Madurai Pin Codes - Zip Code & Postal Code

Madurai, situated in the southern part of India in the state of Tamil Nadu, is a city steeped in history, culture, and religious significance. In the realm of postal services, Madurai is organised into various regions, each designated by a unique Pin Code, also known as a Postal Index Number (PIN). These six-digit codes play a crucial role in streamlining the sorting and delivery of mail within the city.

With its diverse neighbourhoods and localities, Madurai's Pin Codes facilitate the efficient functioning of postal services, ensuring that letters and packages reach their intended recipients promptly and accurately.

For those navigating the postal system in Madurai, understanding the specific Pin Code corresponding to a particular area becomes essential. This system not only enhances the efficiency of mail delivery but also reflects the city's modern infrastructure overlaying its ancient roots.

Madurai Post Offices & Pin Codes Highlights

A well-organised network of post offices, is associated with specific Pin Codes or Postal Index Numbers (PIN). These codes are crucial for efficient mail sorting and delivery, ensuring that correspondence and packages reach their destinations accurately and promptly.

State Tamil Nadu
Office Madurai
Taluk Madurai South
Division, District & Region Madurai
Number of Post Offices 146`

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Madurai Pin Code List

Madurai's Pin Code List is a collection of six-digit codes assigned to different areas. These codes help organise and deliver mail accurately in the city, making them important for residents and businesses.

There are about 399 Madurai pin codes for the post office, the table below lists all the Madurai pin Codes.

Post Office Name Pincode District State Name

Is there a specific pincode for Madurai?

The Madurai Head Post Office Pincode is 625001

Madurai, being a large city, there are several post offices and the respective pincodes. Besides, Madurai is also one of the district and at district level as well there a different pincodes assigned.

You can check the complete Madurai pincode list from the table above.

Different Post Offices

Post offices are labeled in by different markers in the pincode list. Based on the types of the post office, different abbreviations are used. Let’s check them from below:

  • G.P.O - General Post Office
  • H.O - Head Office
  • S.O - Sub-Office
  • B.O - Branch Office

About India Post & Pin Codes

Established in 1854, India Post is a crucial part of national connectivity, going beyond just sending mail. With around 150,000 post offices, it ensures easy access to postal services and various postal savings schemes, promoting financial inclusivity. The use of PIN codes in 1972 was a game-changer, improving communication and delivery efficiency, solidifying India Post's vital role in connecting the nation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Madurai pin code is 625001.

You can find Madurai's specific location pin code by checking the table above or using online platforms like Google Maps, India Post website.

Yes, Madurai city has multiple pin codes covering different areas. Specify the area for the specific code.

The pin code for Anna Nagar in Madurai is 625020.

Pin codes in India, including Madurai, are relatively stable and don't change frequently.

Madurai's Pin Codes are designated to individual post offices in the city. Regions served by a particular post office share the same Pin Code.

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