Apply for a Personal Loan? Advantages of using a Third-Party Aggregator Website

third party aggregator

third party aggregator

Many Indians apply for personal loan online to meet multiple financial obligations. As per the data, 22 million people use new loan opportunities every month & their numbers continue to skyrocket. But the sad reality is that 7 out of 10 applicants relinquish their intention to take the best personal loans due to complicated formalities & hassles. However, you have no option but to take an instant personal loan when there is a cash shortage, and it is impossible to postpone the upcoming bill. So what are your opportunities to apply for a personal loan comfortably & get the desired amount without getting trapped in mind-blowing formalities? The simple answer is using a third-party aggregator website. So let’s know more about the benefits of working with them.

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Apply for Personal Loan with Quick Approval

A Basic Introduction To Loan Aggregator Website

Let’s consider yourself as a borrower who needs money urgently. The most obvious solution in this situation is to apply for the best personal loans offered by a bank. You send your application to one bank, a second bank, and a third bank. But, unfortunately, all banks rejected your application. Many banks in India don’t report the reason behind their decisions. What kind of thinking usually comes into your mind during such situations? You often get fed up with applying for personal loans continuously after banks keep rejecting your loans. It would be good if you have a facility that allows you to apply for personal loans comfortably with all leading banks at one at the same time without leaving your house. This is where a loan aggregator website comes into the picture.

In simple words, a loan aggregator website is an online resource that offers information about different loan products to customers. It combines various offers of personal loans in one place, significantly facilitates the search for reliable information about them and minimizes the risk of getting caught by scammers. You can compare different loan products on such a website and choose the most appropriate one for yourself. Small banks, subsidiaries within a financial institution, brokers, and dealers often act as loan aggregators.

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Benefits of Working With A Third-Party Loan Aggregator Website

Always keep in mind that only certified NBFCs can cooperate with credit aggregators. There are certain benefits of working with a third-party loan aggregator website-

  • Better results as per your selection criteria,
  • You can select personal loans with flexible interest fees & terms and conditions,
  • They offer round-the-clock service. You can use their services at any time and from any place without compromising your privacy & sensitive data,
  • No one can restrict your ability to apply to several financial organizations at one.

The main job of a third-party loan aggregator website is to help people find appropriate personal loans that fit under their budget & needs.

Buddy Loan: Your Friend In Need!

apply for a personal loan from buddy loan

Buddy loan is one of India’s most popular and highly appreciated third-party aggregator websites. It is headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka. Over the years, it has helped many people to get the most appropriate personal loans for multiple purposes. It has an 80% approval rate. When people can apply for personal loans themselves, why do they need to take help from the buddy loan? We all know that people need to complete multiple formalities in the right way and actively cooperate with the banker to get an online personal loan. Mistakes are quite possible if they are not familiar with the loan product and banks’ modus operandi. The sad truth is that only 23 people (out of 100) can take the desired loans comfortably in India. Working with Buddy Loan makes a borrower’s life easier and helps him find the right loan product with a bit of effort.

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Tranquility In Personal And Professional Life

Employed professionals and busy self-employed individuals often face many issues when they apply for personal loans. They have to take leaves from usual personal and professional commitments and devote more time to banking activities. Do you have sufficient time, resources, and energy to make several visits to the bank and complete different formalities one after another? Will your boss allow you to take leaves from everyday office work and spend your day in the bank? Can you stop your daily business activities just to take a loan? The simple answer to all these questions is no. Because doing so will cause you tremendous losses in terms of time and earning opportunities.

That is why starting your journey with Buddy Loan prevents you from all frustrating problems associated with loan application and acquisition. You can generate your request for personal loans at any time and get the much-needed help from its experienced specialists right at your doorstep. You can keep enjoying your usual personal or professional life as a team of loan experts work on your behalf to find the best matching personal loans.

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Apply for Personal Loan with Quick Approval

They Enhance Your Knowledge About Personal Loans.

Personal loans are designed to serve the requirements of different categories of people. A financially illiterate person often finds it extremely difficult to understand the basics of a personal loan. There is a high probability that such a person will choose an inappropriate loan product which causes him a significant financial loss and other challenges (low credit score, penalties, sanctions, legal actions). Experts working with the Buddy loan provide borrowers with complete information about different types of personal loans. They explain all terms and conditions of the loan in simple language and help people make the right choice in the shortest possible time.

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Protection From Scammers And Cybercriminals

protection from cyber criminals

Amidst the Covid pandemic, financial embezzlement and cyber crime have skyrocketed. Every day, we see news headlines about ordinary and highly educated people losing their sensitive information and hard-earned money while trying to get a loan. Financially illiterate people are easy prey for cyber criminals. Starting a loan applicant journey with a registered third-party aggregator website keeps you aloof from all these unpleasant issues. They process your application under established norms. They promise the safety of data you share with them. Scammers always find it difficult to contact you because of strict filtering and background verification. As a result, you get only registered and verified credit lenders.

