Now Plan Your Year With Upcoming Post Office Holidays In 2024

Image delivering parcel in hand representing post office holidays

Image delivering parcel in hand representing post office holidays

When was the last time you visited a post office without realising it is a holiday for them?  Whether you’re sending or receiving a mail, availing postal services, PO Box, Parcel delivery, currency exchange and even getting money orders, you would need to know the Post Office Holidays in 2024 to plan & facilitate your communication.

The government determines post office holidays and can vary from state to state, with some being observed nationwide. The post office holiday in Karnataka may differ slightly from those in other states, but certain national holidays are observed uniformly across the country.

Here is a list of Post Office Holidays with the complete explanation of public and restricted holidays against the dates in 2024.

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List of the Post Office Holiday 2024

In India, Post Office Holidays 2024 can be broadly categorized into two types: public holidays and restricted holidays. Here, post offices observe a combination of public and restricted holidays throughout the year.

Public holidays: It is a holiday formally declared by the government and public institutions nationwide.

Please refer the table below to know more about the list of public holiday:

Date Day Event
26 January 2024 Friday Republic Day
25 March 2024 Monday Holi
29  March 2024 Friday Good Friday
9 April 2024 Tuesday Eid Ul Fitr
17 April 2024 Wednesday Ram Navami
21 April 2024 Sunday Mahavir Jayanti
23 May 2024 Thursday Buddha Purnima
17 June 2024 Monday Bakrid or Eid al Adha
17 July 2024 Muharram Muharram
15 August 2024 Thursday Independence Day
26 August 2024 Monday Janmashtami
16 September 2024 Monday Milad-un-Nabi
2 October 2024 Wednesday Gandhi’s Birthday
13 October 2024 Sunday Dussehra
1 November 2024 Friday Diwali
15 November 2024 Friday Guru Nanak’s Birthday
25 December 2024 Wednesday Christmas Day

 Restricted Holiday: Restricted Holidays, sometimes known as optional holidays, provide employees the option of taking time off or not. It is a type of paid leave that is optional, with a limit on how many such holidays an employee can take in a given fiscal year. Here is the list of holidays:

Date Day Event
1 January 2024 Monday New Year’s Day
15 January 2024 Monday Makar Sankranti
15 January 2024 Monday Bihu Magh
15 January 2024 Monday Pongal
25 January 2024 Thursday Hazarat Ali’s Birthday
14 February 2024 Wednesday Basant Panchami
14 February 2024 Wednesday Sri Panchami
24 February 2024 Saturday Guru Ravi Das’s Birthday
5 March 2024 Tuesday Birthday of Swami Dayananda Saraswati
8 March 2024 Friday Maha Shivratri
25 March 2024 Monday Holika Dahan
25 March 2024 Monday Dolyatra
31 March, 2024 Sunday Easter Sunday
5 April 2024 Friday Jamat-Ul-Vida
9 April 2024 Tuesday Chaitra Sukladi
9 April 2024 Tuesday Cheti Chand
9 April 2024 Tuesday Ugadi
9 April 2024 Tuesday Gudi Padwa
13 April 2024 Saturday Message
13 April 2024 Saturday Vaisakhadi (Bengal)
14 April 2024 Sunday Vaisakhi
14 April 2024 Sunday Vishu
14 April 2024 Sunday Bahag Bihu (Assam)
8 May 2024 Wednesday Birthday of Guru Rabindranath Tagore
8 July 2024 Monday Rath Yatra
15 August 2024 Thursday Parsi New Year’s Day
15 August 2024 Thursday Nauraj
19 August 2024 Monday Raksha Bandhan
26 August 2024 Monday Janmashtami (Smarta)
5 September 2024 Thursday Onam
7 September 2024 Saturday Vinayaka Chaturthi
17 September 2024 Tuesday Third Onam
10 October 2024 Thursday Dussehra (Saptami)
11 October 2024 Friday Dussehra (Maha Ashtami)
12 October 2024 Saturday Dussehra (Mahanavami)
17 October 2024 Thursday Maharishi Valmiki’s Birthday
20 October 2024 Sunday Karaka Chaturthi (Karva Chauth)
31 October 2024 Thursday Naraka Chaturdashi
2 November 2024 Saturday Govardhan Puja
3 November 2024 Sunday Bhai Dooj
7 November 2024 Thursday Pratihar Sashthi (Chhat Puja)
24 November 2024 Sunday Guru Tegh Bahadur’s Martyrdom Day
24 December 2024 Tuesday Christmas Eve

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Why Do You Need To Know The Post Office Holidays?

Knowing post office holidays helps you plan mail deliveries, pay bills on time, and avoid delays in receiving important mail. It ensures smooth and timely handling of your correspondence and packages. Here are some benefits of knowing the post office holidays:

  • Reduced waiting times: By avoiding post office holidays, you can potentially steer clear of long lines and delays.
  • Improved planning: Knowing the schedule allows you to plan your mail drop-offs and pickups around holidays.
  • Peace of mind: There’s nothing worse than showing up to a closed post office with a time-sensitive package. Knowing the holidays gives you peace of mind.
  • Currency Exchange: Planning currency exchange around post office holidays ensures timely receipt of money, avoiding trips during closed hours, and providing necessary currency for travel or transactions.
  • Parcel delivery Date: Knowing post office holidays is crucial for accurate parcel delivery planning, avoiding missed deadlines, and ensuring timely deliveries, especially during peak seasons like holidays.
  • Advance Mailing dates of national and international: Planning mailings ahead of time is crucial for timely delivery, especially for critical dates and international destinations.
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Additional Facts About Post Office Holidays

  • Second Saturday Holidays: In some instances, the second Saturday of a month might be observed as a post office holiday. This isn’t a nationwide rule, so always double-check for your specific location.
  • Bank Holidays: Typically, post office holidays coincide with bank holidays. This makes sense, as both institutions often share similar operating schedules.
  • Staying Updated: The post office holiday schedule can change from year to year. Make sure to check the India Post website regularly for the most up-to-date information


Whether you’re in Karnataka or any other state, knowing  Post Office Holidays 2024 goes a long way. So, bookmark this guide and keep it handy throughout the year! Remember to check with your local post office for specific timings and updates, as holidays and working hours may vary across regions.

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FAQs on Post Office Holidays 2024

Q. Is Saturday a holiday for India Post?
Yes, Saturday is a holiday for India Post.

Q. What are post-work hours?
Post office work hours typically vary by location and branch.

Q. Does India post delivery on public holidays?
India Post may suspend delivery services on public holidays.

Q. How many holidays does GDS get?
The number of holidays for GDS (Gramin Dak Sevaks) varies depending on regional and organizational policies.