RBL Business Loans

Simplify your business banking with digital solutions and customized products offered by RBL Bank Business Loans. You can avail loans from ₹10 lakhs to ₹50 lakhs, with an easy repayment option of up to 4 years.

RBL bank provides a great way to finance your business expansion, whether it's new or already running. The bank provides a special focus on the MSME Sector with its Business Banking loan plans.

To know more about RBL business loans and its offerings read further.

RBL Business Loans Highlights:

The table provides the overview of RBL business loans and details associated with the loan facility:

Loan Type Business Loan
Purpose Address your financial requirements for working capital and short-term financing.
Loan Amount Upto ₹50 Lakhs
MSME Loan Upto ₹25 cr
Tenure 48 months
Processing fees 2% of the loan amount
Note: Please be informed that the RBL Bank business loan interest rates are subject to change per the market.

Types of Business Loans by RBL Bank

RBL Bank offers business loans and various MSME loans tailored to meet your business needs for successful ventures in the micro and small business categories.

Unsecured Loan: Unsecured business loans from RBL Bank provide a hassle-free solution for your business credit needs, without the requirement of collateral. Their swift access to funds aids microbusinesses to reach new heights.

Feature Description
Loan Amount Up to INR 10 lakhs
Repayment Terms 12 to 60 montds
Collateral Not required
Interest Rates Competitive
Application Process Quick and simple

Eligibility Criteria

  • Age: 25 to 65
  • Eligible: Individual, Sole Proprietor, Proprietorship
  • Residence Stability: 3 years
  • Track Record: 6 months loan history
  • Industry Experience: 3 years minimum

Secured loan: Secured small business loan from RBL Bank to quickly access funds for managing and growing your company. The banks fund working capital needs, purchasing machinery and equipment, etc.

Feature Description
Loan Amount Up to ₹ 20 lakhs
Repayment Terms 12 to 84 months
Collateral Commercial or residential real estate
Interest Rates Competitive and favorable
Processing Time Quick and easy

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Eligible: Individuals, proprietors, proprietorship businesses
  • Age: 25 to 65
  • Stability: 3 years of residence/business
  • Industry Experience: 3 years minimum
  • Ownership: Self, co-borrower, blood relative
  • Property Approval: Authority-approved, less than 50 years
  • Urban Areas: Development Authority-approved
  • Rural Areas: Gram Panchayat-approved

Working Capital Finance: RBL Bank offers working capital solutions to enhance your operations' liquidity, flexibility, and efficiency. This loan addresses day-to-day financial needs such as inventory management and bridging receivable-payable gaps.

Feature Description
Working Capital Amount Up to ₹25 Crores
Fund Based/Non-Fund Based Cash Credit Limit/Overdraft, Pre-Shipment & Post-Shipment Finance,Term Loan, Buyer's Credit, Letter of Credit, Financial/Performance Bank Guarantees
Benefits Enhanced liquidity, Improved operational flexibility & efficiency, Support for day-to-day expenses, Financing for inventory management & receivables, transactions

Eligibility Criteria

  • Industry Experience: Minimum of 3 years in operation.
  • Financial Performance: Positive cash profit & net worth for the last 2 years.

Know more about loan criteria to help qualify for quick business loan approvals.

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Features of RBL Business loan

RBL Bank provides various alternative financial solutions like Cash Credit Limits, Term Loans, Export/Import Finance, and Loans Against Property for your business needs. The bank also facilitates flexibility and cost-effectiveness to support business needs. Here are the elaborate details on these features

  • Cash Flow Management: Obtain Cash Credit Limit, Term Loans, Working Capital, and Overdraft to efficiently manage your business's cash flow, tailored to your unique needs.
  • Readily Available Financing: Export and Import Finance for easy management of bills with Letter of Credit/Bank Guarantees for domestic and foreign transactions.
  • Supplier-Distributor Financing: Benefit from financial solutions tailored for suppliers and distributors of multinational corporations to meet their working capital needs.
  • Loan Against Property: Leverage your property's value for a Loan Against Property to meet your business needs effectively.
  • Overdraft Against Property: Overdraft Against Property, allows you to pay only for the utilized amount, offering a flexible and cost-effective way to fulfill your financial needs for business operations.
  • Loans for Short-Term Business: Utilize our business loans to address your short-term financing needs, providing crucial operating capital for your business's day-to-day requirements.

Application Process for RBL Bank Business Loan

Follow these quick steps to apply for an RBL Bank business loan online. You can apply for the RBL Bank business loan using the two methods mentioned below:


  • Visit the RBL Bank website and navigate to the "Business Loans" section.
  • Select the specific loan product you're interested in based on your needs (Secured Loan, Unsecured Loan, Working Capital Finance).
  • Click on "Apply Now" and fill out the online application form.
  • You'll need to provide basic business information, financial details, and personal information.
  • Upload any required documents (bank statements, ITRs, etc.).
  • Apply and wait for RBL Bank to review it.


  • Visit your nearest RBL Bank branch.
  • Meet with a customer service representative and express your interest in a business loan.
  • The representative will guide you through the application process and assist you with completing the forms.
  • You'll need to provide the same information and documents as the online application.
  • Submit the application form and documents to the bank representative.

Steps to Apply for Business Loan on Buddy Loan

Avail business loans from Buddy Loan with interest starting at only 11.99% per annum. Take the following steps to secure your loan today!

Step 1: Start by visiting buddyloan.com or downloading the Buddy Loan App on Android or iOS.

Step 2: Navigate to the business loan application page. Enter your mobile number and OTP for access.

Step 3:Specify the desired loan amount, provide your email and choose the Business Loan option.

Step 4: Indicate if you have Business Proof:

  • If 'Yes,' (provide supporting documentation), input both business and personal details.
  • If 'No,' (no business proof), choose your profession type and input personal details.

Step 5: Provide income details and click 'Submit' to complete the application process.

RBL Bank Customer Support

RBL Bank Customer Support is dedicated to assist you with any queries or concerns you may have regarding your banking needs. The RBL support team is here to provide you with prompt and efficient assistance to ensure a smooth banking experience.

General Banking Queries:
Phone: +91 22 6115 6300
Email: customercare@rblbank.com

Micro Finance Queries:
Phone: +91 22 6184 6300
Email: customercare@rblbank.com

Credit Card Queries:
RBL Bank Credit Card Helpline: +91 22 6232 7777
Email: cardservices@rblbank.com

SuperCard Helpline: +91 22 7119 0900
Email: supercardservice@rblbank.com
Credit Card Cancellation Request / Sales Grievance:
Email: cardcancellation@rblbank.com
API Banking Support:
Email: partnersupport@rblbank.com

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Frequently Asked Questions

Eligibility criteria may vary but typically include factors such as business vintage, financial stability, and creditworthiness.

Yes, RBL Bank often checks the Credit Information Bureau (CIBIL) score as part of the credit assessment process for a business loan.

Interest rates can vary based on factors like loan amount, tenure, and the applicant's credit profile. For accurate and up-to-date information, it is recommended to directly check with RBL Bank.

You can access a maximum loan amount of up to ₹50 Lakhs and MSME loans of up to ₹25 crores.

Collateral requirements can vary based on the type and amount of the business loan. RBL Bank provides both secured and unsecured business loans, and collateral may be required for certain products.

RBL Bank typically offers flexible repayment options, including monthly installments. The specific repayment terms will be outlined in the loan agreement. Borrowers should discuss and finalize the repayment schedule with the bank.

RBL Bank may offer both fixed and floating interest rate options for business loans. Borrowers can choose the type of interest rate that best suits their financial preferences and goals.

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