August Holidays 2024

image with Indian flag written August 2024 shows to August Holidays

image with Indian flag written August 2024 shows to August Holidays

August is a prestigious month in India, as this is the month recognised for the country’s freedom from British rule back in 1947., August is a month filled with festivals that bring people together and celebrate our diversity. Festivities such as Raksha Bandhan and Janmashtami bring people together and celebrate the diversity in the country. Planning your family getaway during August’s monsoon season can be both refreshing and economical. As you prepare for a relaxing break amidst nature’s bounty, it’s essential to stay informed about financial matters, ensuring your investments and withdrawals align with your August holidays plans. Hence, read the blog further to pre-plan your major events for the month.

August Long Weekend

Month Dates Days Occasion
August 15th (Thursday) to 19th (Monday) 5 Days Independence Day
August 15th (Thursday) to 19th (Monday) 5 Days Raksha Bandhan
August 24th (Saturday) to 26th (Monday) 3 Days Janmashthami

Moreover, this table now includes the day of the week for each holiday, making it easier to plan your vacation or getaway around these long weekends in August 2024.

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List of Public Holidays in August 2024

The list of public holidays in August 2024 will help you do an effective planning in compliance with enjoying community engagement and celebration. It plays a vital role in shaping both personal and professional aspects of life within society. Refer the table below to understand the major public holidays.

Date Day Holiday
7 August 2024 Wednesday Haryali Teej
8 August 2024, Thursday Tendong Lho Rum Faat
13 August 2024, Tuesday Patriots Day
15 August 2024, Thursday Independence Day
15 August 2024 Thursday Parsi New Year
16 August 2024 Friday De Jure Transfer Day
19 August 2024 Monday Raksha Bandhan
19 August 2024, Monday Jhulan Purnima
26 August 2024, Monday Janmashtami

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List of Bank Holidays in August 2024

The list of bank holidays in August will help you plan your financial activities while you keep the bank holidays on track.

Date Day Holiday
10 August 2024 Saturday Second Saturday
15 August 2024 Thursday Independence Day, Parsi New Year
19 August 2024 Monday Rakhi
24 August 2024 Saturday Fourth Saturday
26 August 2024 Monday Krishna Janmashtami
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Significance of August Holidays 2024

August month holds a major significance with major holidays that are important every region in India.These holidays provides you a chance to celebrate festivity with your family and communities and strengthen their social bonds. It’s all about embracing India’s diverse cultural heritage and having a blast while doing it.Here are the list that depicts the significance of these holidays:

Independence Day:

It’s a nationwide celebration of the Independence Day Holiday to mark the country’s freedom from British rule back in 1947. The main celebration takes place at Red Fort with flag hoisting ceremonies. Subsequently, it transitions into cultural events and inspiring speeches that reflect on India’s history and future.

Parsi New Year:

This day marks the beginning of the Iranian calendar. The day also known as Jamshed-i-Nouraz in the Zoroastrian calendar, also known as Navroz or Nowruz.

Raksha Bandhan:

A festival that celebrates the love & bond between brothers and sisters, Raksha Bandhan Holiday is celebrated in several states across India. The sisters tie the sacred threads called Rakhi around their brothers’ wrists, symbolizing love and protection. In doing so, they mark this day to honor the bond they share.

Krishna Janmashtami:

Janmashtami marks the birth of Lord Krishna. Devotees celebrate this Hindu festival with great devotion on the eighth day of the Hindu month of Bhadon. They observe the festival at midnight, performing pujas and aartis in various parts of the country.

Other Regional Holidays:

In the month of August, there are some cool regional observances too! Haryana celebrates Haryali Teej on August 7, while Sikkim observes Tendong Lho Rum Faat on August 8. In Manipur, Patriots Day is honored on August 13, and Pondicherry commemorates De jure Transfer Day on August 16. Each of these holidays holds its own unique cultural and historical significance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What holiday is in the month of August?
In India, some of the major holidays observed in August include Independence Day on August 15th. Towards the end of the month, another significant festival is Janmashtami.

Q. How many holidays are there in August month?
The number of holidays in August can vary depending on the region and specific observances. Generally, there are a few significant national and regional holidays celebrated across India during this month.

Q. Is 25th August a holiday in India?
No, India does not observe August 25th as a national holiday. It is not listed among the major holidays for the country.

Q. Is August 14 a holiday?
August 14th is not a holiday in India. However, it holds historical significance as the day before Independence Day, marking the eve of India’s freedom from British rule, which is celebrated on August 15th.

Q. Why is 16 August a holiday?
De Jure Transfer Day in Pondicherry is observed on August 16th. This day commemorates the formal transfer of French establishments in India to Indian control in 1962. It marks the end of French colonial rule in the region and is recognized as a holiday in Pondicherry.