Get Personal Loan Without CIBIL Score for Festive Season – Celebrate with Buddy Loan 

Quick Personal Loan

Engage with the family get-together, shop the favourites or go on a vacation with your family without the grave thought of financial burden. Buddy Loan aggregates your loan application to the best of lenders & streamlines your loan request to a pool of lenders. You can now choose a lender and get a quick personal loan with flexible loan tenure & EMI pay-outs. 

Avail of a quick personal loan with a low-interest rate starting at 11.99% pa. Now make your festivity a cherishable memory.   

Renovate or redo a home! 

Upgrade your home with a new comfy couch or wide-screen LED TV for binge-watching with family. Gift your parents or sweetheart from the expensive home lane décor for a new beginning on this festive season. Go on a shopping spree to fend for your loved one’s interest. 

The best gift & memory!  

From brownie points to jewellery of a kind, you can always present the best birthday gift for your loved ones with Buddy Loan. You may gift without caring, but you cannot care without gifting. 

Going on a shopping spree, you now don’t have to think twice as Buddy Loan aggregates your loan request to the right set of lenders. You may choose the lender of your choice. 

Budget your expenses: 

You can book therapeutic pampering sessions for yourself & family & shop more now with flexible repayment options. Choose your EMI to payout amount depending on your repayment ability. Calculate the expenses & the monthly loan amount with the customisable loan tenure. The loan tenure for a personal loan here varies between 3 months to 5 years.  

Invest right during festivities: 

Festive season not only favours your shopping with discounts but can help you shop right with a little extra support. Revise your financial investments, journey & savings so far & categorize spends accordingly. The only way to see if your investments are worth your money is to learn the returns on plan maturity. 

With the fall in market price, you can sell & buy stocks for better time & high returns.  

Use your credit wisely:

Avail of a personal loan not only to support your festive plan but also to build a good credit journey. Evaluate before the festive season as you can receive your loan amount at the right time. With no loan defaults, you can easily achieve a high credit score with flexible repayment methods. 

Festive loan & its features:

Zero collateral

Unsecured personal loan disbursals are to the good CIBIL SCORE holders & those of you who can repay. With customer loyalty, any lender (banks, NBFCs & credit lending firms) can disburse loans with minimum documentation.

Personal loans online with 0 collaterals are disbursed to people with low CIBIL scores too. With heavy competition in the market, if you have a low CIBIL score, you can still avail of a personal loan with 0 collateral terms & conditions apply. Though the perks of the high CIBIL scores may not completely apply to the low CIBIL score holders (may exclude flexible repayment options)

Yet, it is one of the best alternative solutions for low CIBIL score holder than 0 loan availability during emergencies.

Easy approval

Minimal documentation, less time for credit approval & an online verification process & 100% digital, makes this loan journey seamless. Unsecured personal loans have fewer formalities when applied online. Download the Buddy Loan app and reap the benefits of personal loans entails.

The approval time is reasonably less.

Flexible repayment options

One of the most important things that people look up while availing of loans are the terms of repayment. Banks and NBFCs (Non-Banking Financial Corporations) usually offer very flexible repayment options so that the customer doesn’t feel overburdened at all. The amount can be borrowed anytime, and there are also options of partial repayment incurring no penalty.

Minimal documentation

With Buddy Loan, documentation is a peaceful process & needs 0 physical documents. E-copies of important documents can help you navigate the loan application & online verification process easily. In terms of KYC, there are a few basic queries put across to know the purpose behind a loan request.

However, the document requirement varies marginally from lender to lender.

Flexible repayment, tenure

Now the repayment tenure flexibility ranges between 3 months to 5 years. The loan amount, loan eligibility & tenure are flexible options, if you wish to use finances in the best possible way. The multiple options help you ease out your financial situation.


Factors like low-interest rate, fast approval, swift disbursal, minimum documentation, negligible paperwork, and flexible repayment tenure options, an unsecured personal loan are in high demand and popular.

The loan eligibility allows a greater number of people to apply. It is much easier to build a credit score, with flexible repayment options. Unsecured personal loans with low-interest personal loans give you an opportunity to build a better financial journey with Buddy Loan aggregator.

Quantifying eligibility criteria & low-interest personal loans are reputed with Buddy Loan.