A Detailed Guideline To Take An Instant Personal Loan In Kannur

Personal Loan In Kannur

Personal Loan In Kannur

Formerly known as Cannanore, Kannur is a city in the Municipal Corporation in Kerala, India. The city is known for its rich cultural heritage, natural beauty, and lively nightlife. Amid all this, it is easy to connect with the people living in these places through interactions with locals. So here is your chance to get into business and invest & pay back your loan reasonably quickly! You can take up an investment opportunity in any of these little towns or even take up an active decision to move it or plan a wedding here. Now you might think, how? Hence, this article will help you understand how to take a personal loan in Kannur.

Let’s look at what you need to know about personal loans in Kannur and how you can get the best return on your loan debt.

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Purpose To Take a Personal Loan In Kannur

Unsecured or personal loans are multi-varied and can be for  various monetary requirements for yourself. This category will discuss ways to get provided when you are in need of the funds. Here are the reasons you can get a loan so you don’t hurt your savings.

Purpose To Take a Personal Loan In Kannur


Emergencies are very uncertain, especially medical emergencies, and sometimes you might not have sufficient money with you all the time, or your savings might not be enough. Hence, a personal loan will help you meet the most stress-free expenses in such scenarios.

Wedding Expenditure:

Expenses during such grand arrangements can be hefty on the pocket. Such as choosing venues, purchasing wedding attire, catering services, decoration, etc. That can cost a lot; sometimes, a personal loan is the only option , so you should think of availing it. .


Before deciding anything, financial planning to travel on a dream vacation is way more important. Vacationing for your dream vacation can be financially exhausting, and eventually, the whole budget might go beyond from what you have anticipated. Hence, that is when you can put your loan into correct use.

Home space remodeling:

House remodeling or upgrading can be stressful on your overall budget. In such situations, utilizing your savings might not be ideal but using an instant personal loan can.

Purchasing the latest home appliances:

Getting electronic gadgets and the newest home appliances can be very financially exhausting. However, now getting the latest electronic device is not complicated at all with a personal loan for such a scenario.

Consolidating your debt:

Taking a personal loan to consolidate your past debts will ultimately help you pay your debt, eventually affecting your credit score positively.


Shifting or expanding your business or home can somehow burden your company or self budget.. So, taking a small personal loan for business expenses can prevent you from suffering any economic crash.

Now you have why you should take a personal loan, and you can proceed towards understanding if it is possible to get a personal loan in Kannur at a lower interest.

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Is It Possible To Get A Personal Loan In Kannur For A Lower Interest?

Lower Interest rates

There are ample chances to invest in Kannur, and you can plan to start a new business, move to these naturally gifted places, or even plan a wedding. So reasons are ample.

Even though you stay in a place like Kannur, financial needs can occur suddenly. So when in such an emergency, sometimes availing of personal loans in Kerala with lower interest is the only reasonable option. When you are already in a financial crunch paying higher interest rates for your loan won’t favor you.

So, here in this subsection, we will show possible ways to get personal loan with lower interest rates.

Grow A Door Credit Score

Elevating your credit score or maintaining a good one will influence your loan interest rate. Repaying your loan dues on time and keeping track of times you applied for unsecured loans will help with your payment history. Hence, monitoring your loan payment records simultaneously is also essential in getting a personal loan. So you should download your credit report once a year to check with the help of a free online resource. Buddy Score is one such efficient online resource to check your credit score. Although, while investigating, it might reveal some issues in your credit score, which indicates that you will have to raise a quick dispute.

To Maintain Your Credit Score, Follow These Simple Steps;

  • Pay your loans timely to see quick improvement.
  • Track your credit score constantly to ensure no need to raise a dispute.
  • Download your credit report once a year.
  • Avoid hard inquiries by making sure you have done your due analysis.

As shown earlier, maintaining a good credit score and tracking the same is equally essential. Hence, to analyze your credit score quickly, you need Buddy Score, an online resource that will give you the best of your credit score.

Compare Other Interest Rates

Comparing your interest rate is very important, as it will be convenient for you to make the right decision.

If you want to refrain from registering for multiple loans, you must compare it with other lenders in the market. Choosing the correct interest rate that suits your financial condition will be favorable. Also, festive season loans are equally popular to avail personal loans. The loans provided during this season also have some excellent deals that you should ignore for any financial need. Also, it will be absolutely  beneficial for you to apply for it during such times.

Be Well Informed

Check your expenses and if you are paying for additional costs. If you are provided with a low-interest rate now, you might pay higher interest when the loan tenure ends. So, please check if any other additional charges are charged on you that will differ from lender to lender. Hence that’s why you should be careful and well-informed about that. Also, if you are looking for quick personal loans with lower interest rates, log in to the Buddy Loan website, as they provide the best interest rates for you under the most trusted lenders.

Salaried Individual

Salaried individuals who work under an established and recognized organization are most likely to get a quick personal loan at lower interest rates.

If you are a salaried individual and work under an established and recognized company, you will likely get personal loans at favorable interest rates. Also, you can ensure that you have a secured income and job to avail of a quick personal loan approval.

Now, you can follow the steps below to get a quick personal loan online in Kannur. If you are expecting to get a fast personal loan in Kannur that is lower interest, going online can be the most favorable decision. So, below the steps are mentioned for you to have a quick check and get fast approval.

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Procedure To Get A Personal Loan Online In Kannur

Now, you can avail an online personal loans without any hassle only by following these quick and easy procedures;

Hence, Are you looking for an instant loan online?

As there are many benefits, as mentioned above. Also, it gets better if you apply for a personal loan using a Buddy loan to get the best interest rate. Following these few simple steps will help you quickly apply for a personal loan.

Steps To Apply For a Personal Loan with Buddy Loan

Step 1: Visit buddyloan.com or Download & install the Buddy Loan app (Android or iOS).

Step 2: Open the personal loan application page. Provide the mobile number and enter the received OTP.

Step 3: Specify the desired loan amount & personal email. Next, choose the Personal Loan option

Step 4: Choose the employment type (Salaried, Self-Employed, or Student) and the salary mode (bank or cash).

Step 5: Enter your work details (Including company name, years of service and Designation) 

Step 6: Enter your personal details (Including Full Name, PAN, address DOB & Gender)

Step 7: Provide your communication address, and income details and Click the ‘Submit’ button.

Understand These Steps to Get Multiple Offers

Don’t forget to remember the points while choosing a lender –

  • Interest rate offered
  • Loan amount
  • Loan Tenure.

And now you have to wait patiently for the loan amount credited to your account.

Now that you have provided your application for a quick personal loan online, this is how you should apply for personal loan online.

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Summing Up

Now that this article has revealed the reasons and the best way to get a personal loan in Kerala, you should definitely  put it into practice. For further information, you can log in to the Buddy Loan website, and avail personal loan from the most trusted lenders.

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