Buddy Points

What is Buddy Points?

Buddy Loan, the biggest loan aggregator in India is well-known for connecting individuals with the right lenders to fulfill their financial needs. At Buddy Loan, people can avail up to Rs. 15 Lakh at competitive interest rates and flexible repayment tenure. With its latest update, the app now lets you earn and redeem real money when you refer your friends / family members and they download the Buddy Loan app and apply for a personal loan. Let’s go over how it works..

Earn Real Money With Buddy Points

Buddy Points is a section in the app where you can get Rs. 50 once your loved ones sign up and complete the procedure of loan application. With this referral program, every time you introduce a new customer to Buddy Loan app, you can earn Rs. 50 instantly. To do so, visit the Buddy Loan app, find the ‘Buddy Points’ option, click on the ‘Continue’ button and start referring to your friends and relatives. Every time you refer, you get a chance to win real money.

Besides, you can earn more money by playing games, uploading documents and many more. Once you do so, you can earn certain points. 1000 points = Rs. 1. You can redeem your money directly to your bank account.

How Does Buddy Points Work?

Ready to earn some real money? Here’s a quick tip for getting started.

  • Visit the Buddy Loan app and navigate to the Buddy Points section.

  • Click on the ‘Continue’ button and share the app link with your friends, family and colleagues. You can share the app link via text message, whatsapp, messenger, and other messaging app

  • Once your referral signs up and apply for a personal loan, you get the reward of Rs. 50

  • To withdraw the amount, link your bank account/UPI details. It’s safe, easy and completely secure.

  • Once your bank account details are added successfully, the amount will be sent to your account

The Simple Way to Earn Real Points

Earn some serious cash simply by referring people and fulfill all your financial requirements. Be a part of this exciting cashback journey by referring to your family and friends.

You can check the status of your referral list and withdrawal history including date, amount and transfer details in the same Buddy Points section. Select the date and click on account type to get all the transfer status.

What now? Start referring and get the real money spinning!!