November Holiday In 2024

Calendar of November placed 2024 means November Holidays

Calendar of November placed 2024 means November Holidays

The month of festivities across the world, the month of transition and tradition, blending autumnal beauty with celebrations like Diwali and Thanksgiving. From embracing cultural festivities, to celebrating the festivities that fall at the end of the year. November 2024 brings a time of spending quality moments with loved ones, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. November is just a month before the tax filings open for the financial year, and it is very to straighten out the financial plans with Financial literacy. While you are already reading a blog that shows you are aiming to keep your itinerary for the month of November pre-planned. Knowing the November holidays list allows you to relax, reflect, and connect with loved ones amidst a busy schedule.

November Holidays in Karnataka 2024

Day Date Holiday
Friday November 1, 2024 Kannada Rajyothsava
Saturday November 2, 2024 Deepavali Holiday
Monday November 18, 2024 Kanakadasa Jayanti

List of November Public Holidays 2024

Knowing these public holidays in November 2024 will help you do effective planning of personal and professional activities, and ensuring compliance with banking and administrative schedules in India.

Date Day Holiday
1 November 2024 Friday Kut, Puducherry Liberation Day, Haryana Day, Karnataka Rajyotsava, Kerala Piravi
2 November 2024 Saturday Balipratipada, Vikram Samvat New Year, Govardhan Puja, Ningol Chakouba
3 November 2024 Sunday Bhai Duj
7 November 2024 Thursday Chhat Puja
8 November 2024 Friday Wangala Festival
15 November 2024 Friday Guru Nanak’s Birthday, Kartik Purnima
18 November 2024 Monday Kanaka Dasa Jayanti
22 November 2024 Friday Lhabab Deuchen
23 November 2024 Saturday Seng Kut Snem
24 November 2024 Sunday Lachit Divas
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List of November Bank Holidays 2024

The November holiday list below provides a better understanding of the November bank holiday 2024. These holiday dates help people to be aware of when banks are closed, eventually impacting financial transactions such as salary deposits, bill payments, and investments.

Date Day Bank Holiday
1 November 2024 Friday Kut, Puducherry Liberation Day, Haryana Day,

Karnataka Rajyotsava, Kerala Piravi

2 November 2024 Saturday Vikram Samvat New Year, Ningol Chakouba
7 November 2024 Thursday Chhat Puja
9 November 2024 Saturday Second Saturday
15 November 2024 Friday Guru Nanak Jayanti
18 November 2024 Monday Kanaka Dasa Jayanti
23 November 2024 Saturday Fourth Saturday

The holidays list above ensure compliance with regulatory and legal deadlines, enhancing overall financial management and convenience.

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Significance of November Holidays

You might have already come across the major holidays in the month of November provided in the table above. However, in this part of the blog, we are providing you an understanding on the significance of the holidays in November 2024:


Diwali is the ‘Festival of Lights’ and is one of the most important festivals in India. It symbolizes the victory of light over darkness and commemorates Lord Rama, Goddess Sita, Lord Lakshmana, and Lord Hanuman’s return to Ayodhya after defeating Ravana.

Bhai Dooj:

Bhai Dooj, also known as Bhaubeej, is a Hindu festival that celebrates the special bond between brothers and sisters. According to legend, Lord Krishna visited his sister, Subhadra, after defeating the demon Narakasura. In parts of the country, sisters pray for the long and happy lives of their brothers and offer them various tasty treats.

Chhath Puja:

People in Jharkhand, Bihar, and Uttar Pradesh observe Chhath Puja to pay homage to the Sun God and express gratitude for life on Earth. Devotees fast rigorously, take ritualistic dips in water bodies, and offer prayers to the Sun God.

Guru Nanak’s Birthday:

This festival celebrates the birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the founder of Sikhism and holds great significance in the Sikh tradition. People visit Gurudwaras, recite hymns, and participate in communal meals known as langar.

Seng Kut Snem:

Seng Kut Snem is celebrated by the Khasi community in Meghalaya. It is a festival that honors their cultural heritage and marks the end of the year with traditional dances and indigenous games.

Lachit Divas:

Lachit Divas honors the birth anniversary of the legendary army general Lachit Borphukan, who was known for his bravery. Assam observes this day as a regional holiday to pay tribute to his heroic leadership.

Wangala Festival:

The Wangala Festival is the post-harvest festival of the Garo community. It celebrates the sun god of fertility and marks the end of the agricultural year with feasting, music, and traditional dances.

Ningol Chakouba:

Ningol Chakouba is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Manipur. It invites married women to their parental homes for a grand feast. Parents bless their daughters and exchange gifts, fostering family reunions.

Karthika Purnima:

Karthika Purnima is celebrated on the full moon day of the Hindu month Karthika. Devotees observe fast and take baths in rivers to worship both Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. It is also known as Tripurari Purnima or Deva Diwali.

Well, now that we have an idea how you can plan your holidays, here are some quick tips below on ways you can plan on optimising your tax saving benefit schemes. As the month of November falls under the month before the tax filings open for the financial year, it is necessary to plan your  financial plans with financial literacy.

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Plan Your Charitable Finances For Tax Benefit Schemes

If you are planning your dedicate your income to tax-saving programs, you can get the most out of your contributions and also reduce your tax payments. This method helps not just the charity groups, for your financial planning targets for the month of November:

  1. Learn About Tax Deductions: If you make donations to certain organizations, you can subtract that amount from your taxable income, which makes your total tax bill less.
  2. Look Up Valid Charities: Make sure you’re giving to organizations that tax officials say are established charity organisation . If you donate to religion, education, science, or other type of charity groups, you can take the donation off your taxes.
  3. Get the Most of Deductions: Think about donating things that have gained value, like stocks or property rather than just money. This could let you take off the current market value of the thing you’re giving, and also you could skip paying extra taxes on the increased value.
  4. Donor-Advised Funds: Donor-advised funds (DAFs) allow you to contribute charitably, receive an immediate tax deduction, and recommend grants to charities over time. DAFs can be a flexible tool for managing your charitable giving and tax planning.
  5. Talk to a Tax Professional: Getting consultation from a tax expert who can and help you understand charity plans that fit your financial goals.

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As you plan ahead, understanding these holidays not only enriches cultural appreciation but also helps in organizing your time effectively amidst the festivities. Whether observing traditions or exploring new destinations, November 2024 invites you to embrace its vibrant spirit and create cherished memories with loved ones.

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Frequently Asked Question

Q. Is November 27th a holiday?
November 27th isn’t really a widely recognized holiday in India or many other countries. However, certain regions or organizations might have their own local holidays or events on this date.

Q. Are there any special holidays in November?
November is quite eventful in India. There are several special holidays that take place during this month, such as Diwali, Guru Nanak’s Birthday, Chhath Puja, and various regional festivals like Kannada Rajyotsava in Karnataka.

Q. Is November 30th a holiday?
November 30th isn’t a national holiday in the state of Karnataka. They celebrate it as Rajyotsava Day, also known as Karnataka Formation Day, to commemorate the day in 1956 when Karnataka was formed by merging Kannada-speaking regions from neighboring states.

Q. How many holidays are there in November?
A. The number of holidays in November can vary from year to year and place to place. In India, you can usually expect around 8-10 holidays, depending on the state and local customs.

Q. Why is November 11th a holiday?
November 11th is a special day, my friend! It’s known as Veterans Day or Armistice Day in many countries, including the United States. This day commemorates  signed of the armistice that ended World War I on November 11th, 1918. This day we honor and remember the brave veterans who served their countries.