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Madhya Pradesh, the heart of India, pulsates with rich culture and geography. And just like its diverse landscape, the state's postal system is equally complex, relying on the network of PIN codes. These seemingly simple 6-digit numbers are crucial in ensuring efficient mail delivery across the districts of Madhya Pradesh.

The PIN Prefix of the Postal Code of Madhya Pradesh is 45 - 48. Whereas the PIN Code of Bhopal GPO is 462001.

Madhya Pradesh Pin Code List

Post Office Name Pincode District

Madhya Pradesh District List

Here is the table showing the list of districts in Madhya Pradesh. To check the district-wise pin codes, you can click on the linked districts from the table below.

Alirajpur Anuppur Ashok Nagar
Balaghat Barwani Betul
Bhind Bhopal Burhanpur
Chhatarpur Chhindwara Damoh
Datia Dewas Dhar
Dindori East Nimar Guna

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Structure of Madhya Pradesh PIN Codes

Madhya Pradesh PIN codes follow a specific pattern. let’s understand the structure of MP PIN codes from below:

  • The first digit, ‘4’, indicates the central postal zone of Madhya Pradesh.
  • The next two digits, represent the sorting district, generally corresponding to the main post office in a large city.
  • The final three digits PIN point to the specific delivery area within the sorting district.
  • Last Two Digits: These identify the individual post office within the delivery route.

Types of Post Offices

The Indian postal system has its reach across the nation. There are postal zones, sorting districts, postal circles, regions, divisions, and lastly the post office located near your locality. These post offices can be of different types like BPO, HO, SO, BO, etc. So. let’s understand this better.

Abbreviation Full Form
G.P.O General Post Office
H.O Head Office
S.O Sub-Office
B.O Branch Office

The General Post Office (GPO), Head Office (HO), or Sub-Office (SO) is usually found in urban areas, and the Branch Office (BO) is in rural areas.

About India Post & Pincodes

India Post connects India's vast areas through its widespread network, making communication and logistics easier. It introduced PIN codes in 1972 to improve mail sorting and delivery.

Besides handling mail, India Post offers post office saving schemes like the Post Office Fixed Deposit, Kisan Vikas Patra, and schemes for women, children, and senior citizens. These help people save money securely. Overall, India Post is crucial for sending letters, parcels, and enhancing financial security across India.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Bhopal district PIN codes range from 462001 to 462030 representing the different post offices and postal zones covering areas under the district jurisdiction.

Ujjain PIN codes range between 456001 to 456010. This covers various post office regions across the district.

The PIN code 6 represents the area of the Sinhasa post office in the Barwani district of Madhya Pradesh.

A PIN code encompasses information on the regional circle, postal zone categorized by sub-region, specific sorting district, designated postal delivery office route and identifies the base post office destination in Madhya Pradesh.

Hoshangabad PIN code ranges from 461001 up to 461012 covering all constituent post office areas within the region.

A PIN code should be read digit-wise, with each digit providing metadata - starting with the broad region for the first digit and getting more specific down to the actual post office delivery area represented by the last two digits as per the structured PIN formatting.

You can find the area of PIN code from the official website of India Post.

Read digit by digit which hierarchically provides information on region, sub-zone, district sorting hub/office, route, and finally individual post office according to the established structure adopted for postal index numbering.

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