What Are the Chances of US Recession Hitting India?

Major Influence of US Recession on India

Major Influence of US Recession on India

The U.S. recession is a downturn for the economy that is more severe than a recession. It is characterized by a shrinking economy, high unemployment and unstable financial markets. The U.S. recession was caused by the collapse of the housing market and the financial crisis in 2008. The effect of the U.S. recession on India has been very impactful. The Indian rupee depreciated against the dollar in 2009, impacting India’s exports to America. India will be affected by the next U.S. recession as well. The question is how bad the effect has been. The U.S. has been in a deep recession for the past few years. The rupee has tanked, industrialists have become cautious, and the stock market has gone into freefall. Once again, It led to a sharp reduction in investments, infrastructure and a higher cost of living for Indians. Let’s explore and understand the chances of the U.S. recession in 2022 hitting India again.

Is a recession coming in 2022

India cannot afford to have an economic recession like the United States. It will be interesting to see what will happen during the next ten years. However, it has been predicted that the U.S. will hit its recession soon, which is analyzed to be right this year. The worst effect of a downturn is that it mainly spreads upon the economy of other countries, especially those that depend on trading. Also, the impact of a U.S. recession in 2022 depends on the magnitude of the recession,i.e., how big the recession will be.

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How Long Do U.S. Recessions Last?

According to economic data, recessions typically last between 8 to 18 months. However, the two longest recessions during the period lasted 19 months. The major recession began in December 2007 and lasted from 2007 until 2009. However, inevitably, a recession doesn’t last forever. A theory also says that the United States is currently in a recession. Some economists define a recession as two consecutive quarters of declining GDP; others say four quarters are required for a recession to be declared. However, U.S. inflation can cut back on spending when an economy falls and scale back its workforce to reduce expenses. Such a recession can cause significant financial strain for individuals, small businesses, and even large corporations.

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Who Suffers And Benefits From The Recession?

Who Benefits?

No business or trade can prevent a recession. However, the companies that make necessities fall under basic consumer needs and staples like food, cleaning utilities etc can benefit. Also, discount stores often do relatively well during the recession as the consumers will purchase the staple items they regularly need even if there is sudden inflation.

Who Suffers?

Retail, restaurants and hotels fall under the business category that suffered quite a lot during the recession. Companies like automotive, oil and gas, sports, and real estate suffer the most.

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Where Should We Invest During A Recession?

During a recession, some sectors that tend to be performing well can minimize the risk of an investment. Those sectors are healthcare, consumer staples, and communication services can be profitable to invest in. However, recessions and volatile markets are frightening at times, but if you are planning to invest for the long term, you need to keep an even keel.

-While minimizing the risk of an invention will it make the price fall ?

-Are you maximizing long – term returns?

-Creating a source of fixed income ? 

Effect Of U.S. Recession In India

Economists and experts have predicted the forthcoming U.S. recession that has reduced India’s growth with its effect. The impact of a U.S. recession on India depends upon the magnitude of the recession, as said by major economists. However, the U.S. has likely slowed down India’s exports and lowered global commodity prices.

This will impact India’s exports negatively as it is highly dependent on E.U. and U.S. markets. In more detail, let’s understand the overall effect of the U.S. recession in India.

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The Biggest Effect Of The U.S. Recession On The Indian Rupee:

The biggest effect of the U.S. recession on India was the depreciation of the Indian Rupee. The increase in demand for dollars caused the appreciation of the U.S. dollar in terms of rupees. That is why the Rupee depreciated against the U.S. dollars. The Rupee value has already seen a fall of over 6.5% this year, and traders and strategists expect that the Rupee will touch levels of ₹80 against 1 U.S. dollar during the U.S. recession. However, the depreciation of the Indian Rupee has made exports cheaper but imports costlier.

However, Indians can already face a slowdown for some time but not an entire recession for now, as said by Sabnavis, along with the country’s domestic economic factors that are positive that are protecting India from any negative impact of the global adverse economic event.

Also said by analyst Ambareesh Baliga that India, as a major domestic consumption economy, has long economic factors that are positive. There might not be much negative about the anticipated recession in India.

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Can You Survive A Recession?

Can you survive a recession

Yes, you can survive the recession as there are ways to save us from such a situation with some planned strategies. However, a recession in one country will most likely reduce the demand for exports and imports from other countries. The main reason for this is that the United States is India’s largest trading partner, and a recession in the U.S. can eventually lead to a decrease in demand for Indian exports. And eventually, this can result in an adverse chain reaction around the globe. You can survive the recession only if you know you saved enough finances, reduced expenses simultaneously, and invested correctly at the correct time.

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The effect of the U.S. recession has been widespread and long-lasting. It has impacted different sectors of the economy in different ways, but the overall effect has been negative. For many, the recession has led to job losses, lower wages, and higher debt levels. It has also made it difficult for some businesses to stay afloat. But the main cruciality is that another one is  yet to hit the economy again as it is slowly starting over. So as the U.S. is a significant source of foreign investment in India, a recession in the U.S. would lead to a decrease and slow down the economy of India, which is very alarming.

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