December Holidays In 2024

Calendar placed month of December month representing Descember Holidays

Calendar placed month of December month representing Descember Holidays

A season of vacation and the festivity brings a spirit of getaway during december and this year is no different.  The winter and the festive spirit makes the month of December 2024 even more gracious.

From Christmas festivities and New Year’s Eve parties to traditions like Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, December 2024 offers great plans  for a cozy winter escape to snowy mountains, beach getaway with your loved ones.  the December 2024 holidays promises a warmth, reflection, and a sense of togetherness to wrap up the year on a memorable note. Here’s a list of

public holidays and bank holidays in December 2024. These holidays are mostly celebrated in the entire country while some are specific to states in India. Refer to the table below to understand the long weekends that line up during December 2024 

Long Weekend in December 2024

Date Day Holiday
19th December Thursday Goa Liberation Day
20th December Friday Take the day off
21st December Saturday 4th Saturday
22nd December Sunday Weekend
23rd December Monday Take the day off
24th December Tuesday Christmas Eve
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List of Public Holidays in December 2024

These holidays help people and communities plan special celebrations and get-togethers. Whether it’s Christmas, a religious holiday, or Goa Liberation Day, a cultural event, each holiday gives us a chance to plan your major events for the during December 2024.

Date Holiday
1 December 2024 World AIDS Day
3 December 2024 Feast of St. Francis Xavier
10 December 2024 Human Rights Day
11 December 2024 UNICEF Birthday
18 December 2024 Guru Ghasidas Jayanti
19 December 2024 Goa Liberation Day
24 December 2024 Christmas Eve
24 December 2024 Guru Teg Bahadur’s Martyrdom’s Day
25 December 2024 Christmas
26 December 2024 Kwanzaa
26 December 2024 Boxing Day
30 December 2024 Tamu Losar
31 December 2024 New Year’s Eve

List of Bank Holidays in December 2024

The holiday dates in December are super important when you want to make plans for fun stuff or work things. It helps you to get ready for times when the bank is close to plan your financial upholdings.

Date Bank Holiday
3 December 2024 Feast of St. Francis Xavier
14 December 2024 Second Saturday
18 December 2024 Guru Ghasidas Jayanti
19 December 2024 Goa Liberation Day
24 December 2024 Christmas Eve
24 December 2024 Guru Teg Bahadur’s Martyrdom’s Day
25 December 2024 Christmas
28 December 2024 Fourth Saturday
30 December 2024 Tamu Losar
31 December 2024 New Year’s Eve

Now that you have all your December holidays list lined up, here are some tips how can plan your December finances for 2024.

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How to Plan your December finances & Holidays in 2024

December is an ideal time for outdoor activities such as trekking, camping, wildlife safaris, and beach activities in various parts of India. Per your travelling preference, you may list your destinations with the below set of guidlines.

  • Choose Money Aims: Plan your finances in December, like making a budget for holiday costs, setting saving goals, or making choices about investments.
  • Make a Holiday Budget: Guess how much you’ll spend on trips, places to stay, presents, and fun. Give certain amounts to each part to stop spending too much.
  • Watch Spending: Keep an eye on your money all month to stay on budget. Use apps or tables to note what you spend every day and change plans if you need to.
  • Book Trips : If you’re going away, get your plane seats, places to stay, and things to do sorted soon. This way, you get better prices and choices.
  • Check on investments and savings for later in life: Look at your investment mix and your retirement savings. Think about adding more funds or changing things up to match your money targets and the stock market.
  • Check on your finances: Before the year ends, see how well you’re doing with your money goals. If needed, change your plans for next year.

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As December 2024 approaches, the anticipation of the holiday season fills the air with joy and excitement. Furthermore, managing your finances wisely during December is crucial. Hence, with these tips in mind, you can plan December 2024 with confidence, making the most of both the festive spirit and your financial well-being. Here’s to a joyful and fulfilling end to the year!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which holidays do people in India celebrate in December?
In India people celebrate Christmas, Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti , New Year’s Eve along with other local festivities.

Q. Which 14 holidays happen in December?
The 14 December holidays vary according to places. However , people celebrate Christmas on December 25 and New Year’s Eve on December 31 as key December holidays.

Q. What’s India’s top holiday?
Diwali ranks as a major holiday widely observed throughout India. People know it as the Festival of Lights, and it carries deep cultural and religious meaning nationwide.

Q. How many holidays happen in December?
In December, you’ll find various holidays covering national and local observances.

Q. What Indian holidays occur in December?
December in India brings holidays like Christmas, Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti, New year, along with others tied to local importance.

Q. What are the 14 holidays?
Depending on the area and the year, the 14 holidays of December often include Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and more cultural or local festivities.

Q. What are two big December holidays?
There are two well-known December holidays ,Christmas on the 25th and New Year’s Eve on the 31st.

Q. What’s the largest holiday in India?
Diwali ranks as India’s largest and most popular festival. People call it the Festival of Lights. This event has deep cultural and religious meaning all over India. These responses give a basic summary. Exact holidays might change each year and in different places in India.