Jio Missed Call Alert

When a user’s network is unavailable, Jio Network is designed to store information on missed calls and send out a notification to the user when the user’s phone is in range. Thus ensuring that you do not miss any important calls, even when your phone is switched off or unable to receive calls due to network coverage issues.

This can be particularly useful for staying informed of important calls even when you are temporarily unreachable while roaming, or caught in a no-network area.

The Missed Call Alert from Reliance Jio is sent to you when your phone reconnects to the network or is switched back on after someone attempts to call you. The message will typically include: "Dear Customer, you have a missed call from +91XXXXXXXXXX at 01:00 pm on 20-April-2021. Thank you, Team Jio.

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Ways to Activate Jio Missed Call Alert

You can activate Jio Missed Call Alert in 4 simple ways: through SMS, My Jio App, mobile and customer support. Here is a detailed overview of each method:

  • Through SMS Method
  • Though MyJio App Method
  • Smartphone &
  • Customer support

Jio Missed Call Alert Activation Through SMS

Here are the steps to activate missed call alerts through SMS:

  1. Open the messaging app on your phone.
  2. Type "SMS ACT MCI" in the message field.
  3. Send the message to the number 144.
  4. Shortly after sending the SMS, you will receive a notification confirming the activation of the missed call alert service.

Jio Missed Call Alert Activation Through MyJio App

To enable missed call alerts on your Jio SIM, you can do it online through the MyJio app. Simply open the MyJio app and choose the live chat option. Then, request the customer care executive to activate the Missed Call Alert service for your number. Ensure that you are logged in with the same number for which you want to activate the alerts.

  1. Launch the MyJio app
  2. Access the help center
  3. Choose live chat
  4. Type in "activation of missed call alert"
  5. You will soon receive a response from the customer care executive.

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Jio Missed Call Alert Activation Through Jio Smartphone

If you have a Jio smartphone, you may already have missed call alerts.

1. Check if "Call Divert" is activated, as it can stop missed call alerts.

2. Dial *413 to turn off the Call Divert process.

3. Contact the Jio customer support team for further assistance.

Jio Missed Call Alert Activation Through Customer Support

You can access this service by calling the Jio customer service number. To activate missed call alerts on your Jio sim, you need to talk to a Jio customer service representative. This is the easiest way for customers to set up a missed call alert on their Jio SIM.

Besides, Missed Call Services, you can also check JIO Balance Check Numbers and other useful USSD codes from the linked page.

Steps to Know If Jio Missed Call Alert is Working

Step 1: To test the Jio Missed alert, switch off your phone or turn on flight mode and try calling from another number.

Step 2: If you don't receive any alert, contact Jio customer care service.

Step 3: Some users may not receive missed call alerts due to activated call forwarding or call diverts.

Step 4: To start receiving Jio missed call alerts, you have to cancel call diverts by dialing *413.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Jio Missed Call Alert is completely free for Jio subscribers. The telecom provider does not impose any charges on its subscribers for this feature.

Jio Missed Call Alerts are pre-activated on all the Jio numbers. Hence, there are no USSD codes required to activate this feature on your SIM.

Yes, Jio's free missed call alert service is operational for Jio consumers both nationally and internationally.

You cannot deactivate the missed call alert service on your Jio SIM. This service is essential, so it is better to keep it active on your SIM to ensure you do not miss any important calls.

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