Chandigarh PIN Codes - Zip Codes & Postal Codes

Chandigarh, the capital of the states of Punjab and Haryana in India, has its own unique system of postal codes, also known as PIN codes or zip codes. These codes are five-digit numbers that help in the efficient sorting and delivery of mail.

The PIN Prefix of the Postal Code Chandigarh of 17.

Chandigarh Pin Code List

Post Office Name Pincode District State Name

Structure of Chandigarh Pin Codes

Pin Code is a six digit number, each number having its significance.

Postal Zone Chandigarh belongs to Postal Zone 1.
PIN Prefix The prefix for Chandigarh PIN codes is 16
Unique System Each area in Chandigarh has its own PIN code.

Types of Post Offices

The Indian postal system spans the nation, structured into zones, districts, circles, regions, divisions, and local post offices, including BPOs, HOs, SOs, BOs, etc. This intricate framework facilitates the effective handling of mail nationwide, contributing to seamless communication and connectivity. Let's delve into this for a more comprehensive understanding.

Abbreviation Full Form
G.P.O General Post Office
H.O Head Office
S.O Sub-Office
B.O Branch Office

About India Post & Pincodes

India Post plays a pivotal role in seamlessly connecting the nation. Its expansive network of post offices streamlines communication and logistics, with the implementation of PIN codes in 1972 enhancing sorting and delivery efficiency.

Beyond conventional services, India Post introduces diverse postal saving schemes catering to the general public, women, children, and senior citizens, contributing to economic empowerment. In a country marked by diverse landscapes, India Post stands as an essential lifeline, leaving a positive impact on millions.

About Chandigarh

Chandigarh a State or City

Chandigarh is both a city and a union territory in India. This means it functions as a self-governing unit with its administration, but it doesn't belong to any specific state. It serves as the shared capital of the neighboring states of Punjab and Haryana. So, while it's a city in terms of its urban character, it has the administrative status of a union territory, separate from any state.

Chandigarh is divided into numbered sectors, each with its own character and amenities. Within some sectors, there are further sub-divisions like villages or colonies. As each sector and sub-division has its own unique PIN code, searching for specific areas by their PIN code can be helpful.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sector 34 in Chandigarh shares a PIN code with Sector 22 and Sector 35, which is 160022.

The PIN code for Sector 14 in Chandigarh is 160014.

The PIN code for Sector 36 in Chandigarh is 160036.

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