards that are waved near the POS terminal. So, many customers with Contactless debit cards are able to make transactions by just waving a card instead of swiping it in a traditional way. The biggest advantage of a contactless debit card is that the cardholder also can  make normal transactions by dipping or swiping the card.

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Why Use Contactless Debit Cards?

  • Market research reports that the average time in POS has been reduced by 30% to 40%.
  • Contactless debit cards equate to better convenience especially with customers and increases the sales volume with better customer servicing for merchants.
  • Contactless payment systems include sophisticated chip technology and various levels of encryptions to ensure safe and secured transactions.
  • Less or no chance that the debit card might be lost or get misplaced especially  during the course of transaction as it will be in the customer’s hand.
  • Contactless debit cards are used at over 10 lakh merchant stores in India along with  over 30 million merchant establishments around the world.

Hence, this  contactless debit card can be enabled for other purposes like ATM cash withdrawal and safe online shopping along with secured e-commerce purchases.

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Features And Pros Of Contactless Debit Cards In India

  • The momentum of transactions is doubled compared to normal debit cards. This enables you as users to carry out high value transactions without any hesitation.
  • The Cards are highly safe so the customer doesn’t have to handover the cards to any merchant just to  complete the transaction while he is still holding the card in his hand.
  • Any contactless cards are of great advantage especially when the transaction is taking place in a heavily busy retail environment. You won’t have to search for any change or worry about if they have cash. This will have greater convenience as compared to conventional cards.
  • Now, both Visa along with MasterCard variants for contactless debit cards are provided in India. Contactless technology in Visa is usually provided by “Visa PayWave” and by “MasterCard Contactless” in MasterCard.
  • Some of the popular banks in India offer contactless cards. Also such banks also offer exclusive deals like getting access to airport lounges.
  • The contactless debit cards also are usable as regular cards. And, also at all Visa/MasterCard that are enabled in outlets even in the terminals not designed for any kind of contactless payments.

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Cons Of Using Contactless Debit Cards

There are many advantages to using a contactless debit card, but there are some drawbacks as well.

  • The biggest con is that you will have to wait in line at the merchant’s counter to swipe your card. This is inconvenient for both you and the merchant.
  • The other main con is that some merchants don’t accept contactless debit cards. While most merchants accept them nowadays, you will still come across a few that don’t.
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Which Type Of Contactless Debit Card Should You Buy?

You can choose between two main types of contactless debit cards: hybrid and pure. The difference between these two types of cards is their security.

Hybrid cards combine elements of both pure and signature-based cards. These cards operate on a chip that stores the data and PIN. Hybrid cards are the most secure of all. They are also the most expensive and are only useful if you’re concerned about security. Whereas, pure cards operate on a signature-based system. These cards are more affordable, and they are the most popular. They are not nearly as secure as hybrid cards. Before you sign up for a new debit card, it’s important to ask the card’s provider if it is a hybrid or pure type.


As , now that you know the usage and benefits of having contactless cards, it should be easier for you to avail one. Contactless debit cards are just for you if you are looking for quick and convenient transactions. With contactless debit now your transaction has become more secured. Availing contactless debit cards is not only convenient but also provides exclusive offers which you don’t want to miss.

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