Paysense Mobile Loan

There may come a time where you will need a mobile loan to purchase a new smartphone. Mobile phones have become an essential part of our everyday life, but In this fast-paced world of technology, they keep getting upgraded with the latest developments and features. Making it crucial for everyone to have the latest gadgets to stay connected with loved ones, and for convenience.

New upgrades can make new smartphones expensive. This is where a mobile loan from PaySense comes in handy. With a PaySense mobile loan, you can get the latest iPhone or smartphone of your dreams at affordable mobile loan interest rates and flexible loan terms

Paysense Mobile Loan Highlights

Before getting into the details of Paysense Mobile Loan, let’s quickly go through the loan highlights from below:

Loan Amount ₹5,000 to ₹5 Lakhs
Tenure 3 months - 5 years
Interest Rate 2% to 3% per month
Employment Salaried or Self Employed

How to Buy Latest Phone with a Paysense Mobile Loan

Getting your hands on a new smartphone can be exciting, but what is more exciting is an instant loan for a brand new phone through Paysense. The loan allows eligible individuals to access quick funds to purchase a smartphone or cover any mobile-related expenses. Here are the easy steps on how to buy the latest phone with a Paysense mobile loan:

  • Step 1: Download the PaySense app: Download the PaySense app from Google play store or Apple app store. Create an account and sign in, then select the “Mobile Loan'' option.
  • Step 2: Check your eligibility and choose a plan: Fill in your details to check your eligibility for a loan for phone, after which you will get a credit line. You can then choose your loan amount, tenure and EMI.
  • Step 3: Upload your KYC documents: A few documents for identity proof, address proof, income proof and selfie are required to complete your KYC. You can then submit your application. After approval, you will also need to sign the loan agreement and the NACH form.
  • Step 4: Receive your money: Once they approve your application and complete the loan procedure, the loan amount will be credited directly to your bank account within 24 hours.

PaySense Mobile Loan Interest Rate

The PaySense mobile loan interest rate will depend on various factors: credit score, loan amount, loan tenure, income and employment history. The interest rate for PaySense ranges from 2.00% p.m. to 3.00% p.m. Below is a table for PaySense mobile loan interest rate according to the tenure:

Interest rate (Per Month) Tenure
3.00% p.m. 3 months
3.00% p.m. 6 months
3.00% p.m. 9 months
3.00% p.m. 12 months

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Note- The interest rates mentioned are subject to change. Do visit the website for more information.

Eligibility Criteria for Mobile Loan

To get a mobile or iPhone loan from PaySense, you will need to fulfil the following eligibility criteria:

Citizenship Must be a resident of India
Age 21 - 60 years of age.
Employment Must be salaried or self-employed.
Minimum income for salaried ₹ 12,000
Minimum income for self-employed ₹ 15,000

Document Required for Loan for Phone Purchase

Minimum documentation is required for availing a phone on EMI from PaySense. These are:

Proof of identity PAN card and selfie.
Proof of address Aadhaar card, Voter ID, Passport or Driver’s licence.
Proof of income Net banking or last 3 Months bank e-statements.

Calculate EMI for Your New Phone

The equated monthly instalment (EMI) is an important part of the mobile loan repayment process. Calculating the EMI of a PaySense mobile loan before taking it will help you determine exactly how much loan amount you can comfortably afford. It will also help you better manage your finances.

You can calculate the mobile phone EMI by using the EMI calculator below. All you need to do is input your loan amount, interest rate and tenure in months. Click “Calculate” and you will get the approximate monthly EMI.

Monthly EMI 86
Principal Amount 1,000
Total Interest 32
Total Amount 1,032.00

Year Month Principal (A) Interest (B) EMI (A+B) Balance Loan Paid to Date (%)

Loan for a New iPhone with Paysense

With the new iPhone 15 being launched soon, you will probably want to know how much EMI you will need to pay for it. Here is how you can calculate the mobile phone EMI using the formula:

EMI = [ P x R x (1+R)^N ] / [ (1+R)^N - 1].

