Never Run Out of Gas, Guide to Indane Gas Booking

Indian gas booking made easy convenient solution for hassle free gas booking

Indian gas booking made easy convenient solution for hassle free gas booking

GDP Prices are growing, and your pre-booking on LPG could be taking a hit. But when it comes to Indane, there’s no worry at all, booking your next LPG cylinder refill is that easy! One of the essential services these days is the LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) cylinder delivery, found in every household can be pre-booked online or through Dial (IVR) services, app, and SMS.

Here is the blog post where we are exploring all the Indane gas cylinder booking (both online and offline and many other ways) so that you never miss out on this essential fuel for your cooking needs.

Indane Gas: Trusted LPG Services

Indane is one of the Indian Oil Corporation(IOC) brands for providing Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) in India. One of the leading providers of this necessity is Indane, a product of the Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL). Indane has one of the largest distribution networks and easy-to-use booking options, making it easier and more comfortable for millions of customers to book gas.

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Indane Gas Booking: Convenient Methods

Indane Gas Booking is available in many convenient methods. Here are a few methods:

  1. Online: To book a refill online, visit their website and log in with your username and password. However, If you are new to it then you need to sign up with your email. This is one of the common forms of the induction gas booking online process.
  2. SMS: If you have your registered phone number you can Book Indane gas by sending an SMS. Check the SMS format and state-specific phone numbers of this service on the official website of Indane Gas.
  3. Calling: For Booking Your Gas Cylinder, You can Book Through Indane Gas IVRS. See below for the steps.
  4. Mobile App: LPG provider Indane Gas has made it easier to book for a gas cylinder with the company introducing a mobile app for the purpose.

Red Cylinder in cycle means to indane gas booking online

Indane Gas Booking Online

The online world has changed everything including booking Indane gas refill. How to book your cylinder online;

  • Indian Oil Corporation Website: Visit their main website and look for the ‘Indane’ tab.
  • Sign Up or Log In: If you are a new user, click on “New User Registration” and fill out the details. For the existing Users they will have to log in using their already registered details such as their log in details and their passwords.
  • Book Refill: Put your Customer ID or registered mobile number and then click on your distributor.
  • Make Payment: Select the payment option through debit card, credit card, net banking, or wallet. Your booking will be confirmed as soon as the payment is made successfully.
  • Easy Payment: Your order will be delivered to the Indane distributor, for which payment can be made directly to them at the time of delivery of cylinder.
  • Follow Your Request: It is easy for you to track the stage of your order online so you keep a tab of the status of your delivery.

Indane Gas Booking via SMS

Indane also has a very helpful SMS service to refill your LPG cylinder. Here’s how it works:

  1. For New Users:

Register Your Number: Just type ”IOC” and then send it to the all in one IVRS number which is 7718955555. This will link your mobile number to your account for future SMS bookings.

  1. For Existing Users

Easily to Schedule: After signing up, booking refills is easy.  Simply text your area code and “IOC”. You get this number when you first register.

Ex: (For Chennai Customer)

  1. Dealer Contact Number: 25022890

Customer ID: AX00867C

Then the SMS should look like: IOC 044 25022890 AX00867C

Steps to Register: Type “IOC” and send it to 7718955555 from your mobile number.

Follow-on Bookings: Just say “IOC” from your subscribed mobile number and send to 044 25022890 (Your location no.) whenever you want a refill.

Cylinder with book and 500 rs note inside the book to bookindane gas booking phone number

Indane Gas Booking Phone Number

Indane provides IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System) for booking LPG cylinder refills, which is one of the oldest form of booking in practice. Here’s how it works:

  1. Multilingual service: Allow user to select their language preference i.e Local language which can be Hindi or English.
  2. Distributor Information: Input your Distributor STD Code and Phone Number.
  3. Consumer Number: Enter your consumer number (please remove the alphabets if any are available in your last refill cash memo). For example, if the customer ID is A98765, the customer must dial 98765.
  4. IVRS Options: Once you have selected the option for booking refill, the request will be filed, and the booking reference number will be generated and sent to your registered mobile number.

The IVRS number for Indane Gas is the same for each area and state as the SMS numbers provided above.

Indane Gas Booking Mobile App

Indane further provides a mobile app for booking refills and managing your account. Here’s how to use it:

  • Download the app: Go to the Google Play Store or Apple App store and then download the app.
  • Login In: The login page will ask you to enter your customer ID or registered mobile number, If you are a new user, then please register the account using your Customer ID.
  • Book Your Refill: Fill out the details online form with some common information such as size, capacity, and date, answer residence questions, and choose a payment method. Once we launch you will have the opportunity to select your distributor of choice and also select how you would like to be paid.

Documents Required for Booking:

If you’re someone looking for an LPG line connection or booking a cylinder; there are very few cases where you may need documents in particular for booking a refill. In case, yes make a note of your Customer ID/ Registered mobile number and have the following documents available:

Documents for Identity Proof

  • Aadhar card
  • Driving license
  • PAN card
  • Passport copy
  • Voter’s ID card

Documents as Residential Proof

  • Aadhar card
  • Copy of Passport
  • Credit cards or bank statement
  • Driving license
  • Flat allotment
  • House registration document
  • Lease agreement
  • LIC policy
  • Ration card
  • Self-declaration attested by a Gazetted Officer
  • Telephone, water, or electricity bill
  • Voter’s ID card
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Death of the Account Holder:

In the unfortunate event that the account holder dies, the Indane consumer has to notify the Indane distributor as soon as possible. The distributor can be visited by the nominee or a legal heir with the required documents. The nominee or legal heir will need to provide the following documents to transfer the connection:

  • Death certificate of the account holder
  • Succession certificate or letter of administration
  • Proof of identity and address of the nominee/legal heir
  • The original gas connection documents

The distributor will guide you through the specific process for transferring the connection.

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In short, Indane ensures that booking a gas cylinder is just a few taps away, from anywhere anytime through its online, SMS, IVRS, and mobile app. Indane has always been in the forefront of customer service with its recent measure in simplifying the process of gas booking and ensuring an uninterrupted supply of gas for household cooking.

Now you know how to book your Indane gas cylinder in just a few easy steps, get yourself one, and make your experience effortless for a lifetime. Thus, next time you want just to refill your gas cylinder, you know the most trustworthy and easy ordering options provided by Indane.

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FAQs on Indane Gas Booking

Q. What is the latest Indane gas booking number?
The latest Indane gas booking number is 7718955555.

Q. How can I book Indane gas on WhatsApp?
You can book Indane gas on WhatsApp by sending a message to 7588888824.

Q. How can I book Indane gas online in India?
You can book Indane Gas online in India through the Indane Gas website or mobile app.

Q. Which gas cylinder is best?
The best gas cylinder depends on your needs, but Indane, Bharat Gas, and HP Gas are popular and reliable choices.

Q. Which LPG gas is best?
The best LPG gas brands in India include Indane, Bharat Gas, and HP Gas, which are known for their reliability and widespread availability.