Dussehra Holidays

image with colourfull lighs shows to dussehra holiday

image with colourfull lighs shows to dussehra holiday

Dussehra, also known as Vijayadashami, is a vibrant ten-day Hindu festival marking the triumph of good over evil. Celebrated across India with joy and devotion, Dussehra concludes in the symbolic burning of the effigy of Ravana, the ten-headed demon king. Families get together during the festival to celebrate with elaborately planned events, delicious treats, and cultural performances.

In this blog, let’s look at the bank Dussehra Holiday that awaits 2024 to make the most of these valuable days off.

The table below provides the dates of when the festival is celebrated:

Date Day States
12 October 2024 Saturday All Indian States
1 October 2025 Wednesday All Indian States
18 October 2026 Thursday All Indian States
9 October 2027 Saturday All Indian States
27 September 2028 Wednesday All Indian States
16 October 2029 Tuesday All Indian States
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Significance of Dussehra Holiday

In India , various regions observe Dussehra in unique ways. In the northern states, effigies of Ravana are burnt, symbolising  the destruction of evil. The southern states, particularly in Mysore, witness grand processions and the worship of Goddess Chamundeshwari. The eastern states celebrate with Durga Puja, where beautifully crafted idols of Goddess Durga are worshipped and later immersed in water bodies.

Beyond the financial considerations, Dussehra offers a multitude of ways to celebrate and connect with your heritage:

Colorful statue standing in a religion festival representing to dussehra festival

  • Witness the Ramlila: Immerse yourself in the enactment of the Ramayana, the epic tale of Lord Rama’s victory over Ravana.
  • Embrace New Attire: Dussehra is an occasion to adorn yourself in new clothes, adding a touch of personal style to the festive spirit.
  • A Culinary Delights: Savour the unique flavours of Dussehra. From melt-in-your-mouth Mysore Pak to regional delicacies specific to your area, indulge in this culinary extravaganza.
  • Strengthen Family Bonds: Dussehra is a time to reconnect with loved ones. Organise family gatherings, exchange gifts, and create lasting memories.
  • Explore and Travel: Dussehra can be the perfect time for a short getaway. Explore nearby tourist destinations or visit family in another city.

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Balancing Dussehra and Finances

During Dussehra holidays commencing from schools, Banks and other educational institutions, you could be entitled to plan the best cultural getaway for your family or celebrate on a grand scale during that time. It is a joyous occasion, the associated expenses – new clothes, travel, puja requirements, and festive delicacies – can sometimes create a financial strain.  Customers are advised to plan their banking activities accordingly. Digital banking services, however, continue to operate, providing uninterrupted access to financial transactions.

Effective Dussehra Holiday Planning

Dussehra’s dates fluctuate slightly each year because of the lunar calendar, typically falling in September or October. To ensure you’re well-prepared, consider:

  • Create a Budget: Outline your Dussehra expenses beforehand. Allocate specific amounts for shopping, travel, puja needs, and miscellaneous costs.
  • Explore Cost-Effective Options: Research and compare prices for puja items, travel fares, and festive sweets. Consider exploring local markets for better deals.
  • Plan Well in Advance: Book travel tickets and pandhal visits (temporary structures for Dussehra celebrations) early to secure better deals and avoid last-minute price hikes.
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Buddy Loan: Your Dussehra Financial Partner

Managing Dussehra expenses effectively can ensure a stress-free and joyous celebration. At Buddy Loan, we help you avail quick, hassle-free personal loans that can bridge any financial gaps you may encounter during this festive period. If you’re a business owner, consider a business loan to help manage any increased demand or special promotional activities during the festive season.

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Benefits of a Buddy Loan for Dussehra:

  • Flexible Loan Amounts: We provide a range of loan amounts starting from ₹10,000-₹15 Lakhs to cater to your financial needs, whether it’s a smaller sum for that perfect festive outfit or a larger amount for a family vacation.
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Celebrate a Responsible and Joyous Dussehra

Dussehra is a time for celebration, reflection, and strengthening family bonds. By planning your finances strategically and utilising resources like Buddy Loan, you can ensure a stress-free and joyous Dussehra holiday. The Dussehra holiday is more than a break from the daily grind; it’s a celebration of India’s moral and spiritual ethos. It’s a time for reflection, joy, and community bonding. As we observe this holiday, let’s embrace the values of courage, righteousness, and compassion that Dussehra stands for.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Dussehra an official holiday?
Dussehra is widely recognized as an official holiday in India.

Q. What is Dussehra celebrated for?
Dussehra celebrates the victory of good over evil, particularly the triumph of Lord Rama over Ravana.

Q. Is Dussehra on 23 or 24?
Dussehra typically falls on different dates each year, depending on the lunar calendar; it is not fixed on the 23rd or 24th.

Q. Why is Dussehra celebrated for 10 days?
Dussehra festivities often span ten days, known as Navratri, to honour the goddess Durga and her various manifestations.

Q. Is Dussehra a lucky day?
In Hindu tradition, Dussehra is considered an auspicious and significant day, symbolising the victory of righteousness.

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