Personal Loan For ₹30000 Salary

Personal Loan ₹30000 Salary

Personal Loan ₹30000 Salary

How Do Lenders Decide On a Personal Loan For 30000 Salary?

Lenders meticulously evaluate the loan amount for individuals who think ‘How much loan can I get on 30000 salary?’ and they consider various essential aspects that include the borrower’s income stability, credit score, debt-to-income ratio, existing financial obligations, loan duration, age, and whether collateral or a guarantor is available.

For instance, for a 30000 salary you can get an SBI personal loan of Rs 20 lakh.

Lenders use various methods to determine the loan amount that a borrower is eligible for. Some of these methods used by them are the multiplier method, the FOIR method, EMI/NMI ratio method and so on.

Multiplier Method

Using the multiplier method, lenders multiply the monthly salary of a borrower using a set multiplier that ranges from 9 – 36. The set multiplier will be determined by the lender based on the borrower’s creditworthiness, employment stability and other factors. The formula to calculate the loan amount is

(Monthly income x Set multiplier)

For example:

Your Income = ₹30,000
The set multiplier by the lender = 20
Therefore, the maximum loan amount you will be eligible for
 = ₹30,000 x 20 = ₹6,00,000

Fixed Obligation to Income Ratio (FOIR) Method

Lenders utilise this method to calculate the EMI amount that the borrower can repay. The amount is determined after the deduction of the fixed obligations such as rent or credit card bill payments are made from the net monthly income. A FOIR percentage is set by the lender, representing the maximum amount of your monthly income that can be used for loan repayment.

For example:

Formula: (Salary x FOIR percentage – Existing Obligations)
For a ₹ 30,000 salary
Let the FOIR percentage = 50% 
Existing obligation = ₹5,000. 
The loan amount will be as follows:
(₹ 30,000 x 50%) – ₹5,000
= ₹15,000 – ₹5,000
=₹ 10,000

Now that you are familiar with how lenders decide on your loan amount, you might be left with an obvious question: Are you eligible for a personal loan for 30000 salary?

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Are You Eligible For A Personal Loan With ₹30,000 Salary?

Securing a personal loan with a monthly salary of ₹30,000 can present certain challenges, but it still remains feasible . The eligibility criteria for such loans involve various crucial factors, acknowledging that a lower income might constrain the range of borrowing options available to you.

To maximize your chances of success, know the eligibility criteria.

Age Criteria:

Borrowers should be between 21 and 60 years old to be eligible for a personal loan. Some lenders may have slightly different age requirements.

Credit Score:

A good credit score of 750 can significantly enhance your chances of loan approval. Lenders assess your creditworthiness based on your credit history; a higher credit score demonstrates responsible credit management.


You’ll need to provide valid identification, proof of income, bank statements, address proof, and other necessary documents for the loan application process.

Repayment Capacity:

Lenders assess your ability to repay the loan based on income and existing financial commitments. Demonstrating a healthy repayment capacity to be eligible for a personal loan is essential.

Debt-to-Income (DTI) Ratio:

Your DTI ratio compares your monthly debt obligations to your income. A lower salary might affect this ratio, making it crucial to have limited existing debts for a higher chance of loan approval.

Although meeting these eligibility requirements enhances the likelihood of how much personal loan you can get on a 30000 salary, it is important to remember that every lender has distinct criteria. Therefore, researching and comparing various lenders is crucial to identify the one that matches your financial situation and provides favorable terms and interest rates.

Now that we have crossed the critical barrier of eligibility criteria, let’s look at the following vital threshold: What documents must be submitted for a personal loan?

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Documents Required  For A Personal Loan

Applying for a personal loan with a ₹30,000 salary requires careful preparation and consideration of the necessary documentation.. Providing the proper documents that are required for a personal loan for a salaried person can enhance your chances of getting approved for a ₹30,000 personal loan.

Here’s a list of essential documents required for a personal loan for a salaried person:

Income Proof:

Provide your latest salary slips for the last three to six months, demonstrating a stable income source of ₹30,000 salary. Submit your bank statements reflecting your salary credits for the past six months, showcasing the consistency of your income and financial discipline.

Employment Proof:

Furnish a copy of your offer or confirmation letter from your current employer to validate your employment status.

Address Proof:

Your Aadhaar card is a mandatory identification document that verifies your address and is often required by lenders. Provide recent utility bills or a rental agreement to establish your residential address.

Identity Proof:

Your Permanent Account Number (PAN) card is a primary identification document for loan processing for obtaining a personal loan with ₹30,000 salary. You can also submit a copy of your passport or driving license as additional identity proof.

Note – Specific documents required may vary depending on the lender’s policies and the loan amount. Always check the documentation requirements with the lender or financial institution.

Also, there is another factor you need to check before applying for a personal loan with a ₹30,000 salary, and that’s the interest rate.

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Interest Rates For Personal Loan On ₹30,000 Salary

Understanding interest rates on personal loans is essential as they directly impact the cost of borrowing and the overall affordability. Let’s look at the interest rates of top banks and NBFCs.

Loan From Lenders Interest rates
SBI Bank Loan Starting at 11.00% p.a.
HDFC Bank Loan Starts at 10.50% p.a.
Canara Bank Loan 10.65%- 15.65% p.a.
Axis Bank Loan It is 10.49% p.a. onwards.
PNB Bank Loan 8.90% – 14.45% p.a.
MoneyTap Loan Starts at 12.96% p.a.
CASHe Loan It starts from 2.25% per month.

Always remember to borrow within your means and create a repayment plan that aligns with your financial capabilities. This gives way to a new query: Are you eligible for a better loan with your salary?

How Can I Be Eligible For A Better Loan Amount With A Salary Of ₹30,000?

How Can I Be Eligible For A Better Loan Amount With A Salary Of ₹30000

Improving your eligibility for a better loan amount requires careful financial planning and responsible financial behavior.

To be eligible for a better loan amount with a ₹30,000 salary, focus on maintaining a good credit score, reducing the debt-to-income ratio, and showcasing a consistent employment history.


In conclusion, knowing how to avail a personal loan with ₹30,000 salary equips you with valuable insights and strategies to navigate the process of obtaining a personal loan on a modest income. While a ₹30,000 salary may seem limiting, this blog highlights that with careful planning and financial discipline, you can still access the funds you need to achieve your goals.

With this knowledge, you can confidently approach lenders, compare offers, and make informed decisions aligned with your financial situation and goals. Happy Borrowing!

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