Budgeting Guide for Start-Up Entrepreneurs

Start up Business Cost

Start up Business Cost

Many individuals dream of having a job that can award them comfortable working conditions, paid leaves, decent remuneration, and other benefits in India. Nevertheless, not everyone is happy with the limitations of a job. With the desire to become a boss, have financial freedom, do something extraordinary in life, many fresh graduates are turning to entrepreneurship. 83% of India’s working professionals desire to be successful entrepreneurs. But only 5% of them can establish and run a company successfully. You will be surprised to know that 90% of all Indian startups fail in the first five years after their commencement.

Keep in mind that when you intend to start a business, you should take note of its financial aspect. This is because you may require a lot of money to start a business successfully, conduct daily business activities, sell products and services to customers, launch marketing campaigns, and increase profit margins. So how to calculate the business start-up cost and keep it under control? Let’s understand now.

Business startup costs depend upon many factors such as the location, the staff you want to hire, the purchase of hardware and software components, the requirement for an office, the type of registration for business

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Correct Analysis of Market

If you are seriously mulling to start a business and earn profits by selling products and services, first, you need to study the market and people’s expectations. Remember, the business market is already crowded with many companies that flood the market with products and services available at affordable prices. Existing business organizations have a large customer base, and they are not ready to give their business opportunities into their competitor’s hands.

That is why you must conduct market analysis and explore new areas( for customer services, selling them high-value products) where existing business organizations are not doing anything. If you come up with a new business idea that is likely to increase customers’ comfort level to a great extent, the cost to start a new company and run it successfully becomes relatively less. The proper selection of business niches and locations is essential for newly established companies.

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Business Registration Cost

First, you need to determine the type of company you want to operate. Then, you can choose from the following options:

Company Type Brief Explanation
Limited liability company(LLC) Most Indian business organizations are registered in the form of LLCs. Its simplicity is the main reason why it is popular among startup entrepreneurs.

Two or more partners create LLC companies to work together, sell products/services, and share profits after paying all taxes and meeting expenses. A maximum of 50 people can act as founding members in such a company. Both Indians and foreigners can own such companies in India. Remember, participants have the right to manage the company’s affairs and receive a portion of the earned profit.

Sole Proprietorship Sole entrepreneurship is one of India’s most popular business forms. Here, you are entirely responsible for managing different business responsibilities. Therefore, it is suitable for individuals planning to leave their jobs and try entrepreneurship.


Partnership Business Entity

Do you have a fantastic business idea and want to work with a company to promote it? Then create a partnership business entity. It will help you become an entrepreneur with less investment and expertise. It is a good business model for startup business people.
Corporation In today’s business world, the corporation has become the main form of organization and management of economic processes that require the integration of several stakeholders at once. It is an association of legal entities and individuals to achieve a common goal. The combined group is a new legal entity, and each of its members is the owner of a particular share.

Get more information about the pros and cons of these companies and choose which suits your business very well. The correct selection of company type will help you save a significant sum of money on its registration. The government will ask for tax accordingly.

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The Purchase of Equipment

When you start a business and get calls from customers for products and services, it’s your responsibility to ensure the timely delivery of purchased goods. To meet the growing demands of customers, business owners invest in purchasing high-quality equipment that can help them increase their productivity to a great extent. Nevertheless, buying equipment for your company is not an easy decision at all. Too many business organizations manufacture and sell office equipment.

Depending upon the industry, you may require heavy machinery, updated hardware, and software, electric cables, computers, laptops and tablets, mobile devices, vehicles for the transportation of employees and managers, packing machines, etc. You should purchase high-quality equipment from the market that can last 10 to 20 years. Many startup business owners have a shortage of funds. So they choose low-quality machines and equipment for the company.

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The Requirement For Office

Every startup entrepreneur wants to choose the best office so that employees can feel relaxed and work with full potential for the company’s benefit. Nevertheless, choosing a suitable office located in the city’s prime location can cost you a lot of money. It can eat up your valuable resources, and you may run into losses if your company doesn’t perform well soon after its launch. Therefore you must explore the market and look for an affordable office that doesn’t put additional pressure on a limited budget.

The worldwide epidemic of covid-19 has taught business people a valuable lesson. If you are in a business where work from home is possible, there is no benefit to having a costly office. Allow your employees to work from home and track their activities digitally. It will help you save a lot of money giving office rent to landlords. You can use the saved cash for other purposes.

