Marriage Loan By Government

Marriage Loan by Government

Marriage Loan by Government

Marriage, a significant social and cultural institution in India, brings joy and celebration. While some families can comfortably handle the expenses of marriage, others might seek support to ensure a memorable and beautiful wedding experience. Recognising this, the Indian government has implemented various marriage loan schemes to make weddings more accessible and financially feasible for aspiring couples. In this blog, we will understand the details of various government marriage loan schemes and provide insights into navigating the journey towards a financially secure wedding.

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Government Marriage Loan Schemes:

Government-backed marriage loan schemes aim to provide financial support to families. With the help of these schemes, eligible individuals can receive financial assistance to cover various expenses, easing the financial burden associated with marriage celebrations.Here are some prominent examples:

 Shagun Yojana:

The Shagun Yojana (Hindi for “auspicious occasion“) is a multifaceted initiative implemented by various state governments in India to provide financial assistance for weddings. These schemes aim to empower women, alleviate financial burdens, and promote social welfare.

State-specific variations:

While the core objective remains the same, the Shagun Yojana manifests differently across states.
Some key examples include:

  • Himachal Pradesh: The scheme provides a ₹25,000 grant to families below the poverty line (BPL) for their daughter’s marriage (Source:
  • Haryana: The Mukhya Mantri Vivah Shagun Yojana offers ₹51,000 to families belonging to Scheduled Castes, Backward Classes, widows, and orphans (Source: It also provides a ₹1,100 shagun to other eligible couples.
  • Punjab: The Shagun Scheme by the Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board offers ₹31,000for the marriage of two daughters of registered construction workers (Source:

Eligibility criteria:

Eligibility criteria vary depending on the state and the specific scheme. However, common factors include:

  • Family income below a certain threshold (often BPL)
  • Daughter’s age (usually 18 years or above)
  • Caste/community category (in some cases)

Impact and Benefits:

The Shagun Yojana has demonstrably improved the lives of many families and individuals. Studies have shown:

  • Reduced financial burden: The grants have helped families manage wedding expenses, alleviating financial stress.
  • Increased social mobility: By making marriages more affordable, the scheme has empowered women to pursue higher education and careers.
  • Reduced child marriage: By addressing financial constraints, the scheme has discouraged child marriages, promoting girls’ well-being and education.
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Bidaai (Shaadi Scheme):

The Bidaai (Shaadi Scheme), also known as the Shaadi Bhagya Scheme, is a significant social welfare initiative launched by the Karnataka government in 2013.

This scheme aims to provide financial assistance to underprivileged women belonging to minority communities in the state, empowering them and promoting their marriage plans.

Key Objectives:

  • Financial Support: Offer a ₹50,000 grant to eligible women from Muslim, Christian, Jain, Buddhist, Sikh, and Parsi communities, alleviating financial burdens associated with weddings.
  • Women Empowerment: Promote gender equality by enabling women from disadvantaged backgrounds to marry without economic constraints, encouraging their education and social mobility.
  • Social Upliftment: Address societal issues like child marriage and dowry by advocating for affordable and dignified weddings, fostering positive social change.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • BPL Cardholder: Must possess a Below Poverty Line (BPL) card.
  • Community: Belong to one of the specified minority communities.
  • Marital Status: Applicable to brides who are getting married for the first time, divorcees, and widows.
  • Age: The bride must be 18 years or older, the groom must be 21 years or older.
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Pradhan Mantri Marriage Loan

The Pradhan Mantri Marriage Loan Scheme (PMMLS), launched in 2016 by the Government of India, aims to provide readily available and affordable financial assistance to young couples for their wedding expenses.

This initiative reduces financial burdens, promotes social inclusion, and fosters responsible financial planning among aspiring newlyweds.


  • Offer loans up to ₹2 lakh at concessional interest rates to eligible couples, making wedding finances more manageable and accessible.
  • Extend the scheme’s benefits to all sections of society, including Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Classes, and Minority communities, promoting social equity and inclusion.
  • Encourage responsible financial planning among young couples by providing access to loans at affordable terms, fostering good financial habits early on.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Indian Nationals: Both bride and groom must be Indian citizens.
  • Age Limit: The bride must be 18 years or older, and the groom must be 21 years or older.
  • Income Limit: The combined annual income of the couple should not exceed ₹5 lakh.
  • Community: Open to all sections of society, with specific benefits for SC, ST, OBC, and Minority communities.

 Note: Each scheme has specific eligibility criteria based on factors like caste, community, income level, and geographical location. It’s crucial to check the specific guidelines of each scheme before applying.

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Marriage Loan With Banks

Several banks and financial institutions offer marriage loans with competitive interest rates and flexible repayment options. Some popular options include

Bank  Maximum Loan Amount            Interest Rate            Repayment Tenure           Processing Fees
State Bank of India (SBI) ₹25 lakh 10.50% onwards 1-7 years Up to 3% of loan amount


HDFC Bank ₹40 lakh 10.45% onwards 1-7 years Up to 2% of loan amount


ICICI Bank ₹25 lakhs 10.65% onwards


1-7 years Up to 2.5% of loan amount
Axis Bank ₹20 lakh


10.75% onwards 1-7 years Up to 2% of loan amount
Kotak Mahindra Bank ₹20 lakh


10.99% onwards 1-7 years Up to 2.5% of loan amount

Key things to remember

  1. Interest rates are indicative and may vary depending on your credit score and profile.
  2. Processing fees and other charges may apply.
  3. Carefully assess your repayment capacity before applying for a loan.
  4. Explore other cost-effective wedding planning options to minimize loan requirements.

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How To Get A Marriage Loan

The application process for both government and private marriage loan schemes generally involves the following steps:

  1. Eligibility Check: Carefully review the eligibility criteria and ensure you meet all requirements.
  2. Choose a Scheme or Loan Provider: Compare interest rates, processing fees, and repayment terms before making a decision.
  3. Collect Documents: Gather necessary documents like proof of identity, income, address, and caste certificate (if applicable).
  4. Apply: Submit your application form and documents to the chosen scheme or bank.
  5. Approval and Disbursement: Upon approval, the loan amount will be disbursed according to the scheme or bank’s guidelines.

Remember: Carefully assess your financial situation and repayment capacity before applying for any loan. Ensure you can comfortably meet the monthly instalments to avoid future financial stress.


By understanding the available options, carefully assessing your needs, and planning responsibly, you can make informed decisions about financing your wedding, ensuring a joyous and financially sound start to your married life.

Remember, a happy and fulfilling marriage goes beyond a grand ceremony; focus on building a strong foundation based on love, respect, and shared values.

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Q1. Is there a government-sponsored marriage loan program?
Yes, some governments offer marriage loan programs to assist citizens in funding wedding expenses.

Q2. How can one apply for a marriage loan from the government?
To apply for a government marriage loan, individuals typically need to visit the designated government office or apply online through the official portal.

Q3. What are the eligibility criteria for a government marriage loan?
Eligibility criteria may vary but generally include citizenship, minimum age requirements, income criteria, and sometimes marital status.

Q4. Are government marriage loans interest-free, or do they come with low-interest rates?
Government marriage loans may come with low-interest rates or even interest-free options, depending on the specific program and government policies.

Q5. Can government marriage loans be used for any wedding-related expenses?
Yes, government marriage loans can typically be used for various wedding-related expenses, including venue bookings, catering, decorations, and attire.