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Apply for Personal Loan with Quick Approval

Simple Registration Process For Personal Loans

All people perfectly know how inconvenient it is to apply for personal loan to all banks separately. Financial institutions collect almost the same set of data every time you make an application for a loan. Each bank has its website, and you need to fill out nearly the same questionnaires many times. Using the services of Buddy Loan allows you to send a single request to several credit lenders at once. It saves valuable time and repeatedly increases the probability of applying for low-interest personal loans. It’s always easier to get started with Buddy Loan.

  • Navigation to the registration section or website

apply for a personal loan - choose loan amount


  • Enter the loan amount & click next. You will land on this page

loan amount


  • Select the loan repayment tenure and click next. You reach the following page.

enter mobile number

Here, you need to enter your mobile number to proceed ahead. The website will send an OTP.

enter otp


  • After that, you need to enter your Email Id

Enter your mail


  • You will navigate the following page. Choose your category and proceed ahead.

select employee type

You need to choose your category from two options and complete the registration process from here onwards. Also, attach the required documents in the proper format. Once the website authority receives your application, they start looking for a perfect personal loan that suits you perfectly. The registration process takes a few minutes to get completed. But, in most cases, you get an instant response from the service provider.

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Apply for Personal Loan with Quick Approval

An Impartial Comparison of Different Offers

All individuals want to get low interest personal loans in the shortest possible time when an urgent financial emergency looms over their heads. They don’t want to waste their time comparing different loan products and choosing the right one for themselves. All folks can’t go deep into the details of personal loans offered by multiple banks. But a third-party website is quite helpful when comparing different loan offers. Based on the provided data, they will consider numerous loan packages and let you know about their benefits shortly. With their help, comparing loan products and choosing the right financial aid becomes an easy task.

Facility To Use Different Integrated Tools

While using a this-party aggregator website, you get opportunities to use integrated online tools. For example, using a personal loan EMI calculator, credit score calculator, personal loan eligibility calculator helps you a lot when applying for a loan. The good thing is that you don’t have to pay even a single penny for this whether you take a personal loan or not.

Freedom From Completed Documentation

Banks will ask you to submit many documents when you apply for a personal loan. They take a lot of time to verify the supplied details and check the authenticity of documents you use for loan applications. When you apply for instant personal loan with Buddy loan, it keeps you away from lengthy documentation processes. The service provider saves your data on its server. It helps in future loan applications. Soon after getting your request for a loan, they extract your data and act as per your instructions.

Real-Time Update About The Loan Application

Many people apply for the loan themselves. They provide all the necessary information in the application form and complete all formalities per the standard protocol. Even after this, they don’t get any call from the chosen Bank. On several occasions, many banks in India get multiple applications for personal loans. Bank employees have to sort out a large number of applications every day. They will reject applications with incomplete details or false/misleading information. They don’t inform customers of the same. But, a third-party loan aggregator works differently. You can get the latest information about the status of your application by making a call to the service provider. If any issue pops up during the loan application, experienced professionals are always ready to offer you a helping hand.

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Introduction To Exclusive Offers

Banks keep rolling out new offers with exciting benefits to reach out to many customers and sell personal loan products in great numbers. Generally, it takes time to reach such requests to needy individuals. Buddy Loan always thinks of the welfare of all borrowers. It keeps a close eye on the latest updates on personal loans and helps borrowers choose the right financial aid.

Quick Release of The Approved Amount

When there is a cash emergency, most people want to take out a loan on a pan card sooner than later. It is always prudent to start the loan application journey with Buddy Loan. Their experts quickly get in touch with you after receiving your request. They complete all formalities, documentation, verification, background checks fast and help you get much-needed funds rapidly. It keeps you away from begging for financial assistance from close relatives & friends. With a personal loan, you can avoid total economic collapse & ensure enough cash liquidity in your life.


Taking an appropriate personal loan helps you deal with unexpected and unavoidable financial commitments with great ease and comfort. But everything is not as rosy as it looks externally. Most applicants make silly mistakes during the loan-application process and fail to impress the banker with their profile. As a result, the bank may turn down their applications for personal loans.

You must start your loan application journey with buddy loan- a well-known third-party aggregator website. They offer active assistance in your efforts to get a personal loan. With a team of well-educated and experienced loan experts, 24-hour customer care service, and expert recommendations, they have helped many people get the desired loan product without facing bureaucratic hassles and lengthy formalities. They keep you away from unnecessary stress while applying for a personal loan online. So, don’t waste your time in case of a financial emergency. Take the help of Buddy Loan & grab a low-interest personal loan in a few days.

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