Andhra Pradesh PIN Codes | Zip Codes & Postal Codes

Andhra Pradesh, a state in India, uses a system of PIN codes (Postal Index Numbers) to identify and sort mail efficiently. These codes, also known as zip codes or postal codes, are six digits long and follow a specific format.

The PIN Prefix of the Postal Code of Andhra Pradesh is 51 to 53.

Andhra Pradesh Pin Code List

Post Office Name Pincode District State Name

Andhra Pradesh District List

The table below shows the list of districts in Andhra Pradesh. To check the district-wise pin codes, you can click on the linked districts from the table below.

Anantapur Chittoor East Godavari
Guntur Krishna Kurnool
Nellore Prakasam Srikakulam
Visakhapatnam Vizianagaram West Godavari
YSR Kadapa - -

Structure of Andhra Pradesh PIN Codes

Format of Andhra Pradesh PIN Codes:

  • The first digit indicates the zone (Andhra Pradesh falls in zone 5).
  • The second and third digits represent the sorting district.
  • The last three digits identify the specific post office within the sorting district.


Guntur PIN Code

PIN code 522001:

First digit (5): Zone 5 (Andhra Pradesh)

Second and third digits (22): Sorting district Guntur

Last three digits (001): Guntur Head Post Office

Types of Post Offices

The Indian postal system functions on a national scale, structured into zones, districts, circles, regions, divisions, and local post offices, including BPOs, HOs, SOs, BOs, etc. This intricate network guarantees effective mail management nationwide, fostering seamless communication and connectivity.

Let's explore this further for a better understanding.

Abbreviation Full Form
G.P.O General Post Office
H.O Head Office
S.O Sub-Office
B.O Branch Office

About India Post & Pincodes

Serving as the cornerstone of the Indian Postal System, India Post plays a pivotal role in connecting the nation seamlessly. The extensive network of post offices facilitates streamlined communication and logistics. The introduction of PIN codes in 1972 has been instrumental in enhancing sorting and delivery efficiency.

Expanding its scope beyond conventional services, India Post provides a variety of postal saving schemes for the general public, women, children, and senior citizens, contributing to economic empowerment. In a country characterized by diverse landscapes, India Post stands as an essential lifeline, positively influencing the lives of millions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can find the PIN code of a specific area in Andhra Pradesh through India Post website online. The website also provides offline download to search for PIN code list in excel.

A PIN code or zip code in Andhra Pradesh, is a 6-digit code used to identify a specific postal delivery area in Andhra Pradesh.

Yes, there are different PIN codes for different regions, districts, and even localities within Andhra Pradesh.

Andhra Pradesh Pin Codes start with 50 to 53.

The PIN code of Vijayawada is 520001.

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