Mahila Samridhi Yojana

Mahila Samridhi Yojana (MSY) is a microfinance scheme launched by the Government of India to provide financial help to women from the underprivileged sections of society. The scheme is implemented by the National Backward Classes Finance and Development Corporation (NBCFDC) under the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment.

The main aim of the MSY scheme is to empower women by providing them with access to financial resources so that they can start or expand their businesses. The scheme also aims to improve the economic condition of the families of these women.

Under MSY, women can avail of loans of up to ₹1,00,000 for a variety of self-employment activities.

Highlights of the Mahila Samridhi Yojana Scheme

The MSY scheme unlocks opportunities for women entrepreneurs. Access loans with low interest rates to launch or expand your business building a brighter tomorrow. Here are the highlights of the Mahila Samridhi Yojana Scheme:

Main Aim Empower women through financial help for self-employment
Target Group Women from underprivileged sections
Loan Amount Up to ₹1,00,000
Interest Rate 4% per annum (concessional)
Repayment Period Up to 4 years with a moratorium period of 6 months

Interest Rates For MSY

Mahila Samriddhi Yojana offers business loans to women at highly concessional interest rates. The scheme provides micro-loans to promote hassle-free repayment by women borrowers from underserved sections. Here are the interest rates offered for the MSY scheme:

From National Backward Classes Finance and Development
Corporation (NBCFDC) to lender Partner
1% p.a.
From Lender Partner to Beneficiary 4% p.a.

Features of Mahila Samridhi Yojana

The exclusive micro-financing scheme by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment has transformed lakhs of underprivileged women across India by enabling financial security for self-reliance. Mahila Samriddhi Yojana aims to promote self-reliance and livelihood means for underprivileged women facing socio-economic barriers.

Here are the key features of the Mahila Samriddhi Yojana (MSY) scheme:

Target Group: Rural women below the poverty line from backward classes.

Group Formation: Forms Self-HelpGroups (SHGs) of 10-20 women members.

Compulsory Savings: SHGs need to show saving habits to avail of loans.

Loan Amount: Up to Rs 1 lakh without collateral for income generation.

Interest Rate: Concessional rates up to 4% p.a. are charged based on loan amount.

Repayment Period: Flexible repayment tenure up to 4 years.

Activities Funded: Small shops, vegetable vending, embroidery, handicrafts making, etc.

Implementation Agencies: NGOs, Regional Rural & Cooperative Banks.

Credit Guarantee: By National Backward Classes Finance and Development Corporation.

Focus Areas: Skill development, entrepreneurship, and financial inclusion of marginalized women.

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Eligible Lender Partners For MSY

Mahila Samriddhi Yojana provides microfinance to women entrepreneurs for launching small enterprises through the following accredited lending channels:

State Channelizing Agencies (SCAs)

Regional Rural Banks (RRBs)

Nationalized Banks

Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs)

Eligibility Criteria of Mahila Samridhi Yojana

Here is the list of eligibility criteria for Mahila Samriddhi Yojana (MSY):

Citizenship: Must be a citizen of India.

Only women applicants are eligible.

Age: Between 18 and 55 years old.

Family Income: Annual family income not exceeding ₹36,000.

Self-Help Group Membership: Must be a member of a registered self-help group (SHG).

Documents Required for Mahila Samridhi Yojana

The documents required for Mahila Samridhi Yojana (MSY) are minimal and designed for easy access by eligible beneficiaries. Here's what you'll need:

Here are the essential documents you need:

Proof of Identity: Aadhaar card, voter ID, driver's license, or any other government-issued photo ID.

Proof of Address: Ration card, electricity bill, or any other document with your current address.

Self-Help Group (SHG) Membership ID: Proof of membership in a registered SHG.

Caste Certificate: If applicable, especially for SC/ST/OBC categories for potential benefits.

Bank Account Details: Information about your bank account for loan disbursement.

Objectives of Mahila Samridhi Yojana

The scheme strives to tackle multiple goals of fostering financial inclusion, women's empowerment, skill development, and entrepreneurship by making microfinance available to those facing difficulties in accessing regular banking support. Here are the major objectives of the MSY scheme:

1. To promote an entrepreneurial mindset amongst rural and underprivileged women by providing microfinance support.

2. To empower minority SC/ST women to overcome societal barriers and pursue income opportunities.

3. To enable financially weak women to start independent small businesses or ventures.

4. To ensure easy access to formal financial channels through microcredit provisions.

5. To nurture skills and create livelihood means for socially excluded women facing constraints.

6. To make women in marginalized sections self-sufficient, confident, and financially independent.

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Benefits of Mahila Samridhi Yojana

The MSY scheme has helped to uplift marginalized women through income generation, skill training, and easy access to microcredit support for self-development.

