How Can Your Actions Impact Your Credit Score?

actions can impact your credit score

actions can impact your credit score

How can certain factors affect one’s credit score? Credit score has always been a matter of concern, as it is essential to nurture a credit score by being responsible and sensible. Through this article, let’s understand the factors that can affect a credit score and actions that can impact your credit score.

A credit score is a numerical indicator of a person’s financial report. This report indicates the creditworthiness of the borrower. To borrow a loan, one has to boost their credit score. The score is the outcome of an analysis made from the borrower’s credit history and transaction—the scores are represented using three digits. Ideally, the credit score should fall between 300 – and 850, which depicts a consumer’s creditworthiness.

Having a good credit score is one of the essential features that help provide many benefits to the borrower. Therefore, there are specific actions that one should follow which will positively impact their credit score. However, sometimes it isn’t easy to understand where to start and how to start with the actions or behavior. Building a credit score or rebuilding from scratch is essential to impact and improve them. Before understanding how to rebuild a credit score, one has to understand the features of a credit score.

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Features of a Credit Score

  1. A credit score includes repayment history, credit type and its history.
  2. Analyzing or checking your credit score is accessible.
  3. Credit reports and credit scores are different, but at the same time, they are related to each other.
  4. The credit bureaus understand the information and the numerical grade. 5. One should avoid changing a credit card account even if all the dues are paid.

How Does a Credit Score Work?

The credit score is one of the important ways to analyze one’s creditworthiness, and it has the power to influence the individual’s financial decisions. A good credit score always ensures paying less interest. A good credit score should always be more than 700, as this kind of score will enable them to get loan approval at its earliest. Therefore, it is essential to maintain a fair credit score.

Missing payments can affect one’s payment history, and as a result, it can harm one’s credit score. This kind of scenario can put one person in a problematic situation. However, they are still eligible to get loans, but they will provide loans for higher interest. However, getting loans for lower credit scores is also possible, including a guarantor or paying a standard personal loan amount. Considering asking for a low amount to borrow as a loan can help the borrower repay it faster.

Building Credit Score

If a person wants to reestablish and build a credit score if they don’t have one, they can follow the following steps.

  1. Getting a credit score – Any secured credit card should be used as a conventional credit card. Booking a credit card and making small purchases by ensuring payments on time can help one establish or build their credit score from scratch. The most crucial point is that one should make the payment on time to make the score look better and more creditworthy.
  2. Being an authorized user– One should be a certified credit card user. In any scenario, if the user’s credit card shows any issue, they can report it to the credit bureaus that will add it to their credit file. As long as the authorized user makes all the payments on time, the user should be in benefit. Being an authorized user can help them gain more trust from the lenders and banks.

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What are the Actions that Impact one’s Credit Score?

Some specific actions can impact one’s credit score. Improving one’s credit score can be easy if only the problem areas in the score are correctly understood. It may need some time and effort, but taking good actions can impact the score for a long and better run.

Let’s go through these ideal actions that can escalate one’s credit score. The first and foremost step is to understand what is bringing one’s credit score down, and focusing on those aspects and improving these areas can impact a good credit score.

1.Responsible Payment Skills –

A good payment skill will impact a credit score. Clearing the payment of dues on time every month becomes crucial to improving one’s credit score. But on the other hand, late payments will hurt the credit score.

Setting reminders or a written record of the due dates will refrain for the borrower from forgetting the due dates and completing the payments on time.

2.Reduction in Credit Card Bills –

Reducing credit card balances is one of the tremendous and quickest actions one can take to boost their credit score. To do this, the borrower has to pay down their debt.

3.Accurate Credit File Report-

Sometimes, having a wrong or inaccurate credit score can impact one’s credit file. Therefore, periodically monitoring credit reports is essential to ensure accurate information appears on the file. If any inaccuracy is detected, one should initiate a dispute as possible, as this inaccuracy might be the reason for a low credit score once the debate is

created—the report by letting the lenders know as they can only make changes in the information.

4.New Credit Requests-

Asking for new credit will reduce the number of hard inquiries in your credit file. An investigation is performed on the credit report inspecting how one has applied for credits. Therefore, these hard inquiries always show that this might impact one’s score for two

years, but its impact on the score will disappear over time. Therefore, one should keep checking credit reports that will not affect the credit score as it will be eligible for soft enquiry.

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How to Check The Eligibility?

  • Keeping track of the credit score can be done online. Maintaining a good score can increase the chances of getting approval for a loan.
  • Use a personal eligibility checker to know your eligibility.

You can check your credit score for free in no time by visiting Buddy score.


Having an excellent numerical indicator can help get a loan most quickly but taking care of one’s credit score is not the only factor to help them get a loan. Even one with a low credit score can borrow a loan, and even individuals with no credit score can build their credit score from scratch following the ways mentioned above. The credit report should be updated, and if it works favorably for the borrower, they can be a worthier customer for the loan. Therefore, following the steps mentioned above shall help the borrower get a loan with a low credit score.

However, individuals with low credit scores can avail of a loan with a high-interest rate. Therefore, having a fair credit score becomes very crucial. So managing the credit score correctly becomes very important as it automatically increases creditworthiness. Following the steps mentioned above will help one take specific actions that can positively impact their credit score. Once these actions are taken into consideration and in practicality it might get easier for borrowers to get loans to fulfill their needs and aspirations for the future.

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