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Buddy Loan, one of the reputed aggregators in the industry, features private & public sector banks for loan aggregation. Aadhaar card, a document held as proof for loan disbursal validates your accountability, nationality & instant online verification.  

It is the easiest KYC process that saves the borrower’s & lender’s time. Aadhaar holds biometric & residential details with visual proofs. It has changed the whole phase of document submission. 

Buddy Loan now requires minimal documents. The loan approval process has cautiously decreased over the last 5 years. With the online verification process, personal loan sanction is complete. 

Buddy Loan pins feature that tailgate different aspects of financial solutions: 

  1. Cutting the acknowledgment time, 
  2. Easy loan journey process, 0 complexity & repayment methods
  3. Personal loan availability on weekends
  4. Even income opportunities for people with different financial backgrounds.  

Aadhaar Loans For Business: 

Many multi & lateral business development projects are devoid of funds. A collateral-free personal loan is available in just a few minutes with short term or long-term loans. Business loans need different documents to spill-proof of type of organization.  

Buddy Loan aggregates lenders for borrowers and borrowers for lenders, making life on both extents easier and prevalent. How can we avail a hassle-free loan irrespective of the amount?

Buddy Loan is not collateral specific, in fact you can get minor or major amount of loan on Aadhaar card. Download the app to explore the numerous features. 

 Avail a business loan with Buddy Loan, now! A record-breaking percentage of business loans disbursals over the last couple of months has made profound growth. With an 80% loan approval rate, your business loan criteria are set. 

Aadhaar card accounts for stress-free documentation & formalities. This makes Buddy Loan unique. The loan application is 100% digital and has collateral-free loan sanctions. Since the Aadhaar card became official, it is specifically one amongst KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements as well.   

Aadhaar Card – A Single Console For Online Verification

Since the introduction of e-KYC, online verification has over tamed documentation with ease. Availing a personal loan is now a 100% digital process, making way for instant financial solutions. Buddy Loan cohorts’ details through Aadhaar & PAN card to enable better understanding & customization of financial solutions. 

 It is necessary to have either a saving account, a current or fixed account to encash the loan amount. To facilitate the loan amount with no hassles, linking your Aadhaar card to the transactional account is mandatory. 

Aadhaar card serves as a proof of identity in many contexts, including citizenship validation. Plus, the keynote of a quick personal loan disbursal is to enable credit for them accountable. 

Buddy Loan aggregates and assembles the customer verification process in minutes and gives a plethora of lenders to avail a personal loan. Since there is access to multiple lenders at different junctures of the loan journey, your financial obligations can meet the right financial solutions

It is by law, mandatory to get the right KYC for documentation. As per the government norms, banks, safes, financial institutions & NBFCs are hereby asked to keep track of the customer’s details on record. 

Other documents like passport, voter ID & driver’s license serve as proof of identity. However, an Aadhaar card alone can satiate the identity, biometric identity, visual identity & address verification. Every lender requires a customized set of documents based on the loan amount & tenure required. Document sets vary from lender to lender. 

 E-KYC: Aadhaar Card For Fast Approval

 India’s digital footprint makes it more evident that we are closer to digital transformation. Online personal loans are mainly important to fund active and passive emergencies that take wing in most unexpected times. Other financial services such as authenticating the old-age pension schemes, health & life insurances, education & travelling all require verification for better documentation. 

Debt consolidation is one of the major reasons people often avail a personal loan. Buddy Loan is a great way to fund emergencies and pivot financial instability to better living. Aadhaar co-preserves your credibility to sustain your present credit score and help you increase it. 

However, Aadhaar is just one of the 2 documents that need to be submitted for a post filling in the details, to curb your negative thoughts on safety. Buddy Loan is a highly secure platform that only channels & sets up a platform for the lender and the borrower.  

Buddy Loan dispenses quick loans for travel, education, marriage, business & even vehicle loan with Aadhaar & PAN. As iterated before, personal loans are available on weekends & need very minimal documents for the loan application. Competitive interest rates starting at 11.99% p.a. with flexible loan tenures.


According to the Supreme Court of India, Aadhaar loans are sanctionable in case of comprehensive documentation. KYC is necessary while availing a personal loan. Al be it, Aadhaar makes it easy, fast and credible for you to avail a personal loan at Buddy Loan.

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