Here are the key benefits of the Mahila Samriddhi Yojana (MSY) scheme:

1. Financial Inclusion of Rural Women: Provides banking and credit access to rural and economically backward women who lack access to formal financial channels.

2. Income Generation: Enables women to undertake small income-generating activities like keeping livestock, handicrafts making, selling goods, etc. to earn extra income for the household.

3. Skill Development: Training is provided to women on vocational skills, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, etc. to operate their ventures successfully.

4. Self-Reliance: Loans make women self-dependent by helping them start their small enterprises and become financially independent.

5. Empowerment: Makes women confident, improves decision-making capacities, and provides ownership of productive assets leading to empowerment.

6. Group Solidarity: The formation of Self-Help Groups provides a support network and encourages financial discipline.

7. Low Cost Credit: Loans are provided at concessional interest rates without collateral which is suited for economically weaker sections.

Steps To Apply For Mahila Samridhi Yojana

Women can easily access and apply for the MSY scheme either online or offline, along with the details and documents. Here is a step-by-step guide to apply for the Mahila Samridhi Yojana:

Step 1: The application form for loans under the Mahila Samriddhi Yojana can be obtained from the official website of the National Backward Classes Finance and Development Corporation (NBCFDC) or offices of designated Channel Partners associated with the scheme.

Step 2: A duly filled application is to be submitted at the respective District office of the Channel Partner of that area along with relevant supporting documents like domicile proof, income certificate, etc.

Step 3: The form requires details, such as the activity for which the loan is required, any past vocational training undertaken, the amount of loan needed, along the applicant's details.

Step 4: Alternatively, interested women can also register at the NBCFDC portal and submit the application form online.

Step 5: The online application is then transferred by the system to the identified State/District level channel partner.

Step 6: On receiving the form, online or offline, the concerned Channel Partner office will contact the woman entrepreneur to complete any remaining application formalities before disbursal of the microcredit loan amount.

Other Useful Information on Mahila Samridhi Yojana

Loan Disbursal Process: The microcredit loans are disbursed directly to the women entrepreneur or their Self-Help Group's bank account within 1 month of sanctioning.

Repayment Period: The loans are repayable over 2 to 3 years with the provision of a moratorium on the principal amount for the initial 6 months.

Security On Loans: No collateral or guarantors are required for loans up to Rs 1 lakh. Credit guarantee by NBCFDC provided.

Follow-up Support: Channel partners provide mentoring & monitor the utilization of funds through periodic review meetings with beneficiaries.

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Mahila Samriddhi Yojana Contact Details

For assistance on the application process, eligibility criteria, identifying local Channel Partners, Self-Help group formation, or any other query about the microfinance scheme, women entrepreneurs can get in touch with National Backward Classes Finance and Development Corporation (NBCFDC) through

Toll-free number: 18001023399 (10 AM - 5 PM, Monday - Friday)

Alternate Number: +91-11-45854400

Email Id:

Postal address:
5th floor, NCUI Building,
3, Siri Institutional Area,
August Kranti Marg,
New Delhi - 110016

Frequently Asked Questions

A microfinance scheme by Govt to provide collateral-free loans up to Rs 1 lakh to women entrepreneurs from backward communities for income generation.

You can apply through the online portal or visit the office of the nearest Channel Partner to submit the application form along with documents.

To facilitate credit support to underprivileged women for pursuing entrepreneurship & livelihoods.

Women from minority communities, backward classes living below the poverty line.

The maximum financial help provided to each woman beneficiary under the Mahila Samriddhi Yojana scheme is Rs 1 lakh. The scheme also provides:

NBCFDC contribution can be 95% of the project cost as a loan amount.

The remaining 5% of the project cost is to be borne by State Channelizing Agencies or the woman entrepreneur.

The upper cap per Self-Help Group is Rs 15 lakhs, distributed amongst members based on individual requirements.

So the scheme provides near-full project financing to women through collateral-free loans up to Rs 1 lakh per head at concessional interest rates.

Yes, loans can be applied through the dedicated online portal on the NBCFDC website.

Yes, it can be integrated with the skill training and marketing schemes of the government.

Latest notifications & progress updates are available at the NBCFDC website implementing the scheme.

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