Buddy Loan recognized among the Top 10 Fast-Growing Digital
Companies Under Personal Finance Category

Top 10 Fast-Growing Digital Companies

Bangalore, India, 7th February, 2024: Buddy Loan, a digital fintech marketplace in the fintech arena, recently ranked 8th in SimilarWeb’s Digital 100 fastest-growing online businesses report under the personal finance category in India.

In a data-driven triumph, Buddy Loan has clinched the spotlight in SimilarWeb's Digital 100 ranking. The methodology, focused on the percentage increase in average monthly traffic from 2022 to 2023, reveals Buddy Loan's meteoric rise with 23.3 million web traffic and 1.2 million average monthly unique visitors.

Since its establishment in 2019, Buddy Loan has been dedicated to leveraging cutting-edge technology to bridge the gap between borrowers and lenders. Buddy Loan's success lies in its transparent and user-friendly lending ecosystem, in partnership with RBI-approved Banks & NBFCs. The platform's recognition among the top fintech platforms by SimilarWeb is a testament to its commitment to excellence.

Expressing enthusiasm about this accolade, Amitabh Bishnoi, President Growth & Initiatives, stated, "Our goal is to empower consumers with accessible and efficient financial solutions. This recognition validates our efforts in transforming fintech, prioritizing speed, efficiency, and consumer-centric solutions."

Buddy Loan's dedication has not only earned prestigious recognition but has also positively impacted the financial well-being of consumers. Bishnoi extends gratitude to valued customers, partners, and employees for contributing to this significant milestone. As the company continues to innovate, its unwavering commitment remains: to redefine fintech boundaries and deliver unparalleled value to users. Buddy Loan stands as a testament to fintech evolution, embodying innovation and consumer-centric solutions in every digital transaction.

About Buddy Loan
Buddy Loan, a digital fintech marketplace in the fintech arena i.e. gently transforming digital lending dynamics with instant loan approvals. Acting as a seamless bridge for borrowers and lenders, the app offers user-friendly features, thoughtful credit score checks, and real-time information in collaboration with RBI approved Banks & NBFCs across India. Operating in both the US and the Indian markets, Buddy Loan’s revolutionary soft approval system makes it easy for instant feedback and simplifying the loan application process. With exceptional 80% Loan Approval Rate we have profoundly made it to over 1 billion soft loan approvals & 2 billion active users/month. Buddy Loan envisions financial future with fair distribution of credit, making way for sustainable fintech innovation.