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Hiring Working Professionals

If you want to be successful after starting your business, you need educated, skilled, and experienced professionals that can work all day long and perform their jobs smoothly. In today’s world, where unemployment continues to grow faster with each passing day, it’s not difficult to find working professionals on a limited budget. For this, you will have to research the job market and pick professionals who are ready to work with your company on a fixed salary package. Always keep in mind that it is challenging to attract highly skilled individuals and persuade them to contribute to your company in exchange for a limited budget.

Office Utility Bills

Office utility bills consume a lot of money and make a big hole in the limited budget of startup entrepreneurs. If you maintain a full-fledged office for your company, prepare yourself to pay a heavy amount for electricity, internet, food and beverage, computers and laptops, travel expenses, stationery items, etc. It is always better to choose an affordable office for your company and closely monitor the use of different commodities. Switch off lights and bulbs when the office is closed. Disconnect the internet cable when you are not using the internet on your computer screen. These measures are pretty small but will help you save a significant sum of money.

Your Company’s Online Presence

In today’s highly digital world, most people use the global internet to look for products and services they need. It is challenging to imagine the existence of a company without having a solid online presence. Suppose your company is available on the internet. In that case, it becomes easier for you to connect with the targeted audience, let them know more about the benefits of your products and services, and encourage them to make transactions.

The cost of developing a website and maintaining its pages on various social media portals varies from one business organization to another. Therefore, it is essential to discuss your website requirements with different service providers and choose one company ready to create and maintain your website in exchange for an affordable fee.

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Marketing and Advertising

Marketing and Advertising play an essential role in starting a new company and selling products and services in great numbers. The more effective your marketing is, the more customers and clients connect with your brand. For speedy success and generating more revenues every day, you need to market your business online and offline. Therefore you must hire professionals who are well aware of online and offline marketing.

Remember that successful marketing campaigns give the newly established business organization a new identity and help it gain a larger share in the market with great comfort. The marketing professional working with you should know the innovative ways to attract customers and encourage them to buy your products and services. In general, marketing and advertising will consume approximately 7-8% of your company’s entire budget and income.

Payroll Management

When employees work for your company and help it grow faster than competitors, they expect a reasonable remuneration, commission amount, bonus, paid leaves, overtime payment, etc. You must make a separate budget for employee salaries. Different companies have different payment structures when they look for working professionals. Startup companies always want to attract highly skilled talent on a limited budget. You must also do the same and try to retain good employees for a long time. It helps maintain consistency in business output and allows you to sell more products and services every day.

The Need For Insurance

Business is always unpredictable. You never know what is going to happen the next moment. The economic slump in the market, manufactured problems, natural calamities, accidental fire, the theft of essential business data, trade secrets, machinery often causes significant loss to business organizations. A newly established company might collapse if the businessman cannot handle unpleasant situations. That is why you must take insurance for your company soon after it launches. It will help you recover from losses and keep your business running even in difficult situations. Depending upon your company’s financial condition, you can take insurance of any amount.

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Tax Optimisation

All registered business organizations need to pay taxes if their business volume reaches a particular level. Therefore, startup business organizations must look for all possible ways to optimize their tax liabilities and save some resources. You should work closely with chartered Accountants, advocates, financial experts and discuss how you can reduce your tax liability. The government of India allows entrepreneurs to reclaim the tax refund if they fulfils specific criteria. Never miss such an opportunity, as it will help you add some additional bucks to the company’s current account.

Taking A Business Loan Online

When you run a business, financial problems keep knocking at your door from time to time. It is because you need plenty of money to meet daily business expenses and keep running your business in profitable mode. To meet the growing requirement for cash, many startup business people take business loans available on the market. It allows them to ensure sufficient cash for everyday business operations and maintain their financial well-being.

Different banks and financial organizations offer business loans online in India with attractive terms and conditions and interest fees. Nevertheless, don’t get excited when a bank contacts you with a particular business loan and persuades you to make a deal in a great hurry. You should carefully review the benefits of different packages of personal loans for business and determine which one of them is suitable for your needs. Taking a business loan at the right time will help you eliminate financial troubles and keep running your business despite tough competition in the market. Analyse your need for a business loan, seek recommendations from industry experts and take only the required amount for different financial obligations of your business.


A growing number of individuals in India are turning to entrepreneurship every year. They need to be careful about managing finances right from the beginning. The correct use of money allows them to run a business successfully, increase the reserve money, expand the industry in all directions in the coming months and years. Good luck with your startup business!

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