Here is an example: Let’s assume that you are looking for a loan amount to purchase a phone of ₹80,000.

Let’s assume,

  • Loan amount Loan Amount: Rs. 80,000
  • Processing Fee: Up to 2.5% of the loan amount (Rs. 80,000 x 2.5% = Rs. 2000)
  • Total Loan Amount (Including Processing Fee): Rs. 80,000 + Rs. 2000 = Rs. 82,000

Now Using the formula,

EMI = [ P x R x ( 1+R )^N ] / [ ( 1+R )^N - 1]


  • P = Loan Amount (Rs. 82,000)
  • R = Monthly Interest Rate (2% per month or 0.02)
  • N = Loan Tenure in months (12 months)

EMI = [82,000 x 0.02 x ( 1+0.02 )^12] / [ ( 1+0.02 )^12 - 1]

EMI ≈ Rs. 6,833 (rounded to the nearest rupee)

So, for an iPhone priced at Rs. 80,000, with an interest rate of 2% per month and a 12-month tenure, the EMI you would need to pay to PaySense would be approximately Rs. 6,833 per month.

Paysense Mobile Loan Features & Benefits

A PaySense mobile loan offers various features and benefits that are tailored to meet your financial needs. You can take advantage of benefits like instant disbursal loan for phone to get your loan approved even without a credit history. Some of the key features and benefits are:

Customisable Loan Amount

Get a maximum instant loan
amount of up to 5 lakhs.

Low Interest Rate

Get mobile loans at low
interest rates of 2.00% p.m.

Flexible EMI Plans

Enjoy tenures of up to
48 months.

Zero Credit Score

Get a mobile loan even if you
have low to no credit score

Fast Approvals

Get your loan approved
in just a few hours.

100% Paperless

Enjoy a hassle free loan
by applying online.

Mobile Loan Repayment

Repayment of your PaySense mobile loan can be done through the website or application, by visiting the branch or by calling the customer care number. Here are other ways by which you can make your mobile loan repayment for a phone on EMI:

  • EMIs or equated monthly instalment: A most common mode of repayment is by making equal monthly payments. The EMI will be calculated depending on your principal amount, interest rate, and tenure.
  • Prepayment: Loan prepayment is another option by which you can repay the loan amount in full before the due date.
  • Flexipay: Flexipay is a repayment option by which you can make small amount payments every month. However, the downside is that the interest rate will be higher.
  • National Automated Clearing House (NACH): You can set up a NACH mandate to allow the EMI amount to be debited directly from your bank account. On the due date every month, this option ensures that you never miss any payments and helps you maintain a healthy cibil score.

How to Apply for Paysense Mobile Loan with Buddy Loan

To avail a PaySense mobile loan with the help of Buddy Loan, all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

Steps To Apply For a Personal Loan with Buddy Loan

  • Step 1: Visit or Download & install the Buddy Loan app (Android or iOS).
  • Step 2: Open the Personal Loan Application Page. Provide the mobile number and enter the received OTP.
  • Step 3: Specify the desired loan amount & personal email. Next, choose the Personal Loan option
  • Step 4: Choose the employment type (Salaried, Self-Employed, or Student) and the salary mode (bank or cash).
  • Step 5: Enter your work details (Including company name, years of service and Designation)
  • Step 6: Enter your personal details (Including Full Name, PAN, address DOB & Gender)
  • Step 7: Provide your communication address, and income details and Click the ‘Submit’ button.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Download the PaySense App, click on ‘Mobile Loan’ option, complete the KYC, upload the required documents and get the money.

If you do not have money to buy a new mobile phone, you can get a mobile loan from PaySense.

Yes, you can buy a mobile phone with EMI through PaySense.

The age limit for mobile loan is 21 to 60 years of age.

You can get a loan amount of up to 5 lakhs for a mobile phone purchase from PaySense.

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